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Nick Clerk commented on Jamey Robar's blog post Message in a Bottle
"     Hey! Im Nick from CCHS. I have never actually heard of this book or author but thats probably because I don't read much. But this sounds like a very food book for people that would like to read. I probably wouldn't…"
May 12, 2012
Nick Clerk commented on Yuri Shibata's blog post May Book Blog: Aftershock
"     Hi! I'm nick from CCHS. Normally when theres an unrealistic situation in the book I personally tend to criticize it. I just always think "hey, this could never happen in real life". Then normally someone…"
May 12, 2012
Nick Clerk commented on Laura Smearman's blog post Perfect Chemistry- April Blog Post
"     I have also heard alot about this book. At my school we have a list of books that we have to read one out of the list every quarter. This is one of the books on that list. The people in my class that read it didn't…"
May 12, 2012
Nick Clerk commented on John Park's blog post Teens' Succeeding in life and more??
"     This sounds like a really good book to read. This sounds like it would be really helpful to someone. I need to read this someday! I think that it would really help me out for life overall. more specifically it would probably…"
May 12, 2012
Nick Clerk commented on Athena Hung's blog post Gamer Girl
"   This book seems to be a very interesting read. I'm not much into reading books outside of school but it seems like it would be a book that would hold my attention for awhile. It seems like its the kind of book that would…"
Apr 19, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Kyra Ammelounx's discussion Who Likes "The Catcher in the Rye"?
"     Normally I hate the books that we have to read in class. This book was actually suprisingly good because it was very different than any books that I have ever read before. It was very vulgur and the author wasn't…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Briana Michaels's discussion What kinds of books are people reading????
"     At our school we have a set reading list that we have to read. So far I have read a couple interesting books from this list. If you like a book full of action and suspense you should definitely check out, "Ship…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Larissa Magera's discussion Just Nod Your Head "Yes"--I'm Probably Right, Anyway
"     I completely agree with what you said. I think that you should consider everyones opinions in literature but sometimes people have bad ideas. Sometimes I think that if you tell somebody there poem was bad they should take…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Jacob Rowden's discussion No-Zero Grading Policy: Beneficial or politically-correct?
"     I think that this is a really good idea but I have a feeling that a lot of students would use this as an excuse not to do homework. If the consequence for not doing a homework assignment is only a 50% then more people would…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Josh Radochonski's discussion Lets save some $$ and get into a modern age at School
"     I personally think that it would be really cool to be able to use technology to do homework instead of handwriting it. It would take a lot of the stress off of English teachers who might have students with sloppy or bad…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Keith Berger's discussion Modern television vs. oldtime television
"     I personally like modern television more than black and white telelvision because I am pretty spoiled by modern day television. I don't like it when someone takes the color out of my television. I do respect the old…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Melissa Peisker's discussion New Years resolutions
"     I think people make new years resolution to put off some of there goals. For instance if someone was wanting to lose weight, why would they wait until New years to have a resolution about it? They should just start whenever.…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Camilla Chee's discussion Unappealing Words of the English Language
"     For me personally there aren't any words that repulse me. Thats very interesting that the word moist makes you think of something very disqusting like that. I'm glad that I don't see that everytime someone…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Jenny Ji Hyun Kim's discussion Is Google making us stupid?
"     I think that using google could go both ways. People who rely on google too much to get there answers are simply addicted to it and wouldn't be able to do anything without it. But others who only use google as a way to…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Briana Michaels's discussion What does language mean to you?
"     I think that language is language no matter what. Language throughout the years has been a means to communicate with others and help them to understand us. For instance people who are deaf had no ways to understand anybody.…"
Feb 26, 2012
Nick Clerk replied to Keith Berger's discussion Is Thanksgiving very justifiable?
"     I think your completely overthinking Thanksgiving. I do agree with a lot of what you said but I think Thanksgiving is mainly just a good time to enjoy some good quality time with your family. Especially how nowadays most…"
Feb 26, 2012

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