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Luke Schoffstall commented on Derek C.'s blog post Q&A: How Do They Get a Model Ship in a Bottle
"Great Blog. I liked how you explained this books in many different ways while also keeping about the same book. To be honest I have never read a facts book, maybe I'll try it out."
Apr 9, 2014
C. Radzik commented on Derek C.'s blog post World War Z
"Just finished World War Z it is a very good book I highly recommend it. But the movie looked bad because it showed zombies running jumping and climbing that isn't what zombies are able to do. "
Oct 14, 2013
Derek C. commented on Pri K.'s blog post Steve Jobs: A Flawed Man Who Created Perfection
"Great blog.  I thought it was inspiring how Jobs got whatever he wanted through what ever means he had, but in some cases, I felt he went too far."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Emmanuel Mensah's blog post Alex rider the next James Bond?
"Great blog!  I remember reading the Alex Rider story with the clones a few years ago.  I think it'd be difficult to kill your own clone because you're basically killing yourself."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Trevor plunkett's blog post How would feel if you woke up in someone else's body?
"Great blog.  I think waking up in another body would be very confusing, but interesting as you learn more about the person who's body you took over."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on michael chaires's blog post No Title
"Great blog post.  I didn't know Lincoln had that kind of humor.  I'll be sure to check out this book."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Dora Gillette's blog post The Great Gatsby
"Great blog!  Your description really makes me want to read the book, although I may just watch the movie."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Ryan McMahon's blog post That trapped feeling
"Great blog!  This book sounds very interesting, but I think you forgot to put the title of it in your blog post. "
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on John Komoll's blog post Lexapros and Cons
"Great blog! This book sounds very interesting and funny.  I am OCD about certain things. It's usually noises that really annoy me. "
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Gino Troia's blog post Argo
"Great blog! I saw the movie, but didn't know it was based off of a book."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Robert Giagnorio's blog post Little Brother
"Great blog! This sounds very interesting and realistic.  I feel that with new technology, our privacy is quickly being reduced."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Mark Hauer's blog post World War Z
"Great blog! I also read World War Z and thought it was a very good book."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Sophia Peng's blog post push bi saffr
"Great blog! I'll be sure to check out Push.  This reminds me of Flowers for Algernon because the grammar and spelling in it starts off poor then gets better as the protagonist gets more educated."
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Hazel Lee's blog post I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE.
"Great blog, but I would argue it's a dystopian novel and not a utopian. "
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on James Mullen's blog post I, Q: Independence Hall
"This book seems very interesting and I'll check it out.  Great blog post!"
Jun 2, 2013
Derek C. commented on Soumyaa Mazumder's video

SlamNation - Taylor Mali - "Like Totally Whatever"

"Great video.  Made me think about how much I say "you know?" and how I make some sentences sound like questions when they aren't meant to be."
Jun 2, 2013

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The Giver

Posted on May 27, 2013 at 10:19pm 27 Comments

If you haven’t read The Giver, you should definitely read it.  It’s a fantastic novel that takes place in a society that appears at first to be a utopia, but we later find out it is a dystopia.  There is no poverty, unemployment, discrimination, change in weather in the society, but there is also no freedom, individuality, or even color in it.  The people in the society are placed into family units and their whole lives planned out.

I read The Giver by Louis Lowry many…


One second every day

Posted on May 22, 2013 at 9:00pm 0 Comments

After watching this TED talk, I was inspired to do something memorable every day of my life.  This is very difficult for me because most weekdays are very generic for me with school and everything.   I realized that I can't remember what I did most days. Even when people remind me about them, I have difficulties remembering.  When Cesar Kuriyama talked about how "time starts blurring and blending…


Flowers for Algernon

Posted on April 30, 2013 at 11:30pm 5 Comments

     Flowers for Algernon by Daniel Keyes is a science-fiction story about Charlie Gordon, a mentally challenged 32-year old man who goes through a surgery that was also performed on Algernon, a mouse, in order to increase his intelligence.  Charlie is the first human to go through the surgery and he does it to "get smart."  The story is told through progress reports he writes on what happens to him.

     I found it interesting how you could see Charlie getting more…


Jurassic Park

Posted on March 31, 2013 at 10:30pm 5 Comments

     If you haven't read Jurassic Park, I would highly recommend you to read it.  It is a very exciting novel about a dinosaur park on a small island called Isla Nublar.  The park is filled with genetically engineered dinosaurs cloned from dinosaur DNA found in mosquitoes inside amber.  The builder of the park, John Hammond, invited 2 consultants to come to the island tour the park and put Hammond's investors at ease. 

     Hammond groups the consultants with his…


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