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Don't Know Why I Read This

Jeff Dahmer = Loser

By Cam Parker




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The Book Blogger Monthly: Divergent

           The Book Blogger Monthly: Divergent


                           During the month of March, I had the pleasure to read the book Divergent by Veronica Roth. Divergent is about a utopian society in the way future where everyone is separated into factions. The five factions…


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Palacios Blogs - Oooh, you're gonna love my new blog.

Today I'll be writing a somewhat smaller blog, and about quite an odd 'book'.



This month, Mr. Anderson has granted me permission to enjoy a different kind of book. Instead of a traditional novel, or even graphic novel, I read a rulebook for a tabletop game called Warhammer 40k. If you like tabletop gaming, you'll like this blog. If you're not a nerd, or have a life, look elsewhere.




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What I managed to accomplish over Spring Break!

I have asked myself a very decent question. What have I managed to accomplish during my Spring Break? Well, it seems that aside from loosing track of the days and nothing but Asian soap operas, I have finished a book. Yes! A very good book at that. My lazy self has managed to finish a book I finally managed to get my hands on. I actually have been after this book for a while. It is a sequel to another book I have read. The first book came into my possession when a…


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A Brief History of Time

                This March I read A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. This book is very insightful but very difficult to read. He writes so logical that it is hard to get lost with what he is saying. He has very peculiar views of the world and how it came to be this way. This book really inspired my imagination and my left side of the brain, which was good because I am trying to develop that. Stephen Hawking is definitely one of the greatest geniuses of our time and has been…


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Athletic Shorts

Athletic Shorts

By: Chris Crutcher

          For March’s monthly book blog, I read a book called Athletic Shorts by Chris Crutcher who is probably my favorite authors of…


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The Corrupted Brethren

Spring break. A time for relaxation, and a pause from the hectic and busy life that I live during the regular school year. During this tranquil time I decided to finish the novel that I had started at the beginning of March- The Brethren by John Grisham. Grisham’s last novel really impressed me, so I decided to continue to read his novels (this novel is centered more around Grisham’s…


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Forgotten: March Book Blog

               When I told people about this book Forgotten by Cat Patrick, they were reminded of the movie 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. That’s one of the reasons I decided to read it because I liked the movie so much! The main character in the book, London, forgets everything that happened in a day when she falls asleep. How would you deal with that? I would get so annoyed with myself and probably wouldn’t keep many friends or…


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All These Things I've Done

In All These Things I've Done the year is 2083 and it's obviously not as it is in the present year of 2012. Chocolate; Illegal. Caffeine; Illegal. Showers; 15 seconds. Paper; no one has it. Books; might as well be under the category of obsolete. Everything is different. Except Anya…


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The Dilemma


           The story Raiders Night was intriguing in almost every way possible. It had…


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Leaving Protection

The book I  read before spring break is called Leaving Protection by Will Hobbs. This book was okay and is mainly written for a select group of people. The book is about a teenager, Robbie, who has a dream to work on a salmon trolling boat and his dream comes true when he leaves his home in Port Protection and finds a job aboard the Storm Petrel, a salmon troller. During the book Robbie and Tor, his captain, go around Alaska fishing…


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New Moon: March Book Blog

            New Moon by Stephenie Meyer was the second book in a four-part series. To me, it wasn’t that good because Edward wasn’t in it for the most part! When he was in Twilight I was in love with the couple but then all of a sudden he left Bella and I was very angry with him…


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My March Reading book

Surprisingly, this month I not only finished this book that I am about t tell you about, but also was able to get half-way through another book as well. This is a first for me in my history of Fremd monthly book reading, and I am quite proud of myself. The book that I finished this month is called “bright young things” by Anna Godbersen. She also wrote the pretty famous “Luxe” series. I think her writing all around is fantastic and this first book of her new series was no…


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          After hearing so much hype about Divergent, I finally decided to read it. I saw Veronica Roth at Writer’s Week and honestly her presentation didn’t get me to want to read the book more. Luckily I had made up my mind before Writer’s Week that I would read Divergent. I bought the book at Writer’s Week and was really excited to read it. Unfortunately it didn’t…


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March Book Blog: One Day

Originally I was going to read One Day by David Nicholls because my friends told me to.  Sounds like peer pressure right?  Well, we had all gone to see a movie and they saw the preview for this one.  Once they saw that it was originally a book they decided that I, apparently the bookworm of the group, needed to read it and tell them how it was so we…


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Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

I chose to read ‘C’ is for Corpse by Sue Grafton for my March book blog.  To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about…


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March Blogging: Rules of Attraction

For the month of March I had the pleasure of reading the novel Rules of Attraction by Simone Elkeles. This is the second in the Perfect Chemistry series. My blog about the first is …


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March Book Blog : Divergent!!!


          I know there have already been many blogs about Divergent, but I just had to add another.  This book was so amazing that I read it in four days, four school days. For me, that is super fast because I am an extremely slow reader. There was no way I could put this book down because every part was a “good…


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A Different Shade of Dystopian Literature

"But if I thought she was ordering me about solely due to my hue, I was mistaken.  I was wearing a 'Needs Humility' badge below my Red Spot.  It related to an incident with the head prefect's son." — Shades of Grey, page 4…


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When you hear the word detective what pops up in your head? For me Sherlock Holmes is the detective that comes to mind for me.…


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