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The path between perfection or fate.

Imagine living in a world where you have no decision over what you eat, what your profession is, or who you love. Cassie, a 16-year-old girl, has to live in a place as restrictive as what is said above. She is forced to meet a certain amount of exercise hours, and when she turns sixteen, the officials pick her mate. The society succeeds to perfection, meaning they never make mistakes, except for when Cassie is paired up with her lifelong friend, Xander. After she hears the big news, she…


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The struggle between survival and the life she ever knew.

Around seven million people died from this horrific, devastating, bloodbath massacre, called the Holocaust. Those who speak of this event are mournful and silenced. A sixteen year old Jewish girl, named Hanna, is living the life she wants in Auschwitz, Poland, where she is a talented piano player and going to her first dance with a nice boy. Everything is going as planned, until her family is rudely stripped from their home and the Nazis viciously take over. The only thing left for Hanna is…


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