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Oppoites Repel

"Like calls to like"

- Leigh Bardugo

In the Grisha trilogy, all Grisha, people who can control certain elements of nature, are brought to the service of the current Monarch at a young age, and are taught in the same schools. One of the most important lessons they learn is, "like calls to…


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Freedom by Death

In The Book Thief, death and freedom are entangled ideas. Death is described as a sort of freedom from life many times. Freedom from oppression is shown through death and his perspective more often than not.

Freedom, freedom from the horrors of the holocaust, the war against Germany, and struggle in…


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The Common Power of Cruelty

The complex relationship of shame and society

In the book So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Jon Ronson… Continue

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The Devil's Blog Post


When reading "the Devil's Paintbox", you are driven through a ride of loss, discomfort, pain, and search for the unaccomplishable way to rid yourself of those emotions. This story shows the struggle of people in the early 1800s perfectly.

This book follows the story of Aiden, a boy…


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The clever storytelling behind "wuthering heights"

 WUTHERING HEIGHTSby Emily Bronte takes place in the early 1800s, in a rural area, and follows the story of two families, who go on to explore emotions such as hate, prejudice, the true meaning of civilized behavior, cruelty, death, and religion. The story is an emotional one, based mostly on sorrow. The book makes the reader sad more often than any other emotion. Sorrow turns people bitter, and those people make others feel sorrow which then results in further bitterness. This…


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