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Last Entry?

I am about to launch myself into space in a one-manned aircraft with no roof. I am insane. Like I said earlier “I don’t even know who’ll read this. I guess someone will find it eventually. Maybe a hundred years from now”(Weir 1), but I just want you to say thank you to the world for all the time, effort, and resources spent on ME. One person who has just as much meaning to the world as some one out in a suburb somewhere. For God’s sake people in China noticed me! If this is my last ever log… Continue

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A Poem from Jordan Baker (from The Great Gatsby)

Dear Reckless Driver

I sat there yawning

as you entered the room

and joined us in the light.

You watched me,

but you were polite.

You couldn't help yourself

from looking at my carefully raised chin

and at my autumn yellow hair,

even as Daisy held us together

like two little teddy bears.

You called me careless,

and that midsummer, I replied,

“It takes two to make an accident.”

Too late, I had… Continue

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Fury: A Speculation On The Hunger Games

The instant I wake up, the whole world changes. For one, the pain in my stomach is gone, replaced by a ravenous hunger. My vision has been altered as well. The vibrant spectrum of life formerly known to me has been replaced by black, white and grey. These dreary shades cover my world like a blanket, and yet I feel no sense of comfort, or safety, whatsoever. In fact, the only feeling that runs throughout my…


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A Story of the Broken

The following piece is a rendition of Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand as told by the perspective of Mac 

I survived. Disoriented, I clung to the ruptured remnants of the fuel tank, bobbing up and down alongside my pilot, Phil. He was struck,…


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Wonder by Srihari Prakash

Begin beneficial Paths conveys in wonder

As a reader, I found Wonder, by R.J Palacio, to be an engaging read as well

as a story that conveys a theme that people need to begin on complexing paths and will ultimately learn and benefit from those experiences. In the story, the main character, August Pullman, has been home schooled due facial abnormality and rigorous surgery schedules that follow. By the time August turns 10, his parents rethink their decision to have August homeschooled… Continue

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Hitting the Gym

The book Gym Candy, revolves around the life of a boy named Mick Johnson, a football fanatic and phenom. His father played the game and passed his love for the game back down to his son. Growing up with a football in his hand, Mick aims to play for his varsity team but is stopped short of one aspect of his game. Physically he needs to get bigger, and when a shortcut is conveyed to Mick, taking steroids, he is faced with confusion and frustration that will make or break his game.

The… Continue

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Everything I Told You

NOTICE:  The book states Lydia, the main character, is the only Chinese kid in her high school besides her brother, but Jake, the one who writes this letter, is also Chinese.  This letter is meant for Lydia before she dies, so many of the details in this letter are different than what’s written in the book.  

Dear Lydia,…


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The book Elena Vanishing is about an anorexic girl in college who tries to conceal her secrets and remain in perfection.

Reality vs. Expectation


“You're just so beautiful!” Says a mellow girl from her physics class. I'm glad you think so because I spent two hours trying to look beautiful this morning.

“Thanks!” Elena says as she lets out a content grin. But a simple compliment has made her have endless questions rush through her mind throughout the… Continue

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Loss in Eragon

Throughout the book Eragon, the main character, Eragon, faces a cycle of loss. Even though he acquires many friends and supporters, he suffers many hardships along the way. As far back as before the start of the story, Eragon never knew his parents, and he has lived with his uncle as far back as he can remember. In a world filled with magic and surprises at every turn, these losses are especially hard for Eragon since he has to be able to…


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Half a Life Letter

Dear Zilkes,

Although it's been over fifteen years since I've spoke to you on that dreary

funeral day, that memory hasn't faded at all. The death of your daughter and the events immediately following it still impact me to this day.

Once the accident had taken place, it took me a while to realize what I had done:It took me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I had just taken someone’s life. I tried for so long to blame Celine for what had occurred, but that… Continue

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Anya Balanchine: A Thought Process

Dear Anya, it's your conscience. Never will I cease to be an annoying little voice in the back of  your head. I wish you would do the right thing.


Gable Arsley basically just tried to rape me. Dear Anya, Gable Arsley is a piece of garbage. He reeks of irrationality and ignorance. You shouldn't have let him have one espresso, let alone six, and all with shots of Prozac. The violations of the…


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Companionship and Independence

My blog is written in the perspective of the character Tess from the book Legend by Marie Lu. It describes her thoughts and emotions during the story, which help the reader understand what she learned throughout the journey with Day and the Patriots.

Everything happened so quickly and all at once. Within a matter of what seemed like hours, but was only seconds, my life was completely flipped upside down and changed dramatically. Day was the one whom I depended on my entire… Continue

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Jack's Diary Entries on the Island

Yesterday was crazy. We have been on the island for a while now. Ralph was being bossy as usual and I think I should be leading everyone. I had been having troubles getting over the time I couldn't kill the pig so I started a hunt with a few others and I was especially determined to not come back empty handed.

We were looking around trying to find something for food but we were having troubles. To get a better view I climbed a tree, from there I could see it eating a plant. I was way… Continue

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This piece is an alternative ending to the book The Girl With All The Gifts. It is told through diary entries and a 'hungry' is like a zombie.…


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A Different View

Rebekah Yoo

Q2 Blog


E108 - 8th hour

(Based off of the book, David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell)

A Different…


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The Beginning Of Everyhting Alternate Ending

Ezra406: Hey Cassidy. I just wanted to talk to you. Ik you said that you didn't want to be apart of this relationship anymore because you thought that it was weird with our families past and all, but I really like you and before we connected the pieces about the crash, we were really happy and I saw us going somewhere together. I just wanted to text you and see if we could talk about it and work through the difficulty that ur seeing in the relationship because I love you… Continue

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Armada: Xavier Lightman's Journal

Below is a journal writing for Xavier Lightman in the book Armada by Ernest Cline, spoilers contained.

“He died in an on-the-job accident at the local wastewater treatment plant” (Cline 16). The explosion went off just as planned, and I couldn’t be happier. Well, if only my family could know I was alive, that would be better. But they can’t know, not until the EDA reveals to the world the truth. I’ve been stationed to go to the moon, (How exciting!) but I won’t be back to Earth until… Continue

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An Interview with a Super Soldier

*The blog below is an interview with the main character of the book, Halo: First Strike, days after the books ending*

It was time. William Archer was sitting in his chair, waiting for John-117 so he could conduct his interview. John was a super soldier, a Spartan. William was doing an interview to give the public a greater understanding of who the Spartans were, how vital they were to humanity's survival, and most of all, to give the people hope in these dark times. It was 2552, and… Continue

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A Monstrous Experience Explained

This piece is a fictional newspaper article based on the book Frankenstein.  it makes reference to the book and includes a few quotes too. I hope you enjoy it!

"The Cottagers"      



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What You Left Behind: Verdi

This preview is a twist on the book "What You Left Behind" by Jessica Verdi. Meg always wrote journals and left them for her boyfriend Ryden, so this is Ryden's journal for Meg.



Forgive me if my writing is a little messy, I just don't know where to start...

I miss you. Every day when I force myself to look in Hope's eyes, they remind me of you, and it becomes more recognizable each time. She's you, Meg. And every time I look at her, I remember how you lied… Continue

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