To revise your summer reading NING post, be sure you've edited and revised your paper in google docs after receiving feedback from your peers and me. 

On the Ning, Find your previous blog post and

  1. Click on "Blogs"
  2. Click on "My Blogs"
  3. Find the specific blog you hope to edit. Click on that so it opens.
  4. Under options, select "edit blog."


5.  Once you've opened your blog, you may edit your title, post and tags. To edit the post itself, you can copy your revised version and put that in place of your older version. You may keep your original multi-media.

6. When you're done, select "Preview" blog post and check that you're satisfied with the new edition. Once you're satisfied, you may publish the post by selecting "Publish Post" (The button next to Preview."

Please email or g-chat me if you have any questions. I will also be available in lab 128 from 7:10-7:25 tomorrow morning if you need assistance. Posts are due by class time.

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