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“A Thoughtful Reflection of Red Pyramid The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan Usaid Mazhar- The Fremd English Ning- 1.10.2017



The Red Pyramid written by Rick Riordan is a story of two teenage siblings, Carter and Sadie Kane, who live relatively two different lives. Taking place in present modern time, Riordan illustrates the story of the two siblings who embark on a deadly, unexpected journey, to save the world from…


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A Sociopath's Guide to Feelings and When to Have Them

Shannon Trenkle

Mrs. Han

E108 -period 3

January 13, 2017


A Sociopath’s Guide to Feelings and When to Have Them



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Difference Between "ily" & "I love you"

     You see the couple walking down the hallway, a halo of light seems to gleam down on just them. They're the couple,…


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The Girl Who Destroyed Her Own Town *Contains Spoilers*

In the town of Chamberlain was where it all happened. The bodies of high schoolers found in the same street Carrieta White walked upon. Blood, fire, water, and even more blood on the streets and on the people. The book Carrie by Stephen King takes you into a whole new perspective of situations where one was ridiculed. Carrie, the main character, goes through a change in which her body and her mind have taken over her true self.…


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The struggle between survival and the life she ever knew.

Around seven million people died from this horrific, devastating, bloodbath massacre, called the Holocaust. Those who speak of this event are mournful and silenced. A sixteen year old Jewish girl, named Hanna, is living the life she wants in Auschwitz, Poland, where she is a talented piano player and going to her first dance with a nice boy. Everything is going as planned, until her family is rudely stripped from their home and the Nazis viciously take over. The only thing left for Hanna is…


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The Common Power of Cruelty

The complex relationship of shame and society

In the book So You've Been Publicly Shamed, Jon Ronson… Continue

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Mockingbirds and Coldspots

     Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird explores the themes of human goodness, racial prejudice, and the destruction of innocence through the narration of six-year-old Scout Finch. Lee’s story takes place in 1930’s Maycomb, Alabama, an era in American history where Jim Crow laws plagued the South, and slavery, Civil War, and the Great Depression were still fresh in the minds of many. Scout and her brother Jem are gradually exposed to and forced to…


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The Innocence is Gone

      Youth, like myself, depend a lot on adults. Our parents take care of us and provide for us, teachers help us make a difference in the world, and governors and presidents make our country a better place. We are innocent of what they have to do to make the world we live in a suitable place for kids. The young minds of kids are innocent of all the stress and struggles adults go through. They don't…


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No One Gets Something For Nothing


Need by: Joelle Charbonneau…


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The Story of Success: Making the Most of Human Potential


The Story of Success: Making the Most of Human Potential

     In the modern society, it’s no secret that people are considered successful if they exemplify particular characteristics or ideas--hard work, sacrifice, diligence. However, I find Outliers by Malcolm…


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Time in "We are the Ants" by Shaun David Hutchinson

Time is an essential feature in the book “We Are the Ants.” Not only is the time the great idea that the author is trying to explain, but he also reveals grief, guilt, love, etc. These thoughts help the main character to understand the people that love, curse, praise, and undermine him. But time is also a word that demands patience. It could bring frustration or anger upon someone or something, or it could help heal both the physically and mentally wounded. It’s a thing that…


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Bonds of Bravery


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Importance of Family in "Stupid Fast" by Geoff Herbach

The novel Stupid Fast by Geoff Herbach is about a some what ordinary boy who lives in a town named Bluffton, but there is some things differences like the mom is a hippie and the dad committed suicide when he was 5 years old .The main character, Felton Reinstein, never really had many friends and he was really close to his family, they were the only people who seemed to understand him. His only friend is in Venezuela for the summer so he…


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Trusting Twins

Imagine that you go out on dates with guys, but then they end up dead and you and your twin sister are the prime suspects for their murders. The Third Twin, by CJ Omolulu is about twin sisters named Lexi and Ava, who…


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The Struggle For Freedom - Spoilers

Jack lives in a small 7x11 room, about the size of a bedroom. There is a toilet and a bathtub in the corner,and a tiny kitchen on the wall. There is a bed in the center of the room, and there's a few other furniture around, like a dresser and a rocking chair. There is a single window on the ceiling. Jack has lived in that room for his entire life, not leaving the room once and unknowing to the world…


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The Hope for Love

Life is tough; it’s a roller coaster that has…


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killing patton

George S. Patton in World War Two


General Patton fought in the bloodiest,…


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The will to live

Andrew Son



Q2 Book Blog


Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand…


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Operation Market Garden

History is written by the victor, as they say. The quote stands to be true on all accounts: but the fact of the matter is you can’t win every battle. Such was the case with Operation Market Garden, a joint effort between Allied forces during late 1944 to liberate the Netherlands and Germany of Nazi Germany’s…


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Lose trust, or bite the dust

Here's a gun, now shoot your best friend in the head. The Death Cure, by James Dashner stars a teenage boy named Thomas, after being through a living hell by a company named WICKED,  Thomas is seeking revenge for himself, his friends and every…


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