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Signs that love will make you do the weirdest things in Pawns by Aimée Carter

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Pawns by Aimée Carter

Examples of how love is so strong that you would do anything for that person you love the most.

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You know that kind of love you have for your family? The kind where if anything bad happens to any one of them, or all of them, you don't know what you would do? It doesn't even have to be family, it could be a friend, pet or an object. In Pawns by Aimée Carter, the main character, Kitty Doe, experiences struggles and…


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The Value of Memories

Ever wonder if you suddenly forgot everything, if suddenly everything to you is unfamiliar, and new? It’s a terrifying thought, and Sammie has to live with the knowledge that it will happen.

In The Memory Book by Lara Avery, Sammie is diagnosed with Niemann-Pick Type C, a disease that is extremely rare to get because it usually affects children only.

Just so you know, Niemann-Pick Type C, or NPC, has symptoms including slurred speech, sudden loss of muscle control,…


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Inheriting the Wind of Freedom

   The sun was shining calmly and brightly down on the small town of Dayton, Tennessee, and its humid summer weather was pleasantly mild. It was April and the flowers on the grand trees just began to bloom. In this serene city and within its endless, lively green grass, rustling softly in the breeze, there lied a concealed flame of Southern fundamentalism, which slowly pervaded the frosty sky when a young high school teacher committed a daring crime of horrific proportions: teaching Darwin’s…


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We All Looked Up

We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach is a story about 4 teenagers who are all completely different. One thing brings them together and that is an asteroid that is told to hit in 8 weeks. No one has a way out. Everyone has 8 weeks to tell that one person they love them or to tell that one person they're sorry they bullied…


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Being the DUFF

           The Duff written by Kody Keplinger, is not your typical cliche romantic novel, but a coming of age story that is relatable to teenagers at this age.17 year old Bianca Piper is loyal, honest, and cynical but never saw herself as beautiful compared to her two other gorgeous best friends. At parties…


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The Fight for Justice: NFL vs Player Safety

Why do people hold secrets? Maybe because they keep people on the edge of their seats, or maybe we find them as a guilty…


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I Am the Weapon (and author of this blog) by Kaelan Conway

Kaelan Conway

IR Book Blog

Mr. Anderson

I Am the Weapon Book Blog


I Am the Weapon by Allen Zadoff, also known as Boy Nobody, gives readers a world where one boy’s goal in life is to assassinate people he's been assigned. As a twelve year old boy, Ben becomes friends with a kid named Mike. As they developed a strong friendship they became best friends. They talked about everything whether it was school, girls, family issues, or…


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Shells, Skulls, and Barbarism

             The "Coming-Of-Age" genre often deals with an inexperienced youth, unsure of their place in the world who, through trial and tribulation, eventually come into their own. Meant to tug at the heartstrings and provide the reader with a sense of hope that, maybe, they too can one day follow in the footsteps of the protagonist and complete the arduous path between naivete and wisdom. William Golding manages to take this heartwarming theme of the journey into adulthood and dement it…


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"A Review of The Martian by Andy Weir" by Antonio Bandalo

“A Review of The Martian by Andy Weir”

By Antonio Bandalo

        Have you ever wondered what life would be like on Mars? It is the year 2035, and Ares 3 has finally launched on its expedition to Mars. The six-man crew found its destination only 4 months later, landing safely and…


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Unperfected Freedom

        Imagine going to a pet show to pick out a pet. At the show, all of the pets you encounter are quite cute. They all have different colored hair, as well as different lengths and styles. Each pet is fully trained, and even has a few special tricks. This scenario sounds fairly normal, and you probably can easily see yourself doing this. But one particular detail was left out of this scene. The pets are 16 year old girls. Welcome to Perfected by Kate Jarvik Birch, where a…


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The Devil's Blog Post


When reading "the Devil's Paintbox", you are driven through a ride of loss, discomfort, pain, and search for the unaccomplishable way to rid yourself of those emotions. This story shows the struggle of people in the early 1800s perfectly.

This book follows the story of Aiden, a boy…


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Love Over Cancer


     When someone is diagnosed with cancer, no one knows how to react. Many people think of cancer as something that is hard to talk about because of the sadness of the illness. However in reality, it is very different. In The Fault In Our Stars written by John Green, the reader gets a candid view on how dealing…


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Are you aware of your fate?


The Memory Book by Lara Avery

Are you aware of your fate?

Everyone has a fate. When there is a rare chance that people are told their own fate, they either willingly accept it or disapprovingly reject it. In “The Memory Book” by Lara Avery, Sammie is told she has a disease that will slowly deteriorate her memory. She rejects it at… Continue

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Brighter Places

It's not often that the first time you see a character, they are considering pitching themselves off a six story bell tower. However, this is how we meet Theodore Finch, from Jennifer Niven’s All The Bright Places. As Finch welcomes the…


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“A Thoughtful Reflection of Sold by Patricia McCormick"

Sold, written by Patricia McCormick, is the story of a young, shy, thirteen-year-old girl named Lakshmi. Taking place in present modern time, McCormick illustrates the story of how Lakshmi is coping with her family’s financial struggles, and her stepfather’s unwillingness to help the family. To begin the story, Lakshmi is an ordinary girl living in a small hut in the Himalayan Mountains, whose life is filled with simple pleasures such as playing with her small goat…


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The Value of Life

All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven is an intriguing story of two very different people who meet on the ledge of the bell tower at their school, while contemplating suicide. Theodore Finch is the guy who is referred to as “Freak” by his peers and often thinks about suicide, but something always stops him. The last person a kid like Finch expects to find six stories up on a ledge is the popular cheerleader Violet Markey, who is recently dealing with the death of her sister. It is…


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Hunt for the Holy Grail

          How much do you really believe in conspiracies? Have you ever wanted to research them, or try and create your own? The book The Da Vinci Code does just that. In this book, Man struggles against man and beliefs take action, forcing the main characters to run, hide, and even fight. The Old, Priory of Sion, and the new Opus Dei battle it out to try and find the mythical Holy Grail and Sangreal Documents. There are also the characters in the story that have troubles…


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IT'S NOT WHAT IT SEEMS!!!!!!!(spoiler alert)

The book Fault in Our Stars by John Green is an awesome book and if you haven't read it then you have been hiding under a rock. It's about 16 year old Hazel Grace Lancaster who has lung cancer. She has come to terms with this and has started to mope around and do nothing but read books and leave the house once in awhile. But that all changes when she meets Augustus Walters at a support group her mom forced her to go to at her church. He helps her learn that her life means more than cancer and… Continue

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The Rule of Three

The average human being can last 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air. In the book The Rule of Three by Eric Walters, nobody thought even once that anything could go so wrong so quickly. That is until randomly one afternoon, all computers immediately stopped working. This meant that computers, newer cars, many planes, many jets, and numerous other things that us humans take for granted. Everyday, people were growing stronger, and those who couldn't keep up and… Continue

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