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Shakespeare Love or Hate?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jeemin Sim Oct 18, 2012. 12 Replies

Over the years of my education we have been asked to read many different William Shakespeare plays. I feel indifferent about Shakespeare's literature and dont mind reading but don't love it. It seems…Continue

Thursday's first period play

Started Mar 16, 2012 0 Replies

I personally thought the play we saw on Thursday was great. It really helped bring an image to your mind and really imagine a stage setting and props they were using to create n actual story. I…Continue

books nobody cares about

Started this discussion. Last reply by Jackie Trujillo Jun 1, 2014. 42 Replies

why does it seem that no matter what book we have to read in class it seems awful. Nobody actually wants to read these books and they were all written 200 years ago. why not try and pick more modern…Continue

My Antonia was boring

Started this discussion. Last reply by sammy levey Jan 9, 2012. 14 Replies

I never understood how people were so fascinated by Willa Cather's My Antonia. I was wondering how she thought anybody would find this book interesting. Do you think Willa Cather was just writing…Continue


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Jackie Trujillo replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"I think this is kind of an unfair statement, because a lot of times people approach the novels we read in school with the assumption that it will be bad, simply because you're being forced to read it, where as if you had chosen that novel by…"
Jun 1, 2014
Kevin Stevens replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"Well, in the teachers' defense, students do need to be pushed out of their comfort zones sometimes. Otherwise you don't learn anything. This is especially true with English, where often old books actually have profound wisdom and insights.…"
May 30, 2014
Arial Nieberding replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"I think the books we deem as "awful" are usually just old books that us modern folk can't seem to appreciate. That being said, i wouldn't complain about reading something more modern just to switch it up. "
May 29, 2014
Imama Khawaja replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"What a great forum board. I love how enthusiastic you sound about reading, Ben! I think the reason we read many of the books that we do in English is because they have themes that transcend time, and actually CAN be related to by others later. The…"
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"I enjoy most of the books we're assigned for English, actually. The only exception, I think, is A Tale Of Two Cities. Also, Shakespeare is usually a hit or miss. "
May 29, 2014
Vicki Klanang replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"I feel that students don't like the books teachers pick out for us to read because we are made to read them. If we were to read one of the books we read in class on our own I feel like we might like them more. Also I feel that there are…"
Nov 15, 2013
Jeemin Sim replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"I love the storyline and the uniqueness of character in Shakespeare's plays! For example, in the play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, it has several plots, including a play within a play, and I thought that it was very clever him to intertwine…"
Oct 18, 2012
Mark Hauer replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"I believe it's good that we study classic literature, but I am not a fan of how Shakespeare writes. His themes are too melancholy and depressing. In Romeo and Juliet, two teenagers commit suicide. It's so morbid."
Oct 18, 2012
Rucha Patel replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"I enjoy reading Shakespeare's literature because most of the time, I understand what he is telling to us. Some of Shakespeare's words and phrases frazzle me because they are either hard to pronounce or just do not make sense. I feel if I…"
Oct 18, 2012
Katelyn Escobar replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"I am not a big fan of Shakesphere. Whenever I read his books, I always have a hard time understanding his language. Also I find myself bored and wanting to read something more interesting."
Oct 18, 2012
Nicole Kaushanski replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"I believe that Shakespeare is one of those authors that uses language that for the children of today is too difficult to understand. If you actually understand the plot and what is really going on then readers would find themselves interested more…"
Oct 1, 2012
Rachel Misic replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"Reading more modern books would be refreshing, I must say. I believe that anything in school loses it's shine. For example, when watching a movie at the theater with your friends, you are allowed to indulge in popcorn, whisper to your neighbor,…"
May 30, 2012
Michael Palacios commented on Ben Norys's blog post Newspapers are literature to
"Honestly, I'd prefer to read a story. I mean, yeah, there's stories in newspapers, but you only really get the general idea. And the story lasts about a page, depending on how big the article is. I think story books give you a little more…"
May 30, 2012
Irina Andrianova replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"I don't understand this also. For the most part I like the books they have nowadays. However my parents get on my back about reading classics instead. They call the books I read garbage and make me feel self-concious about what I read. I wish…"
May 29, 2012
Adam Serena replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"I do not mind reading a Shakespeare pay, but only with the "No Fear" version.  I do not see the point of teachers making their students read the original text because when are we ever going to need to talk "Shakespearian"?"
May 28, 2012
Meredith Mottonen replied to Ben Norys's discussion Shakespeare Love or Hate?
"Shakespeare is a thing of the past. Why do we need to read old material that is so much less relatable than reading more current, more easy to understand and more relatable text?"
May 28, 2012

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Newspapers are literature to

Posted on May 24, 2012 at 11:20am 3 Comments

Every school year English teachers always give you books to read. They want you to look at the literature and think about the messages and things the book to trying to tell the reader. It seems that I personally never really get anything out of the books that I read. Its all common sense things about how you shouldn't backstab people(like Julius Caesar) and violence is wrong. I believe newspapers give you just as much information and that you can use it for the modern world.



Writers Week

Posted on March 16, 2012 at 11:38pm 1 Comment

      My blog post is going to mainly be about Writers Week and the inspiration it gives others to stand up and present what they have written. Overall, I really enjoyed writers week as a whole. In each of my periods, I had at least one good presenter and I really enjoyed the time spent watching and listening to them. I never really disliked any of the presentations so I was kept interested throughout the whole week and never really had a boring moment of listening.

    Many people…


Sharable Drafts? good or bad?

Posted on November 27, 2011 at 9:34pm 0 Comments

When i first heard about sharable drafts I thought it was a terrible idea. All the groups would just sit there and not talk to one another and nothing would get done. I soon realized what a great idea it actually was. It helped you get to see other types of writing style and it opened me up to a whole new level of writing so I could write better in the future. All the people in my group were actually talking and discussing too. It really helped to see everybody's writing style and to talk…


Catcher in the Rye

Posted on October 18, 2011 at 8:30pm 0 Comments

         We are reading Cather in the Rye today in class and will be continuing reading it for about a week. As I was walking to my next period, I heard of a kid who got expelled. I immediately thought of Holden Caulfield. The Kid had very poor grades and was getting into mischieve that was getting him into trouble. Holden also had terrible grades ands that's why he got expelled. throughout the book, he also gets himself beaten up and kicked out of places due to his behaivor and…


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