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Writing that's fun? My thoughts on shareable drafts!


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Phone Use in Class: Who does it affect, but the person doing it?


Is it really that big of a deal if students have their phones out in class?  Throughout many schools across the country, there have been rules made prohibiting phone use in class.  Students should be able to have a choice when it comes to using their phones while in school.  …


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What is an English class?

In English classes, all teachers tell us that there are no right answers. If there aren’t right answers, why do teachers give us grades and tell us that this is not the right way to answer it? Every English teacher has different solutions to the same question. I can never earn perfect grades, even if I tried, because there is always one little thing that the teacher doesn’t like and marks off. In math class, if we understand the concepts, we can figure things on our own. Math teachers can…


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Being the one of the iPad classes

     This year, I was lucky enough to be put in a class that had the opportunity to go paperless and get iPads. Some people who also got this opportunity,  including those who got it for a class other than English like I did, liked it, while others did not. From my experience, I loved it!

     Having an iPad for English class was one of the best things ever and I definitely would rather have that than have a typical English class that uses paper. It had so many…


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Relationships vs Ambition

The other day in class we read an article about the idea of whether either one was better to have or not. The first thing that I thought when I finished reading the article was wow, I really liked that. The story of how a woman with cancer in a small town was supported by the community with helping her kids, with money, and food was a heartwarming story that I really liked. But our class did not feel the same way.

            Starting off…


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Mr.R.Anderson's E208 Class

       It is hard to believe that sophomore year is already coming to an end. This year has been so fun but also at times very stressful. AP tests are starting in two weeks and just like everyone I am freaking out. I am just glad that only four and a half weeks of school is left but am still dreading the fact of summer school. This year, my day always ended in a positive note with English 8th period. Mr. Anderson's class has been such a blast.



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Reflections on English Class this year_Quarterly Blog Post

Reflections on English class this year



Added by Prethika Ganesan on April 28, 2013 at 5:30pm — 3 Comments

What English Really Is

             English...just a class for reading and writing right?... NO. Most high school students do not like English because it takes a lot of thinking and there is not really a right answer for everything. That's the BEST part! In math or science you have to get the right answer in every way for every question or, it's wrong. But not for English! That is my favorite part. We get to come up with our own opinions and debate ideas with other…


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2012 E208 Speeches

           Nervous. Terrified. Dread. These were all word that I heard about our first speeches this year. I wasn't too nervous about it, considering my speech was about twins, an easy topic for me to talk about given I am one. The speeches were pretty interesting to listen to, with the plethora of topics from personal experiences to scientific information. All in all, the speeches were informative, well thought, and a pleasure to listen to. I would like to tell you…


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The Most Captivating Love Story Of All Time

           Out of the numerous enchanting and heart-warming love stories, The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is by far my favorite.  This fascinating novel takes you on an emotional rollercoaster, with each page leaving you with curiousity. This also wasn't a predictable novel, you never knew what could happen next. The story is told by an old man reading to a old woman with Alzheimer's in a nursing home.  It tells how young lovers Allie Hamilton and Noah…


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My Views on Independent Reading- Quarterly Blog


          What is independent reading? I believe that independent reading is when any student reads a book that they choose. If it weren’t required in my English class to read an independent book, I wouldn't take the time to find a book to read and then actually read it. I would tell myself that I was too busy and that I'll never have time. I thank my English teacher…


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Being in an iPad class.

I remember the hot summer afternoon I got my letter about being in an iPad class. My emotions?



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Just Some Thoughts

feelings: emotional side of someone's character

These certain somethings have some input to our every move, breath, and spoken word. A smile can be tugged by the hands of joy, sorrow, or contained anger. Tears may accompany this very smile or choose to stay near a frown. Our emotions are affected by these somethings. That same smile shows up because of the somethings, and so does that frown. Our somethings can help us get through the day.

However, our feelings…


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A different kind of book called War by Sebstian Junger

I love this book, this is a book that has you zoned out of the real world and into afganistan. In this book it makes you feel like you can smell the gun powder, hear the noises, and make it seem like you are part of the army. This book took reading to a whole other level in details. I thought this book was just about shooting and killing but its not its about trying to survive the war and to survive on the inside and out. War also brings you closer together, its…


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English Ning = Major Success

The creation of the Fremd High School English Ning, in my opinion, was a great success. How awesome is it that Fremd has a website where all these English students can contribute their own personal opinions and ideas about anything they want and other students get to comment and share their ideas? I think it's pretty cool. I feel as if the Ning not only helps students find a fun book to read, but I feel as if it brings the entire English Department closer.

Students get the chance to…


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We Need More "Visceral" Reading in English


The past few weeks our English class has been reading The Joy Luck Club and I’ve certainly had mixed feelings on it. For one, it’s significantly better than My Antonia (although that’s not really saying anything, if it’s worse than My Antonia no one should EVER have to read it) and I’d say that I’m enjoying it more than The Taming of the Shrew. However, I am what I call a “visceral reader” or someone who looks at everything at face value…


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Choosing Books We Read In Class

Whenever my English class finds out we’ll be reading a new book together such as My Antonia, Catcher in the Rye, or A Midsummer Night’s Dream, I usually hear a few groans and complaints. I also hear they would rather be able to have a say in the books we read in class. I don’t blame them because some of the books I’ve had to read in high school aren’t usually books I would choose to read. I agree with them, and…


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My Best Friend, the NING




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"Best" to "Good Enough" - D211 Eliminates Class Rank

At the end of English class today, Mr. Anderson announced that the District 211 Board of Education had made the decision to eliminate class rank. I didn’t know what to say. My fellow classmates and I have spent countless sleepless nights…


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Uniqueness of English class and his wisdom

           I personally and strongly affirm that there is no student who dislikes Mr. Gary Anderson’s English class. I am in his third hour and of course Mr. Anderson is super nice. However, there is no more need to say that his class is great because of no home works and enjoyment. To offer a sneak-peek for the people who are not in Mr. Anderson’s class, I would…


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