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Lyndon Baines Johnson: The Good, The Bad, Not Quite Vietnam

While the political biography may not be everybody's cup of tea on a lazy Saturday afternoon, The Passage of Power by Robert A. Caro offers compelling insight into our dynamic 36th president. As the fourth installment in the series on LBJ by Caro, the book begins before Kennedy's run for presidency and ends a few months after the assassination of the 35th president. Throughout the book readers see the strength in Johnson's political abilities, but the longing he had for the Oval Office. He…


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Wherever I Wind Up- R.A. Dickey

Wow, what a great read Wherever I Wind Up by R.A. Dickey was! To all you baseball fans out there, READ THIS BOOK! I know I say I loved this book on my posts on here, but I actually did love this book. I highlighted and took notes on this book.. FOR FUN. If that doesn't show love for a book then I'm not sure what does.

It's quite a long book, 337 pages in length, but it also includes a 16 page section of pictures. So technically you're only reading 321. Even though it's long…


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The Lucky One By: Nicholas Sparks

            Bracelet, necklace, stone, gem, ring… any of those could be a lucky charm, but what about a picture of some random women? That’s what happened to U.S. Marine Logan Thibault. He found a picture of a smiling woman while he was on his third tour in Iraq. His first thought was to throw the picture aside, but the thought that this picture was dear to someone stopped him. He put it up on a bulletin board for…


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10 things we did (and probably shouldn't have)


What if you had the choice of living alone with a friend at 16? Do you think you could do it? April Berman thought she could.

It all started when April’s dad and stepmom told her they were all going to move to Cleveland, Ohio.   Moving from Westport, Connecticut to Cleveland, Ohio is a giant…


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Angelfall by Susan Ee

Over break, I finally got a chance to read Angelfall by Susan Ee, a book that has been getting rave reviews from both my English teacher and other students in my class. In the book, our world has been destroyed by angels (these angels are not what we are used to. While they are beautiful creatures, they are also vicious and go around destroying the human…


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Terriers are small dogs who relentlessly pursue their prey through burrows and other places in order to catch it. Rebakah Cooper, or Beka, earned the nickname of Terrier in her work in the Provost's Guard in the mythical world of Tortall, a frequent setting for books by Tamora Pierce. Tamora Pierce is one of my favorite authors, and I have read every book and short story that she has ever written. Anyways, Beka began her reputation when she was eight years old and caught a gang who had been…


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Silent Reading at School

In my English class and several others the teacher gives us ten minutes at the beginning of every day to read independent reading books.  I feel that there are many benefits to this and that it should become a policy at Fremd that in English class these ten minutes are offered.  It does shorten the period and offer less time for teaching but I feel the benefits to the students greatly outweigh the negatives. …


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Anna and the French Kiss

Yes, this story is set in France, and NO, it isn't about French Kisses.

Even though the book cover is utterly girly, I assure you this would be one of the best novels you'll read where…


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Crooked House, Crooked People?


On the crooked drive lay a crooked house with perhaps even some crooked people. Was there a crooked person living in the crooked house, surely there must have been for a murder had been committed.  And that’s starts the story in Agatha Christie’s Crooked House. It also starts the journey that set Charles Hayward on the track of the murderer.   Sophia Leonides is a part of the household and granddaughter of the murdered man. She is also the woman Charles…


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Journeying around the globe with Tales From Nowhere

Tales From Nowhere: Unexpected Stories from Unexpected Places

Edited by Don George

Lonely Planet Publications

Getting my hands on this book was as unexpected as the travel experiences described in this anthology, but I'm so glad that my hand grazed over its binding at the Palatine Public Library's Used Book Sale last season.  Traveling the world and learning about different peoples would be a dream come true for me but that would require more time and funding than I…


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Michael Crichton - The Andromeda Strain

Michael Crichton (may his pen rest in peace) was one of, if not the best, sci-fi writers of our era. His first novel published under his name was The Andromeda Strain, which I found to be greatly enjoyable and I would highly suggest it to anyone, especially those with biological interests.

Andromeda didn't have the same pulse-pounding action as Jurassic Park did, but it did a much better job of building suspense and having a high level of…


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Future of Bookstores?

         As technology advances, it is easier to access things through a cell phone or tablet than ever before. It is much more practical to download a book on your electronic device rather than to go out to a bookstore and buy one. Also, books can be bought online for cheaper prices than store prices. With this in mind, how will bookstores be able to stay in business in the future? Chances are that bookstores will slowly start to disappear in the near future. They…


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Struck by Lightning: Movie Review (SPOILERS)

When you think of the T.V. series GLEE and the film PITCH PERFECT, what do they have in common? Singing. So when I watched a movie with Chris Colfer(GLEE) and Rebel Wilson(PITCH PERFECT) in the movie, Struck by Lightning, I assumed that it would be somewhat uplifting with these cast members. Wrong. The first scene, the main character dies. Even though I appreciate that the writers say straight out, "the main character…


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Much More than Dragons

Since the school year began, I have been casually reading the last two books in the Eragon series. After more than a thousand pages I finally finished the series I that I started many years ago. The series of four books is probably one of, if not most interesting and comprehensive series.

     If I had to critique anything about the series, it would be one of the characters, Roran. He was a minor character in the first book, and in the second onward, the story…


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Rap Ain't Wack, Can You Rhyme With That?

Although I'm not a huge fan, I feel as though someone needs to address the reality of rap music in our society. While some people view rap as a complete travesty that trashes the name of music, others can see something brilliant and groundbreaking. Yes, most people can recognize the silliness in the completely, utterly pointless and degrading words but honestly, is there really any harm in it? Can rap music really be said to be an obstruction of music and even justice? Or can we really go as…


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Why sit when you could be reading The Stand?

I recently started reading The Stand by Stephen King. It's about the longest book I've ever attempted to read (next to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows) of about 1,000 pages. And I'm only about 100 pages in. 13% finished according to my Kindle. Woot! Anyway, I began to wonder how Stephen King could ever possibly write a 1000 page book when I can hardly write a two-page essay for English class. So I did some research. And what I found is that he actually likes to write…


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I'll think of a title later.

Think about how many times you’ve put off something till the last minute. It’s probably a lot. But I’m no better. Procrastination always leads to stress, anxiety, and an overall bad feeling. So, here’s a couple ways to nip procrastination in the butt.

First instead of thinking how much you don’t want to do whatever you have to do, think about the feeling you’ll get when it’s over with. The time you spend procrastinating…


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Is Social Media Making Us Less Intelligent?

         As many of you know, some of the biggest social networking sites are twitter, facebook, instagram, and tumblr. These are just a few of the many social media sites out there and there are plenty more! I love social networking as much as the next person, but when it comes down to it, is social networking making us less intelligent?

          Many of us have probably seen the common abbreviations of the spelling of words in texts, emails, blogs, posts, and other medias written…


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Things will be Rosy in Chicago Again

     The Bull’s offense has become completely lifeless. This lifelessness can be contributed directly to the absence of the larger than life franchise player Derrick Rose. His speed when bringing the ball down the court as well as his explosive drives to basket not only create opportunities for baskets, but also creates a plethora of assist based baskets by role players such as Carlos Boozer and Marco Bellinelli. The addition of Derrick Rose to an already struggling team will serve as a…


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Wreck-It Ralph Movie Review

I don't really watch movies all too much while they're in theaters. But I recently watched a movie that I knew I had to watch no matter what and I loved it. That movie was Wreck-it Ralph.

The movie was pretty great, I won't lie and many others shared my feelings about it.

Here's a quick synopsis: In the world of video games, characters are programmed to have certain roles. One of these characters is Ralph who acts as the main antagonist in the game Fix-It Felix. He was constantly…


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