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An Optimistic Unbreakable Wave

             Uncharted territory. Whether it may be moving somewhere new, or switching from high school to college, everyone has experienced the shock of learning how to live differently from previous times. In the book The 5th Wave, by Rick Yancey, Earth is invaded by extraterrestrial life forms with the intent of…


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A South African Adventure

             Growing up in a situation different than your own seems like such a far away concept, right? What about surfing with sharks in the water, having to own an electric fence, and being worried about being robbed whilst in your car? Welcome to South Africa! Caspar Lee is a South African YouTuber who makes…


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Two YouTubers, One Show, and a Lot of Busses

             Everyone knows what it's like to see a movie or play, but have you ever stopped to think how hard it is to write an entire stage show? Memorize hundreds, if not thousands of lines? What about living on a bus for many months at a time? Of course, actors and crew members get to see a lot of…


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Unperfected Freedom

        Imagine going to a pet show to pick out a pet. At the show, all of the pets you encounter are quite cute. They all have different colored hair, as well as different lengths and styles. Each pet is fully trained, and even has a few special tricks. This scenario sounds fairly normal, and you probably can easily see yourself doing this. But one particular detail was left out of this scene. The pets are 16 year old girls. Welcome to Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch, where a…


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Talking Dragons and YouTuber Besties

            Could you imagine being taken away from home at the age of six, and training for at least six years, so that one day you can fight for your country? How about doing it all on the back of a dragon? Welcome to His Majesty’s Dragon, a tale from the past about a middle aged ship captain, Laurence, who defeats a French ship, and while looking through the ship’s cargo, finds a soon-to-hatch dragon…


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