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Rotting of Lies

"The bigger the lie, the more they believe it" (Flynn 117)…


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Admiration and Corruption

   It’s easy to understand that a successful corruption begins with public admiration. Let it be as trivial as stealing from a fundraiser, or as far-reaching as a politician embezzling tax money; the origins of these crimes come from entrusting the wrong people. So I've posed the question, where can we draw the line between admiration and corruption?…


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A World Unlike My Own

   At first consideration of spending time with Noggin, I was at an unpopular loss of words — there weren’t two that motivated me enough to read anything grounded in such a preposterous premise. Yet against my very prejudices, I conformed to the favorable reviews of critics, may I say,…


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The History of Bob Marley and His Peace

   A Brief History of Seven Killings is a unique novel that looks away from the magnitude of things and the drastic effects on one man; and instead, it entices the reader with a broad impact I’ve never seen as effective in literature before. This novel parallels history, so before I could offer any base to the novel itself, you have you understand a few key historic events.…


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Endless Pursuits


Endless Pursuits




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