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Staying Strong

     Reading Wild Cards by Simone Elkeles, really changed my thought on life, meaning it enhanced my understanding on myself, and that sometimes it's best just to worry about the people that are around you. The people that love you, even if they don't see it.  Not the people that are hurting you and causing…


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Cancer Will Never Stop Them


Having two people in my family pass away from cancer, really affected me. Then reading John Green's fabulous book titled, The Fault In Our Stars, changed the way I look at cancer. The main characters name is Hazel Grace Lancaster and she has been battling cancer. As she tries to live the life as a normal 16-year-old-girl, she is worrying about what it will be like for her parents, after she dies. Hazel has been attending a church support group for cancer…


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Believing in the Right People

I enjoyed Fallout by Ellen Hopkins. Fallout is the third book in her Crank series. Fallout focuses on three of Kristina's five children who are struggling with the legacy of her drug addiction.

Hunter is a college student with a great job and a wonderful girlfriend, but cannot seem to control the compulsion to use drugs and cheat on his relationship. He gets haunted by his own eyes. He thinks that he has his father's eyes but he's never meet his father and he wonders what makes him,… Continue

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Can you hide to much?

Crank by Ellen Hopkins, a book that I never thought my hands would be holding. I'm so glad that my friends read this book then decided to put it in my hands for me to try reading. Towards the being I was not really into it because it wasn't really the kind of books I like. It was set up very different and I didn't really understand the layout, and how it was spouse to be read.

Kristina is a normal sophomore in high school. But the only thing is her parents are divorced and her dad lives in… Continue

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How do you know you found true love?

When I heard all my friends talking about this one book series, I knew I had to pick it up and just see what it was all about. So I picked up The Selection, written by Kiera Cass. There was a girl named America Singer and she was just your normal girl that lived with her parents and had a boyfriend named Aspen. These two had to hide from their parents so no one knew they were dating. So her parents put her up for a chance to become the princess because they didn't know she was in a…


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