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Breakfast with Buddha

I feel like lately, writing has started to revolve around young adult readers more and more. Authors everywhere have been scrambling to write the next cool novel. The work they produce is still quality, with novels like The Fault in Our StarsThe Hunger Games13 Reasons Why, etc. But I was craving something different. So I picked up Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo.

Breakfast with Buddha is a spiritual fiction…


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Battling Writer's Block

Writer's block can basically be defined as when a writer is unable to write something new. Which can be pretty crippling, seeing as how writing is a writer's only job! We've all faced writer's block at one point or another in our careers as students, whether you're up at two in the morning trying to think of the perfect conclusion to an essay, or brainstorming your next blog post on the Ning. Everyone is familiar with this feeling, when you're drawing a blank and have no idea what to put on…


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Leverage: Taking It Too Far

I just finished reading Leverage, by Joshua C. Cohen.

The story focuses on two characters, Danny and Kurt. Danny is scrawny, short, he's a state-bound sophomore gymnast and he's often mistaken for a freshman. He hates this fact, wanting no association with other skinny little freshmen. Danny tries his hardest to disassociate himself with any kind of weakness. Kurt on the other hand is massive, with a face covered in scars; everything about him screams…


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Judging a Book by its Cover

I was in the Media Center browsing, seeing as my English class sets aside time in class for independent reading, and I didn't have a book. I remembered reading a review here on the Fremd Ning saying good things about a book called Leverage by Joshua C. Cohen.

Interested, I checked it out. Before I even started the first page, I loved the book. All I needed to know was that other people liked it and it's about gymnastics. I had already formed a complete…


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Going Bovine

I first picked up Going Bovine by Libba Bray for its cover, a cow cradling a yard gnome wearing shades. Seriously, how do you pass something like that up?

I soon found that the cover was an indication for how the book was going to turn out. Not that the story centers around a bull and his best friend, who is also a gnome. The cover is just a perfect fit for how bizarre the…


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The iPad in the Hands of a Student

Many jealous Fremd students know by now that a few lucky classes were able to participate in the one-to-one program, meaning each kid got their own iPad. While the iPad offers some very fun (and distracting) games, it also offers paperless classroom benefits.…


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Crank and Poetry

I read Crank, the story of how Kristina Georgia Snow went from above-average student to meth fiend. She starts as another high school student, meek and timid, until she visits her father in Albuquerque where she's first introduced to the drug. In three weeks' time she returns to her family in Reno addicted to meth and other substances. This isn't an inspirational story of success and turning your life around. This is Kristina's free-fall descent to rock bottom and her struggle to…


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Structure vs. Freedom.

Recently in Mr. Anderson's English class, we were assigned something called an Abstract. The Abstract is a thoroughly structured article reflection that involved taking in information and understanding it well enough to write a concise summary. It was miles apart from our final essay for the Catcher in the Rye, where it was up to the student to decide what direction they wanted to take their paper. Students…


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Summer Reading

Over the summer, I read Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter by Seth Grahame-Smith. In all honesty, I thought I would just watch the movie and be done with it all. But there was something about this book that didn't let me put it down. While most of the story was fiction, Grahame-Smith offers a whole new perspective into Abe's life. I dove into its pages with the mindset that he was just a humble, yet eloquent, young man who rose to political greatness. Which is still true, but there was…


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