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          I have restarted a book series called Beyonders by Brandon Mull. It's an interesting series, with adventures in a separate world and dimension. I personally loved these kinds of sci-fi books, but usually the level of these books are not very high. Bummer. However, the Beyonders has a bit higher of a level in terms of reading compared  to others, so I'm content.…


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Good stories are timeless

Mark Twain's Adventures of Tom Sawyer follows an antebellum preteen boy that hates society's hold on him and his friends. The whole book is all about his adventures and what he does for fun. These things are all internally inspired by his struggle to avoid the chains and muzzles that his small southern Mississippi town has put on the children in the town, knowingly or not. I really enjoyed this book, mostly because I could relate. A couple of chapters were taken up with Tom and Huck drifting… Continue

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Legend by Marie Lu


Plot twists. Bold. Attention-grabbing. Action filled.

All of the above simply express my feelings towards Legend by Marie Lu. In this 305 page quick read, Lu pulls in the reader in in an unexplainable way. The formatting of the novel is one of the main things that helped me enjoy reading the story so much. It was written in dual POV, in first person, where every other chapter is written from the point…


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Burning with Fear Inside the "Hot Zone"


I decided to read…


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A Child Called It

Imagine being hit. Can you feel the pain surging through you're body as your eyes begin to swell up trying to hold back the tears? Of course the physical pain is only temporary but resentment you hold against…


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ten things I love about Ten Things I've Learnt About Love, by Sarah Butler

Ten things I love about Ten Things I’ve Learn’t About Love by Sarah Butler.


  1.  Her writing style.
  2. The two characters perspective.
  3.  Alice travels the world.
  4. It made me feel at peace with myself.
  5. Daniel collects colors.
  6. The characters make you want to hug them.
  7. The setting is in London.
  8. Both characters make lists.
  9. It made me want to curl up to a fireplace with some tea and just exist.



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Family Ends in "-ily"

Romantic novels are my type of books. It can be cliche or a cliche with a twist, either way II love romantic novels. Let me just get straight to the point here; when I first saw the book "How to Save a Life" I thought that might've been a romantic novel. Well, instead of judging a book by its cover, I judged it by its title. I also thought it would be the cliche plot, where the male protagonist saves the female protagonist (or vice…


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Three Hundred Feet Under

Three Hundred Feet Under

            I initially picked up Shadow Divers by Robert Kurson due to its cover art (much like my last blog that I talked about); a giant submarine seeming to be breaking apart and the word divers on a book’s cover tends to catch the eye. I was not expecting the intense action and vivid descriptions of terrifying situations three hundred feet below the ocean that I found in spite of the cover. Due to my diving certification and…


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Why the Zombies?

I Recently, I finished reading "This is Not a Test" by Courtney Summers. In the book, the main character, Sloane Price is stuck trapped in her high school with a few classmates. Outside, a zombifying virus is wrecking havoc on their beloved town. She struggles to survive not only physically, but also mentally. While reading "This is Not a Test," I started to wonder, what's with all the Zombies?

Usually, zombie movies or books are pretty violent and graphic. "This is not a test" makes… Continue

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The Hardships of Living in Germany in WWII

The Book thief is a book about a girl, named Liesel Meminger, who was adopted by a couple who had two children that are much older and live on their own now. This book takes place during World War Two, in nazi Germany. It seems that Liesel's mother has put her up for adoption because they are Jewish, and are being persecuted in Germany. On the way to the town of Himmel street, Molching, where the Hubermanns live, Liesel's brother dies on the train. This haunts…


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Taken Into A Different World

I think everyone enjoys a good book that makes you connect to…


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Free Reading

With my life centering more and more around Netflix and homework, I have found it harder and harder to find time to read a good book, that was until on in particular captured my attention. The novel Angels and Demons by Dan Brown is the first book in Brown's series, which contains his more well known work, The DaVinci Code. I read The DaVinci Code first, because I was looking for a mystery novel. I enjoyed the DaVinci Code, and…


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Pet Semetary - A Novel by Stephen King

Those of who have a lost a pet know just how hard it can be. The loving companion who you cared for, bathed, fed, and loved, gone. You might wish you could have him back, just for one more day. But what if he actually did come back? What if he dug…


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Private Investigation

In La, Jack Morgan runs a investigation firm, that runs worldwide. It tackles many different investigatin, ranging from mobs to murders. But I'm not here to spoil the book, I'm here to give my input on the book.

One thing I did not enjoy was the characters. They were not developed at all and seemed very fake. The only one with a story was the main character, Jack Morgan, all others were just in the book, not seeming significant. I was very disappointed by this while… Continue

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What You Need to Know About "The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time"

Being part of a family can be tough, whether it's being annoyed with sibling, or arguing with parents. Even with family issue most people try to maintain a healthy relationship with the ones they love. The novel The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time, written by Mark Haddon, describes a family trying to recuperate their relationship. This family faces some difficult problems that most wouldn't. There were many different aspects of…


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Everyone has always assumed that Melody Brooks is stupid. And who wouldn't? Seeing an eleven year old girl in a bright pink wheelchair with a bit of drool coming out of her mouth wouldn't really fit the ideal picture of a "genius" society has invented. But, being unable to really move or talk as given Melody a lot of time to think. Inside her head are thousands of words, ideas, facts, and thoughts. Only,…


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My Reaction to The Metamorphesis by Franz Kafka

For silent reading I read the book, The Metamorphesis by Franz Kafka. It is a book written in the 1900's about a man named Gregor Samsa, who mysteriously wake up one morning and discovers he has morphed in to a beetle like insect. This is unusual, and changes him in many ways. First of all, Gregor is very self-conscious about being an insect and he hides in his room for a long time, where no one can find him or see him. He does this because he is ashamed of what he has become and believe he… Continue

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The Find of the Eocene

     No one ever has the same experience while reading a book. Mine was incredibly unique compared to the average reader. The Lost World of Fossil Lake is a book written by Lance Grande, a world renowned paleontologist. It explains almost everything there is to know about Fossil Lake, from the formation of it to the details of the life found. Fossil Lake is a quarry in Wyoming that happens to be the largest…


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Reading... Body Signs or Poker Cards

As humans we have two types of communication that we are using at all times. First is the most commonly recognized, which is verbal communication.…


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A New Take on a Ruined Planet

         Is anyone else into those end-of-the-world apocalyptic movies? You know the ones: with the awesome special effects and cool sounds in which we see the world slowly fall apart in a few days, with millions of people dying in anguish. Those movies have always scared me…


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