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Growing Up and Growing Free

Sometimes, it seems like all us teenagers, no matter how different, are all connected by one thing: a strong longing for freedom. I challenge you to find one teenager who is completely content with the amount of freedom they have, whether it be in school or at home, or granted to them by parents, friends, or teachers.

In the book "The Carnival at Bray" by Jessie Ann Foley, the ideas of coming of age and freedom are what fuel the…

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Who can you Trust?

The Testing is a novel by Joelle Charbonneau in which friendship and decision making play a large part of the story. The protagonist, Cia, goes through a government run test which tests the candidates to see how fit they would be to run the country. If they are fit to lead, they go to a university to further the education needed to lead. The tests put candidates through extreme situations, which include…


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Seeds of rebellion By: Brandon Mull

Gina Choi

E108 - Period 7

Blog Post

1 April 2015

Courage Can Come From Hope

In a fantasy world called Lyrian, there was a tyrant conquer, Maldor. The protagonists, Jason and Rachel, who are beyonders from earth, journeyed…


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The Burn Journals Blog Post

Brandon Vu…


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Lovely Misfits

Eleanor & Park - synthesis

Have you ever seen a cliche movie or read a cliche book based off of teens in high school? I’m sure you have because there are hundreds upon hundreds of them out there. And although they have their differences, they’re all pretty much the same. With cliques of mean girls and nerds where the dreamy starting quarter back always captures the head cheerleaders heart after he throws the winging pass of the Homecoming game. The following night they become… Continue

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Quiet: the introverts book

Non-fiction is hard to read, it's the hard truth. You really have to find something that really interests you or that you are really passionate about. Luckily for me I was able to find this while reading Quiet by Susan Cain. The introducing quote "The power of introverts in a world that stop can't talking" pulls us into the mind of an introvert. If you are reading this and are wondering what the heck is an introvert? Need not worry friend I will explain! An introvert is someone who is a bit on… Continue

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Childhood Reread: The Secret of the Old Clock

The Nancy Drew books were probably a big deal in your childhood. If not, I really feel sorry for you. But regardless, they're definitely worth a reread. Now that I have the experience and (supposed) analytical skills of a high school student, I can realize why I loved this story as a child. The Secret of the Old Clock is a thrilling detective drama, but it is also a tale of compassion, perseverance and overcoming adversity. Nancy's endless dedication to her clients and her job is the real… Continue

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No Lo to Behold

Okay, what's the deal with the book about pedophilia peddling out covers that feature little girls with sometimes a sexual aspect? Have we missed the point, people?…


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Thank You Leonard Nimroy for my quote. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. This Star Trek quote accurately reflects the sacrifices made by the leaders in World War Z. World War Z or the First Zombie War is when the world is infected by zombies. Rather than the usual gore fest the book focuses on how the world reacts to the advent of the zombie apocalypse. That wasn't really the apocalypse. Anyway it talks about how different countries around the world reacted to the zombies.

For example the the U.S government… Continue

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