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Your True Identity: The Hunger Games

           A book about fighting to the death and a little bit of a cheesy love story is often considered the perfect young adult novel. These 2 characteristics of The Hunger Games is what attracted me to this book, at first. There’s just something so fascinating about “love and war”. These 2 seemingly opposite concepts come together to form interesting and suspenseful plots.

           The Hunger Games is about Katniss, a…


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The Age-Old Question I Can't Stop Wondering About

Recently, I reread one of my favorite books to date, The Hunger Games. It was a book very close to my heart, as I love darker stories and it was one of the few novels I actually wanted to read beginning to end. However, upon rereading it, a question kept coming back into my head: How does this compare to the movie version? There are certainly strengths and faults on both sides, but what exactly were they? I realized, after much contemplation, that I need to write out my thoughts in a…


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Seven Reasons why Winter isn't all that bad.

With spring on the horizon, many are eager to be rid of winter. I feel bad that winter is so hated upon, so I created these seven reasons as to why winter is actually pretty cool.

1. Days off of school

We all love a…


Added by Ethan Violette on March 13, 2014 at 6:56pm — 16 Comments

Identity Crisis by Joelle Charbonneau

I recently read The Testing by Joelle Charbonneau, published June 4, 2013. After hearing countless reviews about how phenomenal the book is, I decided to give it a shot. I found myself yearning to find out what's next. Is Cia going to make it to he University? Is Tomas going to betray her and kill her so he can make it to the finish line? I could not possibly read fast enough to figure out these answers. Words flushed through my mind as I hurried to figure out what happened next- it…


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Once a book, Now a movie!

   On a snowy winter day, when our cheeks are rosy, and our lips chapped, our ideal day would be to go inside and watch a movie while drinking hot chocolate. While resting, we flip through Netflix and find a couple movies to watch and begin to watch them as we take a break from shoveling the heap of snow or from just playing outside. A bunch of movies like Inkheart, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and Harry Potter, are all really good movies that…


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Is it Nature or Nurture?

The Hunger Games, in one sentence, is about a post-American sci-fi world called Panem, in which a common teenage girl, Katniss, finds herself fighting for her life in the cruel and deadly Hunger Games held yearly and enforced by the oppressive Capitol. No one in the Capitol has ever said anything against the Hunger Games. In fact, they enjoy watching them! A few of the twelve districts that Panem is made up of are called the “Career Districts” and the tributes from those districts are called…


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Ready Player One Review

The book Ready Player One by Ernest Cline is an interesting book to say the least. It's a science fiction novel with a dystopian society feel to it. Now if you're not a science fiction fan, don't worry it's still a good read. I'm not a big science fiction fan myself but I liked this book. I liked it because it wasn't a setting so out there that I couldn't even picture it, like some science fiction books can get, it was almost believable. It takes place in 2044 and everything is…


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Banned Books - The Hunger Games


The reasons why I liked The Hunger Games is because I could not let the book down it was so good. During the Games there is some romance between Katniss and Peeta. There's action that I love in this book. When Katniss kills the boy from District one, I thought it was cool because she is used to killing animals. She tries to save…


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In between the lines of Hunger Games

Recently I have been re-reading a The Hunger Games and have noticed a few things that I didn't realize the first time I read it.  For example, the way the game makers form the "games" into a reality T.V. show is something I didn't quite fully comprehend the first read.  Seneca and all the other game makers make "drama" happen to please the audience, which in reality, the audience is just the Capitol.  

I also noticed the clues to Peeta and Katiniss' relationship during my…


Added by Carlee Svec on October 2, 2013 at 9:30pm — 4 Comments

Government vs. The People

Have you ever felt like there is something that you think is completely unfair and there is nothing that you could possibly do to make it better. In the book The Hunger Games all of the people controlled by the government feel this way. The Hunger Games is a yearly event that randomly selects 2 people from each district (there are 12 districts) and those people have to fight for their lives until there is…


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Yes, I Missed Out on a Lot

            After a year of hearing nonstop chatting from everyone, I finally read the Hunger Games! My friend, Koryn, was talking about it once. She told me that the book was filled with action and adventure and that she couldn’t take her eyes off of the book. I’ve heard many people say things like that, bit I didn’t know that Koryn would be right. Usually the books are much better than the movies. In my case… I felt like that…


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The Game of War

Tom Raines is an expert gamer.  In fact he’s so good at it that the government has personally invited him to join an elite team of military fighters.  These special teenagers are fighting in a war, but not any normal war.   They’re fighting in outer space through the use of technology and computers, a…


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DO NOT Read Catching Fire... Unless You Finished The Hunger Games

Catching Fire is a book you can't resist to stop reading, because it is just too superb. Katniss Everdeen, one of the winners from the annual Hunger Games, returns to her home town District 12 with her "Fake Boyfriend" Peeta Mallark. Hunger Games is a annual event involving District 1~12. The Capitol picks one of each sex from each District and force them to fight to the death for their entertainment. The game is supposed to have one winner, but because of Katniss and Peeta's fake love romance… Continue

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Irritation Factors



I love to read books, but I usually get very irritated, very fast when reading them. I find that so-and-so character…


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Hunger Games- 2nd Quarter

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins is one of the most well-known young adult books today. I usually read science-fiction books, and I was enthralled when I heard about how good this book was. With all the hype about its intensity and the way it gets inside the reader's head, I was ready for a big disappointment. It always seems to be that way. Everyone that surrounds you has done a certain…

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The Hunger Games Series: Mockingjay

 "My name is Katniss Everdeen. Why am I not dead? I should be," Katniss states. This basically sums up Mockingjay since, yet again, Katniss takes her chances with death and war in Mockingjay. Immediately after finishing Catching Fire, I was so excited to finally be reading the final book of the Hunger Games Series. Suzanne Collins does an absolutely outstanding job keeping readers drawn into the story. Every one of the books in this series is a fast-paced thriller…


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Chris Perna Catching Fire

 Catching Fire by Susan Collins

Catching Fire is a very unique book. Throughout my past books that I have read, none have caught my eye as much as this book has. Each time I turned the page, there was a new adventure waiting to happen on the next piece of paper. 

 Katniss and Peeta have survived the 74th Hunger Games, have…


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The New Hunger Games?

  Maybe Veronica Roth would not appreciate being compared to another author, but I adored the Hunger Games series, so I meant this as a compliment. Both of them are geniuses, in my opinion, because both bring forth two different ways humanity can crash in the future. While Suzanne Collins prefers to show a new way to control humanity in the way that adolescents kill each other, Roth has divided just the borders…


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Hey! so this summer, since we were all required to, I read three books. They include The Hunger Games, Divergent, and Insurgent. These three books tie together with the fact that all three of them are based on dystopian societies with…


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Secrets will be revealed.

       I was in summer school and the teacher announced that we had to read a book for the school year. She told us that we were going to the library to talk about books and choose books.So then we went off to the library. The librarian shows book many good books that the other kids likes to read. But I couldn't find one, so she suggest legend. She pulled the book off the shelf and handed it to me to look at. She told me all about it. At…

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