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Find Her Before The Nazis Do


       1.5 million children were killed in the holocaust. Millions more were at risk of being killed. Girl In The Blue Coat is a fictional story about the Holocaust. Hanneke is a young Jewish girl who works for the black market. One day a client of hers asks her to find a Jewish girl who mysteriously disappeared from a safe haven. Her name is Mirjam and if she if found, she will be sent to a concentration camp. She is…


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Normal Isn't Aways Normal

   Every Day by David Levithan took a new twist on the meaning of normal. By using the character, A, he was able to show us what it would be like living in a different body everyday. This character's normal is changing bodies daily, going to school and when A wakes up it is a new body. A wakes up in boy’s bodies, girl’s bodies, he really doesn't have a constant in life. Our normal is…


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It's Not Always Right In Front Of You

       Over the summer I had the joy of reading some amazing books two of which were, The Help, and The Maze Runner. The Help is a fictional novel about civil rights, whereas The Maze Runner is a fictional story about many boys trapped in a maze and their struggle to find a way out and a survive. The…


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