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Forged By Fire part 2

I'm on way to finishing the book. The abusive stepfather has been sent to jail. Now Gerald's friends with B.J., Tyron, Andy, and Rob who's father wants to help him put Jordan behide bars. Now he's 17 on the basketball with his friends. Angel is 13 in jr. high and joining a dancing club at her school, Mom has just gotted and job but has developed a drinking problem.

So while Mom was out with her friend, she gives  money to Gerald to pay bills. After basketball practice Gerald will…


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In the middle of the book Divergent

Divergent, as I have said in the last blog post I have posted, is a very intense book that keeps you reading. At the part where I am, Tris is taking this test were the people in the Dauntless faction figure out what everyone's fears are. Because Tris is divergent, she is…


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If I Stay

If I Stay

   If I Stay was a great book so far because the way Mia is facing challenges that she tries to handle. For example her and her family got into a car crash, and after that she finds herself in a place where she has never been before, and she is trying to find out if she is dead or still alive when she suddenly see's her body being shipped to the hospital. Also, Mia soon figures out that she is in a…


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Anger Issues

I am currently reading Angry Management by Chris Crutcher. Angry Management is interesting because it is like reading several stories in one book. A teacher in the school, Mr. Nak, has started an anger management group. He invited some of the most troubled kids in the school to his class, and takes notes on them. Coincidently, the kids in that class have a bigger impact on each other's lives than he thought.



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World War Z

After finishing my other book, Seal Team 6, I rented another book out from the library-WWZ. It's written by Max Brooks, the author of the Zombie Survivial Guide as well. As the book starts out, you get a story from how it started and numerous stories with different charaters.  As the story goes on, you hear diffrent people's stories, like how a family had to leave quickly because of the zombie outbreak. Although there are no pictures in the book, you still get a feeling of…


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Perfect Chemistry

While I was reading this book Perfect Chemistry, I was dreaming about my future boyfriend. I was in deep love with this book and sometimes I was actually dreaming about the scene when Brittany and Alex had kissed. Every sentence in this book makes me want to have a boyfriend like Alex, and I picture myself instead of Brittany and Alex instead of my crush. This book is the first time that I finished in a…


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The Da Vinci Code

History can be told incorrectly, at some point in the past, sometimes. Histories are always biased and differ, according to who told the story. People think that the history books are always right and that they always contain facts. Histories are always made and told by people, so they can say it in any way they want, or in any way that they felt, which differs in some people's opinion, since we are all human beings. in the book, The Da Vinci Code, the protagonists, Robert Langdon…


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Game, Walter Dean Meyers

In the novel Game, the main character, Drew, is having difficulties coping with Coach House's new way of coaching. He and the team have been noticing many suspicious activities after 2 new players join the team. Through the story, House has been acting different toward Drew. Drew…


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Review Kitchen - Banana Yoshimoto

In this summer, I read book named "Kitchen." Kitchen is a novel written by Japanese author Banana Yoshimoto in 1988 and translated in to English in 1993. The story is about young woman named Mikage Sakurai. She needs a new home after her grandmother's death. A young man named Yuichi is one of close people to her grandmother. He helped Mikage's grandmother's funeral, and he offers her a place at his and his mother's house. Mikage accepts and moves in with them.…


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Insurgent: The next big hit

Although I'm not far enough to tell you if Insurgent is a good book or not, I could tell you that it will surely be far greater than the Hunger Games trilogy. In the Divergent series, Veronica makes a world with action, suspense, and a little bit of romance. Although I'm not a huge romance guy the Divergent series a exception. It's not like T…


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Divergent: The book that keeps me reading

For the past few days, I have been reading the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. This book is about a girl named Beatrice going to a different faction. People in differnt factions have different characteristics and skills. Once per year, students that are 16 go to this choosing…


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There's No Place Like Home by Jen Calonita

In the book There's No Place Like Home by…


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Seal Team 6, the people who killed Osama Bin Ladin

The book that I am currently reading, Seal team 6 by Howard E. Wasdin and Stephen Templin, is about a former U.S Navy Seal who was part of the elite Navy Seal team (Seal team 6 also killed Osama.) who  tells about many diffrent stories that he had throughout his career. It explains the grueling training that a recruit must go through in order to even apply to become a Navy Seal and how he was first…


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This outstanding graphic novel was written by G. Neri. It is based on true events but is written in brilliance. The story takes place in our own hometown of Chicago. This boy is 11 years old. He loves to eat sweets and that’s where he got his nickname "Yummy." His real name is Robert Sandifer. It is told by a fictional character named Roger and one of Yummy's friends. Yummy lives with his grandma in the projects of Roseland. It is so dangerous there; if you go out…


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Teen Paparazzo

I am currently reading Famous by Todd Strasser. Famous is about 16-year-old Jamie Gordon's rise to stardom, whether she liked it or not. When Jamie was 14, she "accidently" got a picture of Supermodel Tatiana Frazee doing something embarrassing in public. Then her Dad decided to sell her picture to some tabloids, and suddenly her picture is featured on a celebrity website.…


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Forged By Fire

Hello. I’m currently reading Forged By Fire, the second book in the Hazelwood High trilogy, the book before Tears of a Tiger based on Andy struggling to go through life after he was driving his car into a crash killing his best friend. Forged by Fire is telling the story about Gerald growing up with a drug addict mother. After fire puts him in the hospital for 3 days, he ends up live with his aunt Queen.                        

What suurprises me is on his…


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The Unwritten Rule- Friends? or Cheat?

        When I had read the book The Unwritten Rule, it made me think about the true meaning of friendship. This book is about how two best friends come to an end in their friendship. One is named Sarah, a type of girl…


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Two Friends in Trouble

I'm almost done reading the book Black and White by Paul Volponi. It is a very action filled and at some parts can also be very dramatic book. The book is basically about two really good friends that don’t have a lot of money to pay for their college funds. They both decide to rob people for money, but one of their stickups turns bad and one of the friends accidentally shoots a store clerk. They both got arrested for their crimes. Even when you’re poor, it isn’t right to steal other…


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A Pair of steel Toe Boots


  These boots are a light step from heel to toe. Loose laces that don’t shown much. The heel is slightly worn out from use. They have a rough leather exterior and steel toes. The person wearing these shoes is a hard worker looking  for a job; He can dig ditches, mow lawns and repair house he is a hard worker that can different jobs. 

 He walks into a strip mall. He sees an empty area so he can set up a table and puts a sign on it. The…


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The Factions

This semester I read the second book in the Divergent series, Insurgent. So far I'd have to say that the second one is my favorite because of the amazing plot twists and the cliff hangers at the end of each chapter. The main character Tris has to go through more problems as she tries to help save her faction and the rest in the country while also trying to figure out the huge secret that everyone is keeping from her. This secret is so big people have died for it! Definitely recommend it to…


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