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Annie Zheng commented on Annie Zheng's blog post The Big D
"update: have now had family die. can confirm: all that literature stuff did not really help. dusty annals of history don't mean anything"
Aug 5, 2016
Annie Zheng posted a blog post

Quiet by Susan Cain

     I didn’t want to like Quiet.     I know, right? To be fair, people had been wildly misinterpreting the book. Or maybe not. For some reason, I felt that my conversations with anyone who'd recently read Quiet always went like this:     “Introverts are thinkers,” they’d say to me, adjusting their scarves. “Extroverts are nice.. but introverts…are demigods. Our eardrums physically…See More
Jun 6, 2016
Veronica Jung commented on Annie Zheng's blog post The Big D
"Great post Annie!! Death is something that is way too sudden, even if you've been warned of it for months in advance (like if someone you know has a fatal illness of some sort). But I guess it's part or that weird cycle of life. The idea…"
May 30, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Ema M's blog post Natural Selection at its Finest
"Since seeing this book in Mr. Graba's class, I've always wanted to read it. Your blog post reminded me to check it out of the library some time soon! Thanks! "
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Anusha Thotakura's blog post The Mind of a Gang Leader
"I am fascinated by crime, poverty, and the psychology behind it all! This books sounds perfect for me. Thank you! "
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Ethan Violette's blog post Time? I can't go back there!
"The only good time-travel book I can recall reading is A Wrinkle In Time. That's barely science fiction, though. Fab post! "
May 29, 2014
Imama Khawaja commented on Annie Zheng's blog post Humans of New York
"Aah HONY, what a gem of a project. I'm glad you are further spreading the word about what a wonderful idea it is! I really want the book!"
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng replied to Ben Norys's discussion books nobody cares about
"I enjoy most of the books we're assigned for English, actually. The only exception, I think, is A Tale Of Two Cities. Also, Shakespeare is usually a hit or miss. "
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng replied to Anusha Thotakura's discussion What book has made the greatest impact on your life?
"I can't speak as to which book has made the greatest impact of my life-- thousands of books have changed me in ways I can't possibly know. I might not have even read the most important book in my life. One book that's sort of taken…"
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng replied to Gary Anderson's discussion What's Not Wrong?
"Summer is slowly but surely coming, and I received a sunflower today. "
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng replied to Ellen Ni's discussion Let's Play a Word Game 2
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Jeff Kim's blog post The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian
"Books that claim to "make you laugh and make you cry" rarely do so, but this one actually made true on the promise. Hilarious, and also incredibly sad. "
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Erica Kim's photo

Reading for the Soul

"I've never been able to get into movies 100%. It seems that in movies, you are looking from the outside in-- all you can do is watch your protagonist work. In books, you are in their skin, thinking their thoughts and feeling their…"
May 29, 2014
Jakub Nowak commented on Annie Zheng's blog post Humans of New York
"HONY is the greatest thing that has happened to New York. I really enjoy reading the HONY stories on Facebook, but I had no idea that Brandon Stanton had a tumblr blog!"
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Maya Mocarski's blog post The Sweetness at the Bottom of This Book
"If I found a dying man in my garden,  I'd be very surprised. Namely because I don't have a garden. "
May 29, 2014
Annie Zheng commented on Lucky Nanduri's blog post WONDERful Words of Wisdom
"I agree that the GI was great! What I find interesting is that my brother was also introduced to this book through school--- he's in fifth grade. A good story transcends generations. "
May 29, 2014

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Quiet by Susan Cain

Posted on January 29, 2016 at 1:30pm 0 Comments

The Big D

Posted on May 19, 2014 at 9:33pm 10 Comments

As advice on what to write our next blog posts about, Mr. Anderson offered us this tidbit: write about what’s been on your mind lately.

So, what’s been on my mind lately? School, of course, and the always-formidable future, and why American health care is so expensive, and why people say time is a man-made construct, (seriously, if someone could explain it to me, that’d be great), and the fact that the new Harry Potter movie is coming out next year, and death. Death! I’ll write…


Wait, You Haven't Read TFiOS Until Now?

Posted on April 28, 2014 at 8:00pm 0 Comments

Recently, I finally took the initiative to, you know, actually borrow a copy of The Fault in Our Stars. It’s shamefully late, I know—I’m literally the last person I know to read it. To be honest, my hopes weren’t very high anyways—I’m not a stranger to John Green’s work. I think I’ve read all his other books besides The Fault in Our Stars, actually. That being said, I’m not a huge fan either, for reasons I’ve discussed before on a few Ning comment threads; his characters…


On B.J. Novak's One More Thing

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 10:00pm 0 Comments

As a fan of "The Office," I eagerly read Mindy Kaling’s autobiography when it came out (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?), and when B.J. Novak released a new book, I put it on the top of my reading list as well. This one, however, isn’t an autobiography—it’s a collection of 64 smart, witty vignettes, at turns funny and self-reflective, and always a tad ludicrous. Nearly every story has some sort of twist, or at least an element of tongue-in-cheekiness. A blind date goes awry when…


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