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_A Study in Scarlet_ : A Look into the Fantastic Mind of Sherlock Holmes

A Study in Scarlet is the VERY FIRST SHERLOCK HOLMES NOVEL EVER WRITTEN!!! It tells the story of how Dr. Watson came to meet Sherlock Holmes and how he became intrigued with the way Holmes solved mysteries. The mystery in this story ironically starts out with Sherlock Holmes complaining about how there aren't enough mysteries for him to solve, which is almost immediately followed up by a letter begging him to come to a scene of a crime. Apparently a crime so puzzling had taken place…


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For this quarter, I read the book Plague by Michael Grant. This book is the fourth book in the Gone series and is hands down my favorite of the whole series. The book is centered the rising conflict between Sam and Caine, two of the most powerful teens in the FAYZ. At the same time, there is a deadly plague that is spreading throughout the population. Also, a mysterious enemy is literally devouring the teens and drives Sam and Caine to do something that would never have been…


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                      One of the last books I read this year was Firelight by Sophie Jordan. I'll start out by saying if you don't like fantasy or "supernatural" romance I see very little chance you'll like this book seeing as it's practically the epitome of both. The book opens with the narrator and main…


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Escaping the Labyrinth with John Green

John Green, you've done it again. Seriously. If you had read The Fault In Our Stars like I did, I highly recommend you give Looking for Alaska a go. (If you haven't read either two, then you're just plain crazy).
I decided to read this book because of The Fault In Our Stars during last summer on my way to China (I cried on the plane in front of a bunch of strangers).…

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Many do not realize how fortunate we are to live in America, have a loving family, and most of all, freedom. Mariam and Liala, in A Thousand Splendid Suns, are not as fortunate as the citizens of America.

A Thousand Spledid Suns takes readers on a journey through two woman's live during the war in Afghanistan. This book is broken up into several parts. Part one talks about the life of Mariam and how she she is forced into a marriage. Not only that, but also how her…


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Following Christopher Creed

For 4th quarter I decided to read the next book in the Christopher Creed series since the first book left me wanting more. This book was not as good as the first book, but it was still a book that I couldn't put down. This book starts out where we left off in the Body of Christopher Creed, except 5 years later. Torey is a successful musician, Bo is in the army, and Chris's brother, Justin is in high school now. Not a single piece of evidence has been found since the disappearance.…


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Dog Whisperer LOVE:)

Hey guys! Oh my gosh, wow, this is the last blog of the year! I just want to say thanks to any of you have read my other blogs and maybe even commented on them! It's so inspiring when you see that what you have written touches and speaks to someone else! (Random side note: I have choir on my mind after just returning from the last choir concert of the year...touching other people through my blogs kind of reminds me of the fantastic song "Ripple Effect" that we just sang in our concert! Let…


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Utopian Society- Is it REALLY perfect?

For my last independent blog post (insert sad emotion) I read Matched by Ally Condie. It's about a girl named Cassia Reyes who lives in a Utopian society where everything, and by everything I mean everything from marriages to meal plans, are planned accordingly to fit her. Simple things like what you wear, what you eat, what job you have, even what you dream are planned to the very last detail. But on the bright side, everyone is equal. They have their whole lives planned…


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The Long Walk by Stephen King

     Stephen king, a widely appraised author, is someone who is typically known for his creepy and scary novels. Some of these include Duma Key, Firestarter, The Shining, and many others. But while his most popular books are about paranormal or just unreal occurrences, he has written some that, although still creepy, have no ghosts or anything, and just display evil created by…


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Rags to Riches... to Rags?

I recently completed Jude by Kate Morgenroth.  I found myself clinging to each page until the end because of the many twists and turns.

The book begins as Jude's father is murdered because he had been skimping on his drug shipments.  Jude witnesses the entire event as the two men decide to let him live as long as he…


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Perks of Being a Wallflower.

The last book I finished is The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and this is easily my favorite book I've ever read. The story goes in the mind of Charlie who is a troubled teen with a shaky past, and he is writing letters to his friend (which is us) and we go through his freshman year of high school. This story is…


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Pendragon The End is Here


I was glad to finish a series of ten books within the school year. This series has come a long was from the beginning of Bobby Pendragon and his adventures all the way to book ten. In the beginning of this book, Bobby is traveling through a flume and he is unaware of where his destination is. He wakes up in a very odd space that is just made of grey and dull flat land. Soon after walking around in the open space he starts to find all of his friends from his past…


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A World That Can't Stop Talking

"The most recent version of the DSM-IV, the psychiatrist's bible of mental disorders, considers the fear of public speaking tot be a pathology -- not an annoyance, not a disadvantage, but a disease" declares Susan Cain in her most recent book, Quiet.  Susan Cain fills Quiet with loads of…


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Love Always, Charlie

        For my independent reading blog this quarter, I graciously picked up the book The Perks of Being a Wallflower. It is such an amazing book and I can completely say that the pleasure was all mine when I read it. The book is about a young teenage boy named Charlie that sends letters to an anonymous person explaining details about his journey through the struggles of high school, bullies, sex, and friends. Charlie…


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The Mark of Athena

     Once again, Rick Riordan writes another book under an almost the same plot line and still manages to make it somewhat interesting. I have been on and off with reading it due to the various other books for school, but I will start at the beginning. In the two previous books in the series, we find out that Hera had switched Jason and Percy into the Greek and Roman camps respectively. In the beginning of this book, Jason, Annabeth, Piper, and Leo go to the Roman camp to…


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The Looking Glass Wars

Usually on a normal day in English class I have an independent reading book with me. However, there is that extremely rare and sad day where I will forget to bring it and then disappoint my English teacher. On that day, I was sent to the library to find a book to read as a replacement for my independent reading book. In the library, I skimmed through titles of books, none that would interest me until I came across one book titled The Looking Glass Wars. The…


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The Last Blog

Well, congrats to everybody.  We made it through another school year, summer is right around the corner, prom is later today, and it's pretty much a three day weekend. But even with all this, I want to say thank you to my English teacher, Mr. Gary Anderson. If you have never had the pleasure of having Mr. Anderson as a teacher, you have missed out. Mr. Anderson is the greatest teacher I have had to date, and I can say that proudly, because he has done more than teach me about Shakespeare,…


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Eleanor and Park

Ever since falling in love with John Green after reading The Fault in Our Stars,  I began obsessively following him on every social media site I could from YouTube, to twitter, to tumblr. As creepy as I felt, I knew I was benefiting from having an overflowing list of book recommendations from the John Green.

I remember seeing a post about a book called Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell and…


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Easily My New Favorite Book

One Wednesday, my dad decided to take me to the nearest Barnes and Noble to pick up a book. "My treat", he said. I walked in, letting the aura of the store run through my body. There was the typical smell of fresh and new books along with hints of coffee. The first book that caught my attention was The Fault in our Stars, of course. Dozens of copies of John Green's famous novels were on a high cardboard display splashed with bright colors and bold…


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Catching Delirium

Lena is months away from having an operation that will change her life forever. It will be the start of her future. It will take away every single emotion in her whole body. She will be just like the rest of society, delirium free.…


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