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6 Word Memoirs


The 6 word memoir was one of my favorite assignments of the year so far, and I know I do not stand alone when I say that. I know that the minute we were assigned that I automatically began rambling off any sentence I could think of that had 6 words. After school my friends and I came up with MANY ideas for each of us, both funny and serious, although I don't believe any of us actually ended up submitting any of them.…


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November Reading: Catching Fire




          This month, I have enjoyed continuing the exciting series The Hunger Games with Catching Fire. I’m not sure what my exact expectations were, but when I learned of the plot, it sure surprised me. It starts out with Katniss and Peeta beginning their “victory tour” of the country, but even before that, we learn…


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The Marbury Lens - Palacios


Wow. Wow is the only word I can use to describe The Marbury Lens, by Andrew Smith. I was warned

about the possible "gory" nature of the novel, but this is...



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Much More Than Just a November Book Blog

For my November book I chose to read Stotan! by Chris Crutcher.  This book is about a group of four high school…


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Monthly reactions to independent reading books: September by Robbie Ng

“The book is always better than the movie” is what I always heard and thought about when I picked up the first book to one of my favorite movie trilogies. At least that is true for most books that movies originated from. Unfortunately, I did not think so while reading The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R Tolkien.

                Despite me saying that, it doesn’t mean that I did not like the book. In fact, I think it was very well written and had a great story. I was just…


Added by Robbie Ng on November 29, 2011 at 12:08am — 3 Comments

November monthly blog post


My monthly book blog!

This month I tried to step a little out of my comfort zone and try a new genre to read in, historical fiction.  I used to…


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The Light beneath the Darkness of Jane Eyre



The Light beneath the Darkness of Jane Eyre



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Think You Know All About Faeries?


            What do you think of when you hear the word “faerie”? Magic? Tinkerbell? Edward Cullen? :P You’ll most likely change your mind if you read Tithe by Holly Black. I read Valiant which is a companion novel to Tithe. Both are really good, but I think I enjoyed Tithe more.…


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This is gonna be pretty great 4: Going to the Store

“Whoa there, Dr. Feelgood, I work at a propane dealership, not Woodstock."- Hank Hill


Hello, words are made of letters, sentences are made of words, paragraphs are made of sentences, and essays are made of paragraphs, and essays decide your entire future academically, unless you have this blog. Shameless product…


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After (November Book Blog)

This month, I read After by Amy Efaw.  It was an interesting story about a sophomore, Devon Davenport, who got pregnant but refused to acknowledge her baby's existence. She was taken by surprise when she gave birth to her daughter, and she felt no emotional attachment to her, therefore she didn't…


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November Book Blog: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares

During the month of November, I got my hands on a book recommended by the librarians: Dash & Lily's Book of Dares by David Levithan and Rachel Cohn. The story begins with a girl named Lily. Her parents have gone on vacation, just the two of them, leaving her and her brother, Langston, at home with their Grandpa. Feeling a bit adventurous, Lily writes multiple challenges…


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Fallen Angels, War Novels Are Cool Man

Fallen Angels, War Novels Are Cool Man

Cam Parker


English - Anderson - Period 6

What makes a good war novel? Nonstop action and that guy you get attached to that gets killed off in like forty pages, right? I beg to differ. A good war novel exposes the truth. It is raw, real, rational, and rebellious. It breaks away from that candy-coated style that Americans are a custom to. I want to…


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Water for Elephants


Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen


     I read the book Water…


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Patrick's Still Writing III; The Medieval Buddy-cop Movie

For my monthly reading, I read Rouge's Home, the second installment in a series of novels about two completely opposite people who are thrown together against all odds, one the law abiding, straight laced rich kid, the other the slick, charismatic criminal. These two kids travel around the land, solving mysteries while wise cracking all the way. I know. Sounds like the baby of Bad Boys and Scooby Doo. Well, that's what it…


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My November book: The Help


 For my November book, I decided to read The Help by Kathryn Stockett. I had seen the trailers for new movie and, being the typical bookworm I am, thought I should probably read the book first. Although I still haven't had a chance to go see the movie, I'm glad I did it…


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The Sea of Monsters

For my monthly book I read The Sea of Monsters by Rick Riordan. After reading his prequel The Lightning Thief I thought that this sequel was awesome. I really like Riordan’s style of writing and he puts so much excitement into his books it amazes me.…


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Man vs. Society- Going Cuckoo

As I sit pondering after concluding One Flew over the

Cuckoo’s Nest
, I began to think to myself: What if our current society was run like the monarch Nurse Ratched had set up at the mental institution?  Society wouldn’t be able to run and function normally without a group of people revolting, but the poor fellows at the loony bin weren’t able to rise up…


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The Book Blogger Monthly: The Testament

The Book Blogger Monthly: The Testament


              Hello fellow book bloggers! During the month of…


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November Book Blog: The Lying Game


I first heard about The Lying Game through the TV series and thought that since the series wasn't very interesting in my opinion, the book wouldn't be very exciting either, but then my friend told me the book was really good! Since she has recommended many amazing books to me in the past, I decided to give it a try. The Lying Game is officially my new favorite…


Added by Olivia Youman on November 28, 2011 at 7:44pm — 3 Comments

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