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All The Bright Things about All The Bright Places

All The Bright things about All The Bright Places

By: Maia Jraisat

1.It opens up a whole new world of discussions for mental illness. For most kids, mental illness is somewhat of a taboo subject. Guarded by judgement and fear, no one really likes opening up about these things. But in All The Bright Places, an undiagnosed disorder is addressed, and while it…


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The True Story of Survival in the Shangri-La Valley.

Are you an American citizen? Are you a boy? Are you nearing your eighteenth birthday? If these apply to you, do you know what you have to sign when you become an adult? In the United States, there is a federal law stating that once a boy turns 18, he must register for the military draft. For girls, it is…


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The Lonely Martian


The very first sentence in the book would pretty much sum up my mindset if I was ever in this situation. Since I'm keeping this blog PG I've decided not to include it. In The Martian by Andy Weir, astronaut Mark Watney along with his five other crew mates go on the Ares 3 mission to Mars. After…


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Two YouTubers, One Show, and a Lot of Busses

             Everyone knows what it's like to see a movie or play, but have you ever stopped to think how hard it is to write an entire stage show? Memorize hundreds, if not thousands of lines? What about living on a bus for many months at a time? Of course, actors and crew members get to see a lot of…


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Butter is not Better


    423. No, sadly that’s not Fitbit telling you how many steps you have been taken today. That number represents cold hard pounds. It is hard to imagine having to wake up to see that number on the scale, but it’s an everyday occurrence for “Butter,” an overweight…


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Believing in the Right People

I enjoyed Fallout by Ellen Hopkins. Fallout is the third book in her Crank series. Fallout focuses on three of Kristina's five children who are struggling with the legacy of her drug addiction.

Hunter is a college student with a great job and a wonderful girlfriend, but cannot seem to control the compulsion to use drugs and cheat on his relationship. He gets haunted by his own eyes. He thinks that he has his father's eyes but he's never meet his father and he wonders what makes him,… Continue

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Examples of freedom and acceptance in by Before You Amber Hart

Natalie Pen

Mr. Anderson


Book blog 2nd quarter book blog

Before You by Amber Hart

Examples of freedom and acceptance in Before You by Amber Hart

Have you ever worn something completely normal to you, but when a family member sees you they call…


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Whose side are you on?

Do you think that crimes just are about solving the crime and putting the rightful person in jail. If you do then, you need to read All American Boys by Jason Reynolds because that will open you eyes to see that crimes go beyond just the people that were involved in the crime, it involves the community and and a lot of other people too. The the story revolves around two main characters Quinn and Rashad. Quinn is on his school’s varsity basketball team and is playing so he can get a scholarship,… Continue

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A World Unlike My Own

   At first consideration of spending time with Noggin, I was at an unpopular loss of words — there weren’t two that motivated me enough to read anything grounded in such a preposterous premise. Yet against my very prejudices, I conformed to the favorable reviews of critics, may I say,…


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Who will get the final crown?

Could you ever be in a contest where your every move determines whether or not you will get to marry the prince of your country? Would you be able to act quickly and elegantly in front of the royal family, talk fluently in interviews,…


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The Message of Justice Brought by the Messenger of Fear

What punishment would you give someone who killed someone in order to save something else? Time in jail? Or perhaps the death sentence? However, would you ever think of going into their minds and to find out their worst fear and force them to live through it? The Messenger of Fear by Michael Grant offers a fresh new perspective on the punishments that people need to receive for committing crimes they…


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The Triwizard Tournament Conflict

Have you ever been in a competition for a sport where you had a conflict with the opposing team, like a rivalry? This is how Harry Potter feels while competing in the Triwizard Tournament in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, going against 3 opposing wizards. This is a tournament held every year where participants fight in multiple tasks for the possession of a goblet of fire. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire by J.K. Rowling examines an idea of a magical competition…


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Facing a Friend

At some point in a person's life, they've probably been gone up against somebody that they respect. Whether it be in a sport or debate. Well, in the third book of the Reckoners series following Steelheart and Firefight, Calamity, has the main character, David, having to go against his mentor, Prof, who has turned bad. The book is set in a dystopian future…


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Coming Out Party


       Bobby Framingham’s life is not easy. He is the star quarterback at Durango High School, but he is also gay. Bill Konigsberg’s novel Out of the Pocket delves into Bobby's life and his struggle to believe in himself. At first, he isn’t able to muster the confidence to come out as gay, for fear that the…


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What is a Hero?

What is a HERO?

Author/Illustrator: Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

By: Ram Dixit



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A Twisted Society

(Spoilers Ahead!!)

I love the YA genre for the new and different ideas it produces. Unwind, a series that tells the story of a…


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My Thoughts Are Tipping

Who are you? You may think this is a stupid question and you're probably thinking “well I'm me” and this is true but who is that person really? I'm not looking for a name or a title or anything like that what makes you, you? Ok let's hold up a bit that's a lot of questions and no answers. But are you interested in finding yourself what makes you, you, what makes some people more likable than others then there is a book to appease your growing appetite so read further if you would like to… Continue

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Gay Wizards???


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Like a Rose's Thorns (SPOILERS!!)

Almost everything has a cost. In our daily routines, we are forced to make sacrifices that we think “benefit the greater good.” Whether it's giving up time to watch a new episode of your favorite show on television to study for an upcoming test, or leaving your loved ones to find a better job abroad, life is a forever-winding maze with both happy and sad times we are forced to endure. In A Court…


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Running Away to Stay Alive

Image result for unwind

Were you aware that you can nowadays donate your body parts to those in need once you die? The government in this book is a society where dissecting a child's body parts to be transplanted into different people is totally normal(called unwinding). However, a child’s body parts are donated while the child is in perfect, healthy condition. A parent or guardian can sign a form allowing their kid to be unwound between the ages 13 to 17. The three main characters…


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