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My top three books are The Mouse Bride, Ranger's Apprentice, and any of the Harry Potter books.

The Mouse Bride is a Chinese folktale about this mouse king who sets off on a journey to find the strongest husband for his daughter. The king goes on to ask the Wind, Earth, and Sun, but each time he finds someone that is stronger than the other. This goes on until, finally, the king finds the strongest husband for his one of his own kind. This book is one of my top…


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3 Books that describe me

There are probably a lot more than simply three books that could characterize me, but if I have to pick, I think that Rascal, any of the Harry Potter series, and Robinson Crusoe would give you an accurate introduction.

Let’s first look at Rascal. Honestly, this may be one of my favorite books. It’s not a difficult read by any means, and focuses on an eleven…


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#my3books of Eric An

Looking for new books, following authors on twitter, or being on websites like has never been something I liked to do in my free time. However, when Mr. Anderson did his short book talks my sophomore year, and one of my closest friends started recommending books to me, I started to enjoy reading books that were recommended to me. Over the years, this led me to reading many books that I was recommended to read and stumbled upon three books that, in a way, portrays who I am.…


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Top 3 Childhood Books

In elementary school, English rarely entailed the brutal literary analysis that it does now. Between recognizing themes of death in Hamlet and utopias in Brave New World, I felt compelled to do a little time travel. Here I have compiled a non-exhaustive list of 3 of my favorite books and/or book series from my elementary age childhood.…


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Whether people know it or not, everyone has their share of favorite book genres. I believe it is impossible for someone to not have one book that gives them a certain positive feeling in them. A feeling that tends to click, and helps to connect all the pieces of our broken puzzle.


I am a sucker for inspirational novels. Ones that elaborate on failure turning into success or adversity becomes someone’s essential…


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Books bring back memories beyond the story itself.

     Every time I make the journey up to the attic to help my mom put things away or bring seasonal decorations down, I always spot that cardboard box labeled "Sam's Books." They haven't been touched in years, but I can guarantee if I cut the tape holding it closed and took out it's contents, I'd be able to tell you about each and every one. Not only would I be filled with stories that kept me thinking when I was a kid, but those feelings I experienced would come rushing back as well. All…


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The power to live and experience multiple lives is possible thanks to the powerful world of literature. The most extraordinary power of literature is that problems from our lives overlap or reflect what happens in the book which gives a whole new perspective to the reader about his or her situation. Recently, a trend on twitter has formed where people find 3 books that have this “overlap” and they list the books and add the hashtag #my3books. The cool idea of the trend is that if you were to…


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Windows of the Soul

To know me you just need to know that I am unsatisfied with the limitations of reality.  The stipulating senses of daily routine weaken my motivation to wake up every morning and continue on in a monotonous way. While I do not have the time nor funds to fly to Hawaii and sky dive on a daily basis, I can read books. Three books that are windows into the mind of Emily are The Knife of Never Letting Go, Pride and Prejudice, and Fahreheit 451.…

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There's a Lion in My Closet

         It's getting to that part of the year where school is starting to drag. I have well gotten over the excitement of a new year, and I'm begging to just get bored and impatient. No matter what I'm doing, I easily get bored and wish I was doing something else. The best part is when I finally switch tasks, I get bored after five minutes and wish I could do something else. I'm beginning to feel like Milo from the Phantom Tollbooth. Milo is a very bored, distracted,…


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My sophomore year of high school, I was lucky enough to have Mr. Gary Anderson as my English teacher. While there is no end to the amount of lessons of literature and life I learned from him, there’s one lesson in particular that stands out when I think of his class. Up until sophomore year, I had disliked the ambiguity of literature, of the metaphors or other literary devices that could be interpreted in so many ways. But Mr. Anderson showed my class that the seemingly ambiguous stories are…


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My Three Books

    Books encourage us as readers to look out the metaphorical windows constructed by authors to understand the overall messages and viewpoints that they have to offer;  they are also like mirrors in the sense that some of them provide us with a reflection, whether in the form of a character, the plot itself, a symbol, or a particular theme.  The relationship between books and humans is a fascinating one; it is a…


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#my3books: Your Average Musical, Chinese Nerd

        When I look at myself in the mirror, I see a five-foot-seven male student with glasses. Yet the person who I am on the outside may be different than my cultural heritage and family customs. My life is filled with unique qualities that can be further described in literature. I have read many books over the course of my seventeen years, and these three stand out to me to tell the ideal story of who I am as a…


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Top 3 Things I Learned from Books in 2014 (*spoilers*)

3. Gone Girl: You can accomplish anything with patience and self-determination.

Good things come to those who wait. This statement is especially true in Gone Girl. Now while most people believe that framing your husband for your murder isn't necessarily a "good thing," it brings the utmost happiness to Amy Elliot Dunne. Though finding…


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            This quarter, my English teacher assigned a blog post with a twist, three books that we would pick for someone to read to get to know us a little better. It's an extremely daunting idea and when I first picked this prompt, I suddenly felt like I'd never read a book in my life. I've thought about it all week now and I still didn't know what to write about, so a couple of my friends shuffled me over to Barnes and Noble to peruse the isles and, hopefully, break my writer's block.…


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Nate the Great

Up until the fourth grade, I wasn't really allowed to watch any television, or play any video games on school days. Since homework was sparse back then, I had only one other thing I could do, read. I used to read between one and four books a week, which is a pretty fast rate compared to how much I read now. I'm not sure if I read so much because I had nothing else to do, or if I actually liked it, but I certainly read a lot. Now when I look back on some of my favorite books and series,…


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My 3 Books

          I have never been a fan of reading since I was young. Books never captured my attention, and I am usually not able to sit still and read for hours during my free time. But there are three books that really captured my attention in my history of reading, and they all…


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The Best Required Reading of 2014

Reading is a passion of mine. I have always preferred the image created in my mind by a great book to any attempt to make it for me by television or movies. That said, I like books that I choose; my own science fiction, action and adventure novel selections. Books from English class have been notoriously painful reads, until this year that is. 2014 has brought it’s A game in terms of required class reading. In fact, some of the books I read this past year in my English classes are…


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Ryan Chang's 3 Books


The Alchemist


As a high school student receiving career advice from people who are older, you get mixed messages. Some people tell you to pursue your dreams, and some people urge you to consider whether your potential career will be lucrative or not. These advices do not…


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Memories that a Book Holds

We all have those books from which memories come tumbling loose. Yet the most memorable book that one reads does not have to be their favorite book. This may be a bit cliché but the most memorable book/ series that I read was the Twilight series. Most of you are probably judging me right know but I can explain. Twilight was a huge deal during middle school. All the girl read it together and talked about it everyday. It was just a have to read book, and I read it. Me and my group of friends… Continue

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Trending, But Hopefully Ending

With the close of an old year (2014) and the beginning of a new year (2015), the entirety of social media should prepare itself for the army of "Top ____ List of 2014" that will increasingly pull us away from our current lives as we reminisce on this past year. Now, only because I'm a bandwagoner at heart, I chose to make my own "Top" list. Thus, here is my list of the Top 10 Twitter Fads of 2014.

10. #RelationshipGoals

Matching groutfits. Pizza with a side…


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