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Palacios Read Some Books.

              Palacios' Summer Reading Books


This summer, I was happy to find that the books I had chosen for my summer reading were actually worth reading. Usually, I never read. My extensive reading habit was called upon when I found the first book, Jude by Kate Morgenroth.…


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Jenavieve's Summer Reading Blog


Over the summer I read two amazing books and one not so good book. The two books that I found immensely enjoyable kept me wanting to read them all the time. In fact, I finished them fairly quickly. Perfect Chemistry had a story I could relate to, suspense, and a storyline of love that was so admiring. The Hunger Games was…


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The Hunger Games Trilogy Tommy Cordell

Over the summer I read the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins containing the books The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and finally Mockingjay. I really enjoyed this series because it never really let back on the action. There was constantly action whether between the war between the districts and the Capitol or if it was between the love triangle of Gale, Peeta, and Katniss. The author did what I thought was a spectacular job of keeping the reader guessing and wanting…


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Michael Chemello's Summer Reading Adventure

 This past summer, I read The Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan, Run for your Life by James Patterson, and Hold Me Closer, Necromancer by Lish McBride. I liked every book except Hold Me Closer Necromancer. The whole plot of raising the dead for money and just necromancing in general wasn’t really within my interests. I mean yeah I love fantasy reading, but this book just didn’t flow with me. However, I loved The Red Pyramid and…


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Thoughts | Summaries | Experiences: Alice in Wonderland, Through the Looking Glass, & Outliers


Over the summer, I read three superb novels worth reading. The books I read were Alice in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass also by Lewis Carroll, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. All three of these books opened my mind to completely new thinking and constantly had me thinking. Every one of them are just completely brilliant in how they were written, the flow, and any way they are perceived. I feel like both…


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            Over the summer, I read three incredible books that all connected to each other one way or another, and they even related to my own life as well! All three of the books, Call of the Wild, Hoops of Steel, and Dairy Queen, involved the main character fitting into their surroundings both mentally and physically.  The conflicts the characters faced were also very similar to the problems I, and most likely other students as well, go through every day.  The way the…


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A Song About My Antonia

I lied. The song isn't actually about My Antonia, but it does describe Jim and Antonia's relationship from Jim's point of view rather well, even though the song was probably written about something else.




[verse 1]

in my eyes she can do no wrong

in her mind I'm a little child

she's the words in my favorite song

but to her I am juvenile

[verse 2]

I'm the love she will never love

I'm the friend that she calls a…


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Final Ning Blog- The Tommyknockers By:Stephen King

Recently I finished reading The Tommyknockers by Stephen King. This was an interesting book to me because it had many different parts and points of view. But I must warn, like some of his works, The Tommyknockers was one of the more gory, bloody, and sometimes just plain bad-images-going-into-your-head types of books. So I would not recommend this for anyone who is afraid... Muhahahahahaha!!!!…


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Quarterly Blog Post: Four Past Midnight

Recently, I read Four Past Midnight By Stephen King. It is a collection of four different stories in one. But the one that stuck with me was The Langoliers.



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Independent Reading Blog: Closed for the Season

Recently, I read Closed For the Season by Mary Downing Hahn. I decided to read this because I had read other books by her that I enjoyed, and I hadn't read this one.…


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Quarterly Blog Post: Passenger to Frankfurt

This quarter I read Passenger to Frankfurt by Agatha Christie. I decided to read this book because I saw it at the library and it was filled with due date stamps from the 80's. I had no idea what it was going to be about, but I got it anyway…


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Independent Reading Blog: They Do It With Mirrors (murder with mirrors)

The latest book I read for independent reading was They Do It With Mirrors or Murder With Mirrors. I enjoyed this Agatha Christie novel because it had a interesting twist.…


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Skeleton Crew Quarterly Blog

I just recently finished reading Skeleton Crew, a collection of short stories by Stephen King. I enjoyed this book because of all the different stories in it. My favorites were "Word Processor of the Gods," "Nona," and "The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet."…


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Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor

"She had been innocent once, a little girl playing with feathers on the floor of a devil’s lair. She wasn’t innocent now… " Laini Taylor

17-year-old Karou is far from a typical teenager. She has hair that grows in a bright aquamarine that is not dyed and draws creatures that look like nothing you would see in the real world. Most people assume that it is just her imagination, but she knows…


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Not Your Typical Murder Mystery...

     Immagine your typical murder mystery: some prominent businessman or politician is shot, and the police are stumped as to who did it and why, leading some private-eye detective to investigate on his own.  Now, imagine this scenario:  The curator of the world-renound Louvre Museum in Paris, home to many of the world's most famous artwork such as the Mona Lisa, is shot dead in his own museum for seemingly no reason by an albino Catholic Monk.…


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