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Today at Writers Week, we saw the following students read for us (in this order):  Erica Kim; Kerri Bjornjolm; Elisa Kim; Emily Kurka; Zoe Che

Choose two or more of these presenters today and write about your reaction to each of these presenters.  What did you like and why?  What about their writing do you remember the most and why?  What specifically did each of these writers do that made you react positively to you?  Did these writers inspire you at all?  Why?  You don't have to answer just these questions, but these are some questions to get you thinking.

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Zoe's really stood out to me as she was humorous and was passionate about both topics of slam poetry and chipotle. I loved how she used props and had the whole thing memorized and it didn't sound monotonous or like she was reading straight off of her notecards. Her message in her Chipotle piece seemed to be "Don't go into Chipotle with me, ever." Her body language spoke just as much as she did, overall was an amazing piece

Elisa Kim's piece was probably my favorite, though she was insanely funny, she also conveyed her message very well even though it is a very serious topic. I loved her personality, and it showed through her writing. You could tell the audience enjoyed hers, as many times she had to pause to let the laughter die down, I really liked how she broke down the stigma, and her countless examples of submissive and docile Asian women and how they shouldn't be portrayed this way in movies, books, etc.
1. A piece that really stood out and "hit home" for me was Emily Kurkas. When she read her piece I initially didn't understand what she was talking about. I understood there was a "walk" going on but I thought it was for something more common like a cure for a disease, but then she told me it was for a suicide and i just remember getting chills. Though the subject was pretty grim, I took away from it. I realized that you can take steps to help prevent these tragic things from happening. She mentioned that there are many ways to raise awareness and I realized that everyone, including myself, can help to benefit this cause.

2. Stereotypes are something that I'm confronted with everyday and even tend to make jokes out of sometimes. This is never really a problem because most people take these as unimportant jokes, including myself since I am faced with stereotypes too. Erica Kims piece spoke directly about this topic. In a way she was defiantly making fun of certain Asian stereotypes that are put out there, but she made the audience realize that to every assumption and accusation made there can be a hurtful outcome. Jokes like these can really be hurtful to people and I know now that it's not really appropriate to be making fun of someone for things they can't control like race. In fact it's actually terrible that stereotypes like this exist. She's inspired me in a way to be more respectful of people's heritage and cultures because in the end everyone should be treated equal
I liked Elisa Kim's poem. There was a lot of creativity and humor in her poem. Her poem, Skittles, has both comic relief and a public lesson and she was also able present it in a very humorous yet professional way. She also recited her poem in a good tone and she could connect with the audience very quickly. Her Yellow Fever topic was amusing and very comedic. I couldn't stop laughing when she added her imitations into her poem. Overall, her performance was interesting and also depicted the events that actually happen in real life.

I also liked Zoe Che's poems. I Know Guacamole Is Extra was very entertaining and and had a lot of imagery. I could visualize the four guys who help us with my order. I could also visualize sneaking the Guacamole from the cashier. Her tone was able to connect with the audience easily and made her poem very interesting and entertaining. Her suggestions about Chipotle were amusing and could easily grab the audience's attention. Overall, her recital was very entertaining and also very professional.
I loved Zoe Che's piece, Guacamole is Extra because it was relatable and funny. I could visualize it easily, and the way she talked about the techniques was hilarious. I admired her ease in front of the audience. She also seemed really confident, and made everyone notice her. She communicated with the audience a lot during her speeches and

I liked the poem Skittles because it told everyone to be themselves, not be who everyone thought they should be. She used her voice, her body, and her words to communicate what she was saying really well, and it made her piece even more intriguing.


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