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The Suffering Vampires

The show The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite television shows that have recently ended. The book that I found which parallels most of the situations in the show is called Suffer Love by Ashley Herring Blake. In the show, Caroline, the girl in the picture receiving the cake, is one of the main characters that go through significant character development. In the beginning of the series, she is selfish and her only…


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The Strength to Move On *contains spoilers*

Love does not only provide positive feelings, but also the negatives. Caring and loving those special people may cause emotional pain and stress to the person’s well being. In this case, it changes the person’s thoughts and actions. The two main themes in the book Suffer Love is inevitably: forgiveness and the bonds of family. The book starts off with the perspective of one of the main characters, Hadley. The readers get to find out about her habits,…


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The Girl Who Destroyed Her Own Town *Contains Spoilers*

In the town of Chamberlain was where it all happened. The bodies of high schoolers found in the same street Carrieta White walked upon. Blood, fire, water, and even more blood on the streets and on the people. The book Carrie by Stephen King takes you into a whole new perspective of situations where one was ridiculed. Carrie, the main character, goes through a change in which her body and her mind have taken over her true self.…


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Two Types of Loneliness *contains spoilers*

Remembrance. It can help us to move on or keep us bound to the past. Memories can bring us back to happier times or help us to avoid the situations where we were in trouble. The main character's family moves into an old house and Evan, the protagonist, is not comfortable in this new home. The book Beating Heart: A Ghost Story by A.M. Jenkins reminds me of the time where I moved into my house many years ago.

My house was…


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