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Not Your Ordinary Book

Imagine making the decision of choosing a select group of around 100,000 people who could live out of the 8 billion on the Earth. The rest would all die. Now, imagine that that decision was made entirely based on a basketball game that you've been preparing your whole life for. This is essentially the plot of the book Endgame. Thousands of years ago, aliens came to Earth and gave humanity the tools to survive and prosper. They created lines, or families. There…


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The Rule of Three

The average human being can last 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. In the book The Rule of Three by Eric Walters, nobody thought even once that anything could go so wrong so quickly. That is until randomly one afternoon, all computers immediately stopped working. This meant that computers, newer cars, many planes, many jets, and numerous other things that us humans take for granted. Everyday, people were growing stronger, and those who couldn't keep up and… Continue

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Bravery Under Pressure

In the book The Young Elites written by Marie Lu, Adelina Amouteru is

a young girl in a rich family who has nothing to worry about at all.

She is young, beautiful, and has her whole prosperous life ahead of

her. In 3 years, she will be able to marry a…

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