Remember those days when you're young, crazy, and all you like to do is have fun? "The careless phase". Eventually you have to grow up and experience new things....The real world. Yes I admit the world is a very scary place. Everything's fun and games. Until you meet your first challenge and then its like "oh sh*t" . The wake up call has arrived. In the book Crank By:Ellen Hopkins there is many changes. From a small town Albuquerque a young girl named Kristin, doesn't really have a life. She wasn't truly open to the world but it all becomes a lot different the summer she visits her Father.

Kristina is the real definition of change. From the day she arrives her life slowly falls apart. She learns growing up is hard when all you do is want, but never give. All of the things that happen and the decisions she makes has it falling apart. When Kristina visits her dad and he doesn't give her much attention. So she gets lonely, goes out and meets this guy she met the first day she was there. They start hanging out, she begins to like him and soon after they were dating. Then she finds out he smokes, isn't a virgin and is addicted to drugs but she "doesn't care" because she's hypnotized by lust and all she wants is him. He ends up talking her into doing drugs and she does. While shes high he takes advantage of her. From then on the good, quiet Kristina she used to be is long gone!

I have learned "Think before you do". Learn from your lessons and change the way you do things. It's the biggest and smartest thing I think I have truly learned so far in life. The simplest thing that you don't think will effect you, will eventually hurt you along the way. I do believe in Karma. Something will come back and get you. For Kristina her just wanting, not being her age and making stupid decisions, got her addicted to Crank. She thought everything was all fun and games. She was stuck in the "everything fine and okay" stage in life. She got to experience what happens if you don't think or what could happen to you. Things didn't end well for her, but this could be a lesson for everyone else out there. Don't just do things because its fun and cool. Think of the "what if's" and see where it leads. It could end well or you could be hurting yourself. Have you ever made a decision right when you get asked or invited somewhere? Did it end good or bad? Either way you should always think before you do. It will help you along the way

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Comment by Hope Schroeder on May 31, 2013 at 10:22am

I have heard great things about this book as well. I think its worth picking up!


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