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City of Saints and Thieves, and it's Slightly Childish Comparison to Pocahontas

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While reading City of Saints and Thieves, I, admittedly, thought about putting the book down more than I should have. It is quite slow moving and cliche, but certain parts of the book I found interesting when isolated and taken out of the context of the story. A lot of Tiny Girl’s story can be compared to an extreme version of a struggle a lot of people face. The differences she finds within…


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My Own Mix of "Milk & Honey"

The funny thing about milk and honey is how different they are. Milk is smooth, opaque, and often times, slightly bitter. It pours out of the jug, condensation dripping slowly and transferring onto your glass, as you sip eagerly. Honey, on the other hand, is thick and sweet. It slowly moves out of the bear-shaped jug your mother keeps in the pantry, and as a child you once tried it bare, the golden syrup barely touching your tongue before you were overwhelmed by its richness.…


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There Has to be More Than This, Right?

It's an average day in the United States. Mothers and fathers are driving home from work, kids are in their rooms laughing and playing, and the sun is beginning to disappear in the horizon. Everything is as it should be, except for one small house in one small town, where Seth has just told his parents that he liked men, and their entire world fell apart. Pictures of Seth’s boyfriend and him in bed had surfaced on Twitter, and the harassment at school was hardly bearable by…


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The Way I Used to Be and Recognizing your Weaknesses

In The Way I Used to Be, Amber Smith doesn’t hold back, and jumps right in. In the very first chapter, Eden, the freshman band…


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Jane Eyre and What We Saw's Similarities on Self Respect and Self Worth

     Jane Eyre, written by Charlotte Brontë, is the life story of an intelligent and introverted young girl named Jane. Written in 1847, Eyre was taken in by her Aunt Reed after the death of her parents, and after ten years of verbal and physical abuse by her older cousins, she leaves for boarding school. There she finds a girl named Helen Burns, who teaches her that despite the words thrown at her all her life by her family, and Mr Brocklehurst, the school headmaster, Jane is a…


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