Welcome to the Ning!

Tomorrow, we will get started on summer reading blog posts. Today, we tour.

Check out links.
Read posts you like.
Read posts you don't like.
Then determine why you like or don't like said blog posts, so you can create your own blog writing in a style that shows your voice and makes YOU proud.

You should know that I, too, am new to the Ning. I've been a longtime fan, but this here is actually my first post. But I feel comfortable writing for you (and anyone else in cyberland reading along) because I've been reading and gathering information from my awesome Fremd colleagues and our talented Fremd students.

Starting with summer reading, we will be using the Ning as a forum to write-- and read-- about books. After  writing about summer reading, you will write one blog post each quarter, discussing one (or more) book(s) you read that quarter.  You will also leave at least 10 comments on the ning each quarter.  *You'll get a paper-handout with this information soon.  To prepare for these assignments (starting with the summer reading blog), today you will do some browsing. Gather ideas. Make a "wish list." Enjoy!

Need help getting started? Here are some example blogs: 

Right now the Ning is set to display the most "popular" blog posts, so I also suggest you scroll around here

As you meander about, please stay on the Ning itself (don't leave and, say, go shopping.) nominate blogs that YOU think are awesome by sharing links in the comment section below.

Any experienced bloggers and Ning-users, do you have any suggestions for those of us just starting our Ning-journey? What blogs must we read? What mistakes must we avoid? Thanks for your expertise.

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