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The Reading Chronicles of Adam Serena: The Commmunist Manifesto

As I searched through Apple’s App Store on my brand new IPhone, I came across a book, which really got a bad reputation.  This book was the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx.  This book shares Karl Marx’s philosophy on how a nation should be run, in his mind. 

Marx’s main point started with his view of people throughout time. He states that there has…


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April: The Help

Set in the heart of the Civil Rights Movement in Jackson, Mississippi, The Helpby Kathryn Stockett tells the riveting story of three women who want to make a difference. Aibileen is a black maid for a white family who just does what she’s supposed to do. She takes it upon herself to teach racial equality to Mae Mobley, the toddler daughter of the family she works for, and…


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Palacios Blogs - Haha! And then because BABOOM!

This month I read, among other things, JERK, CALIFORNIA by Jonathan Friesen.


This book was fantastic. I have an hour to tell you about it. I'll do it all in iambic pentameter.



Jerk, California was inspiring. From the very beginning, I was hooked. Not only interesting characters, but a crazy compelling storyline. The book follows the life of poor old Sam. Sam suffers from a disease called Tourette's. I can't do this Iambic Pentameter…


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One of the Best


          One word: intense. H-o-l-y c-o-w. This book has made it to my favorites list. It’s up there on the top shelf right next to The Book Thief. It is also the book that has got me back into reading. I’m usually a pretty slow reader, and it took me about a week or so to read this one. But I read the last two-thirds of this book in three days. I also missed dinner because I couldn’t bear the thought of setting…


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Monthly reactions to independent reading books: April

               For April, I continued reading the next Dan Brown novel, The Lost Symbol, because the previous book was so good. Again, I can’t even begin to describe the ingenuity of this book. The plot is incredibly suspenseful and the ideas behind it are so realistic and amazing. This time, the setting is in Washington DC as Robert Langdon delves into Masonic mysteries to save his friend and mentor, Peter Solomon. Along the way, there are many…


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April Book Blog: Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

          I read this month's book as recommended by a friend. Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist was definitely an interesting book. It was sort of a punk style book, but that doesn’t mean I did not enjoy it.

          This book is about a girl named Norah and…


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Tweak (April Book Blog)

Tweak is a memoir by Nic Sheff that follows his emotional, intense journey through the ups and downs of the seemingly endless cycle of drug addiction. The book shows the raw aspects of life on the streets as a drug…


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Then We Came To The End


When you go to school or to work, the people you are surrounded by everyday can have a completely different personal lives than you know.  I still don’t know half the people in my first hour class, and I’ve been in class for…


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I Gave Up Titles Completely II: The Moderate One

So, as I went through my previous blogs, wondering what I'd do for my LAST book blog of the year (or second to last, I really don't know), I realized that I had, apparently, went overboard with the Christian comic novel. So, in all my infinite wisdom, I have decided to review a totally bland novel. 1776, is a novel about history, and It couldn't be more bland to the average Joe. I realize that not everyone loves history, I'm sure not everyone likes history. So, to the six people left…


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Someone Like You -April Blog Post


     For my April reading I chose a book by Sarah Dessen, Someone Like You. Sarah Dessen is probably one of my favorite authors. Just Listen and…


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Back to Basics


Welcome to the end of April and the beginning of May. Perhaps a little Creedence will brighten up your day as we have experienced some pretty awful weather lately. Anyhow, I once read a book. Recently, I mean. For my monthly book, I decided to head back to junior high (figuratively, not…


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Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin


Extaordinary, by Nancy Werlin             


              Extraordinary by Nancy Werlin is a simple-flowing, easy to follow, casual read that satisfies all the needs expected when reading a novel such as itself. This novel of love, family, and friendship mended fantasy and suspense into a romantic plot, while…


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April Book Blog: What Happened to Goodbye

For my April book I decided to read What Happened to Goodbye by Sarah Dessen.  If you've ever read any other books by her then you pretty much know what to expect.  It follows her typical style of teenage romance including two potentially emotionally unstable main characters who somehow fall in love in spite of their best…


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Short but Sweet

Hello, my name is Michael, but you can call me Mike, or stop talking to your computer.


Before I get into books, here’s a short song about staying in school



 So for April I read The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The Pearl is a novella similar to Of Mice and Men (which you most likely read for school) and it…


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            During Writer’s Week, I saw Ellen Hopkins and was immediately taken in with her and her books. I enjoyed her presentation and the way she talked about her life and what inspired her to write some of her books. It was interesting when she gave a brief preview of many of her books since I had never read anything by her before. I was…


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The Crossing Paths Between Two Prodigies

During the month of April, I was lucky to read the book Legend written by Marie Lu. It takes place in the future where the United States is no longer a unified nation. Western US turns into the Republic and constantly fights the Colonies after a rebellion. During this period, a highly contagious and dangerous plague spreads…


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April Book Blog: The Amber Spyglass

     This month I read the Amber Syglass in the " His Dark Materials" series. In the story a war is brewing between two different sides. An army has formed to fight a war against the one called the Authority. The Authority is basically what we would call God to us. The resistence is led by Lord Asriel, and he has gathered an army from thousands of different dimensions to fight along side him, but the Authority has too. The book mostly revolves around two teenagers, Lyra and…


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Impulse: April Book Blog

                Impulse by Ellen Hopkins was a book I read in a couple hours this month. Usually her books are around 500 pages so that’s really saying something about how much I enjoyed this book! Since it’s my goal to read all of her books, I didn’t even read the back of the book to see what it was about. When I started reading, I realized that this book is very relevant in teenagers’ lives today.

                Impulse is told through…


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The Missing: Book One - Found

The Missing series is a book series that focuses on the concept of time travel. Jonah Skidmore is a normal kid in middle school who receives a disturbing letter that states, "You are one of the missing." Being a 13 year old kid who's adopted, this is…


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Book Blogger Monthly: Confessions of a Shopaholic

Book Blogger Monthly: Confessions of a Shopaholic

               Behold! The ultimate girl book!  During the month of April I read Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella and to…


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