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Filling In Someone Else's Shoes.

Every Day by David Levithan is very original and does not have a common conflict in the story.  The book starts off in a body of Justin, but he isn’t really himself. Justin wakes up, but he isn’t also really awake. The true self who woke up is a mind/soul that wakes…


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The Compound

            Imagine being trapped underground for more than six years with just your family, and no way out. Especially if you think your dad has some uncertain intentions with the family.

            In my book, the dad has made a compound underground for the family if anything were to happen like a nuclear attack, or uncivil rest. Once he makes this compound, he is really proud of it and seems to want to use it quite badly. One day the dad hears an explosion, and with no regards he…


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Black and White

Black and White is a fiction book about basketball. It's about two friends. One is Eddie who is called White because he is white and the other is Marcus and he is black. They are best friends and play basketball together in high school. Both of them have offers to St. John's college to play college ball. They are thinking about it. So for the last day of school they need money to pay to go to Six Flags. They get the money by doing stickups. One day they shot a man in the shoulder…


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A Child Called it

Every day, a little boy named Dave gets abused by his mother. He lives in California, and he used to be happy until his mom all of the sudden changed. David is a boy that gets abused by his mom every day; his mom starves him and does not even give him new clothes. Also, this woman starves him. The only way he can get food is by eating leftover scraps in the garbage. His dad and his brothers don’t do anything about it. It’s like they don’t even notice him getting beaten by his…


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The Compund: locked inside

If the world as you know it was gone, and you were locked away for six years, how would you come out? Would you remain the same or will it drive you insane?



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Raven's Gate

Raven's Gate is about a young boy named Matt Freeman who was arrested for attempted burglary. After, he was given a choice. Go to jail for minimal sentence, or live at a farm house with a foster parent. He chose the farm house, but later on it was a full regret. Odd stuff happens, people that help him end up dying, and an evil foster parent shows up. It is up to Matt to escape and find out what is going on.…


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Insurgent: The struggle to keep on going

In Insurgent, Tris becomes emotionally wrecked from the traumatizing experiences of her parents dying and having to kill innocent people to survive. Tris is lost in her own mind and doesn’t know what she wants or who to trust and she’s just stuck. In Divergent, Tris started off as kind of weak and was just learning to fight and figuring out herself and the significance of being a Divergent was. In Insurgent Tris loses control and feels…


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Such a Pretty Girl

Whenever I chose book to read, I always picked something about mystery or love stories. But I couldn't find any book that I really like. All the books that I read was still pretty good books, but it wasn't my favorite books. So I decide to change the genre of the book, and I found this book called Such a Pretty Girl by Laura Wiess.…


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A Child Called 'It' The True Story of an Abused Child

Do you think you have it bad at home? Do you really think your parents are as bad as you say they are? You’re lucky to have parents who love you and let you live in their house and pay for everything.  In the story A Child Called 'It,' Dave Pelzer tells you about his tragic experience growing up with his alcoholic, mentally unstable, abusive mother. He tells about the torture games his mom used to "play" with him, his only bed was an army coat in the garage, chores was an all-day…


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I heart You, You haunt me- Lisa Schroeder

Is love worth being haunted? When Ava's boyfriend, Jackson dies, Ava feels her life is over because he is the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with. Ava's friends try to help her out but she just can't get over him. But one day she feels a chill in her room. She feels someone is watching her. She…


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Is Matt Freeman not ordinary? -Raven's Gate-

It's a coincidence that Matt was not killed the day his parents died.

Raven's Gate was written by Anthony Horowitz and is a fantasy genre. This is the first book of the series.…


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The Fault In Our Stars

  I’ve heard so many good things about this book, it’s a must read book. It’s a book that can inspire you, it’s a book that shows that anyone can love. The Fault In Our Stars, John Green has done it again. He is such an amazing author who inspires people. He writes about what’s true in this…


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"Tell The Wolves I'm Home"


             Have you ever lost someone who you love and trust more than anything? I have, and it’s the worst feeling to have when you lose that person. In the book Tell the Wolves I'm Home, June, the main character, loses her uncle Finn who dies with AIDS. Finn was the only one who truly understood June, and was the only person June told her secretes to. A few weeks after Finn passes away, a package and letter come in the mail…


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I Love You, You Haunt Me :)

How far do you think love goes? Does the love last till death? If so, does it haunt you?




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11/22/63 by Stephen King

What would you do if you could go back in time and change history? Would you do it? 11/22/63 is a mystery and wild but a love story all combined in one big book. After Jake, an English teacher, reads a story about a brain damaged janitor's childhood. On his death bed, old Al told Jake there is a secret portal in the back of his diner in the pantry and wants Jake to go back in time to 1958 to stop the assassination of JFK. Jake has to go back three days early to find and track all…


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Such a Pretty Girl

         Approximately 30% of children get sexually abused by one of their family members. Fifteen-year-old Meredith has already lived through nightmares that most children don't have to go through. Her father sexually…

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Deal With What Happens and Change It

In life, things can start to go out in a full sprint of good things. But, then all of sudden something changes the whole situation in the opposite direction. Like in the book I read Game by Walter Dean Myers. In this book, basketball life is going amazing…


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