Summer Reading Assignment

You had the opportunity to read a book of your choice this summer. Now is your chance to share your reading experience with a larger audience using the Ning. Your writing can (and should!) be creative, engaging, and personal. You are writing to the world, potentially, yes, but you can choose a target audience, style, voice and purpose. Have fun. Yes, fun.

In terms of grading, a blog that meets expectations is a B; an "A" is one that exceeds those expectations.

Below are the details of the assignment, as shared by my friend and colleague Mr. (G) Anderson.

The blog post must meet the following requirements:

  • They should be have multiple paragraphs.

  • They should go beyond mere summary to convey your honest experience and reaction to the books.

  • They should include at least one non-text element--embedded hyperlinks or other media—and/or be produced in a Web 2.0 format such as Prezi, DoInk, SlideShare, SlideRocket, Toondo, Animoto or some kind of video production. is another possible movie-maker site. Or spotify can be used to create a playlist for your book.

  • They should invite response comments from your readers.

So, how do you add your summer reading blog post? Click on that "Blogs" box on the Main page. Then, click on the "Add Blog Post" with the little plus sign in front of it. That should bring up a blank text box that you can personalize. Give your post a creative title and go! Play around. You can’t break the Internet.

Best Blog Advice Ever:  Do not, repeat do not compose your first draft in that blank text box.  Write it and save it in a word-processing document and then copy it into that blank box.I suggest Google Docs, via your gmail account.

Second Best Blog Advice Ever:  Use the HTML Editor tab when adding embed codes from Youtube or other places.

When you’re finished with the main blog post, there are a few steps before it’s really finished. Include some Tags that will allow readers to locate posts with similar information. Make sure you allow for everyone to see the post and everyone to comment on it. When all that is done, hit "Publish Post," and your blog will be sent to your teacher for final approval. Once any necessary changes are made, your post is ready!

Don't forget to browse and comment on your classmates' blogs!

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