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Like a Rose's Thorns (SPOILERS!!)

Almost everything has a cost. In our daily routines, we are forced to make sacrifices that we think “benefit the greater good.” Whether it's giving up time to watch a new episode of your favorite show on television to study for an upcoming test, or leaving your loved ones to find a better job abroad, life is a forever-winding maze with both happy and sad times we are forced to endure. In A Court…


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Running Away to Stay Alive

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Were you aware that you can nowadays donate your body parts to those in need once you die? The government in this book is a society where dissecting a child's body parts to be transplanted into different people is totally normal(called unwinding). However, a child’s body parts are donated while the child is in perfect, healthy condition. A parent or guardian can sign a form allowing their kid to be unwound between the ages 13 to 17. The three main characters…


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trauma so unspeakable (no one will speak of it)

Disclaimer: my god so many spoilers

Ever since reading The Murder of Roger Ackroyd by Agatha Christie at the tender age of 10, I've always loved the concept of an unreliable narrator. Oftentimes, the unreliability is found in the voice of someone who sounds perfectly sane and reasonable, only for the Big Reveal to be that the narrator is actually suffering from a mental illness or hyper-realistic…


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Extraterrestrial Life vs. Humans: A Different Aspect

According to the Drake equation, there is a countless number of planets in this universe that could sustain life. Whether or not this is actually true, there is no definite way of finding out, obviously. However, in the Earth of I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore, there's already been contact made. Two rival planets, Lorien and Mogadore, are battling for a place to live. The Lorien, when their planet was destroyed, sent nine Garde to the Earth to preserve their race. The Garde are teens with…


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The Other Side of People

          Gun violence. One of the hardest and most difficult problems people face that have been occurring in the past few years. By Jennifer Brown, Hate List perfectly addresses the importance of this issue through the perspective of a teenager named Valerie Leftman. Five months ago, Valerie's boyfriend, Nick Levil, opens fire throughout their high school cafeteria based on people who were included on the “Hate List”…


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Examples of freedom and acceptance in Before You by Amber Hart

Natalie Pen

Mr. Anderson


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Before You by Amber Hart

Examples of freedom and acceptance in Before You by Amber Hart

Have you ever worn something completely normal to you, but when a family member sees you they call you out for dressing “inappropriately “ or too revealing? It is very aggravating to have to explain and deal with, but even more so when you're forced to change. In the popular novel that is always all checked…


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Burn the Bridge


     Why is it that people give permission to others to hurt them and not stand up for themselves? Why do people depend on others to do the right thing? In Positive, Paige Rawl allowed friends and strangers to taunt her about her HIV and relied on adults…


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Falling... and Losing Yourself


The decisions you make aren't always carefree and don't matter too much. Of course, maybe you often make decisions affecting your daily life, like who you're going to hang out with that day, or what movie you want to see. But there are also those decisions that you may make that are much more important than that. Something that maybe you shouldn't only take one minute to decide. Something that you need…


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Paper towns Book Blog- Tyler Estacion

Paper towns by John Green

Blog by Tyler Estacion

Paper towns is an inspiring story that swept everyone off their feet. It teaches the necessities of love and persistence and all the things that are important in life. With every sentence John Green pacts meaning and you can feel it. The meaning that most captured my eyes was persistence. It would be enough to say Quinten had a crush on Margo since 1st grade but that's not all he did. When Margo takes him on an adventure so…


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Acceptance and Moving On in Great Expectations

I could recite the most popular of Charles Dickens’s novels before I had even touched the cover of any, and with that prior knowledge came preconceptions that drove me away from Dickens for a long time, much before I had even read a word of his prose. I thought that Dickens was boring, and that his novels survived the weathering of time and emerged as one of the most acclaimed books merely out of their sheer reputation for being dry and boring and old. I had already labeled Great…


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Thoughts on Camus's The Stranger

When we think about our existence in this world, what comes to mind? The choices we make in this world? Whether or not there is meaning behind our actions in our everyday lives? How much freedom do we actually have control of based on our acts of will? Are we living in a universe that works in absurd ways? These questions you may or may not have thought about ever. However, these questions are commonly brought up in the philosophical book The Stranger by Albert…


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A Review of Brothers of the Snake, aka Spess Snakes


Sup my radical dudes! I have gotten around to reading a few of Dan “Saint” Abnett’s books, which to say the least, are totally righteous. No seriously, read them ALL. You…


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By:Kate Miller Every decision makes a difference Everyday by David Levithan   Everyday we make decisions. Big or small, they make a big impact on how our day, or even our life, turns out in the end.…

By:Kate Miller

Every decision makes a difference

Everyday by David Levithan


Everyday we make decisions. Big or small, they make a big impact on how our day, or even our life, turns out in the end. The book…


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Man's Struggle Against Man

Man’s Struggle Against Man

Jack Reacher, the main character in The Killing Floor, is a very intelligent man with a superior ability to fight in order

to defeat the bad guys. He does what it takes to achieve justice…


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Anything Is Possible If You Believe

          What would you do if you knew that at any given moment you and everyone else you know could be dead? In the rare event that you do survive nuclear war, is there any reason to live after everyone is gone and almost everything once standing has been demolished? In the ‘60s in the United States, the threat of nuclear war was an ever looming factor that managed to work its way into the lives of millions of Americans. Obviously, nuclear war with the Soviet Union was…


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The Greed of Human Nature

What would you be willing to do for a billion dollars? Would you try to take advantage of others as you had your eyes set on the sight of wealth and fortune? This was the situation Wade Watts faced in Ready Player One. Written by Ernest Cline, the story is set many years in the future in a…


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My First Love Is My Brother???

15-year-old Clary has been sheltered her whole life with a one-day at the club she witnesses a murder. In Cassandra Clare’s City of Bones shesees three teenagers drowning in countless amount of tattoos pull out their swords and stab a young boy in the chest, but the problem is his body isn't there, it vanished, it wasn't human. Clary Fray becomes introduced into the world of shadowhunters, the world she was a part of but never knew about and along the way her best friend Simon gets dragged in.… Continue

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Always Together

The Fault In Our Stars by John Green is a typical love story with a little twist. Hazel Grace is a typical teenager but she also is diagnosed with stage 4 thyroid cancer. When she is introduced to the story she is 16 years old and has been living with cancer since she was very young. Hazel's mom believes she is depressed so she has Hazel go to a support group for people who also have cancerous problems. There, she meets a guy named Augustus and their story kind of takes off. They are…


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“I Belong on the Outskirts”

By: Suraj Rao

Concussion by Jeanne Marie Laskas

The dream of a doctor is to be able to discover new diseases and potentially find a cure for them. Furthermore, you want your scientific paper about the discovery to be published and well known so that more and more scientists and eventually common people can know about it(probably the most important step in the scientific process) so that they can try to take action to prevent themselves from…


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Find Her Before The Nazis Do


       1.5 million children were killed in the holocaust. Millions more were at risk of being killed. Girl In The Blue Coat is a fictional story about the Holocaust. Hanneke is a young Jewish girl who works for the black market. One day a client of hers asks her to find a Jewish girl who mysteriously disappeared from a safe haven. Her name is Mirjam and if she if found, she will be sent to a concentration camp. She is…


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