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Today at Writers Week, we saw the following students read for us (in this order):  Erica Kim; Kerri Bjornjolm; Elisa Kim; Emily Kurka; Zoe Che

Choose two or more of these presenters today and write about your reaction to each of these presenters.  What did you like and why?  What about their writing do you remember the most and why?  What specifically did each of these writers do that made you react positively to you?  Did these writers inspire you at all?  Why?  You don't have to answer just these questions, but these are some questions to get you thinking.

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1. I really liked the poems that Kerri Bjornjolm wrote and recited. I really liked her passion and the subjects she wrote about. She combined humor into her writing and it made it more interesting. My favorite poem that she read was "The English Language" because I thought that it was really unique. I liked the fact that she was able to find a way to combine multiple homophones in each line to emphasize her point. It was really impressing that she could recite the poem without messing up. I also really enjoyed the poem about fan girls. The humor in it got me really interested and I loved the ending about her breaking into the hotel. Kerri's poems really impressed me because they sounded like they were written by a professional.
2. Zoe Che's two pieces really impressed me. I especially liked the one about Chipotle. She captured my attention right away with her title "I Know Guacamole is Extra" because it was so unique. She was able to recite a procedure in an entertaining way. She really impressed me because she took a subject that could be considered really boring and made it interesting and light hearted. I really liked how she was able to get the whole audience to be captivated and laugh. Her slam poem was really unique and it captivated me because I never knew what she was going to say next. Zoe's body language and the way she recited her pieces inspired me to work on how I present things.
1. My favorite presenter of the day was Zoe Che. Zoe has this radiant personality that is very enjoyable to experience. Not only was she comedic, but she also engaged the audience into the world of her writing. Her two pieces were very unique captured everyone's attention. She spoke without hesitancy nor fear. Her confidence on stage definitely inspired me to have more confidence in myself and my writing. Also, I was very impressed with how she memorized her whole slam poem. As captain of the speech team, I would assume that would come easy to her, nonetheless I was still impressed.

2. Another outstanding presenter was Kerri Bjornjolm with her three poems. If she had not first stated that she wrote those poems before she recited them, I would have assume they were professionally written. Her first poem, which was the metaphor relating life to a highway scenario, was outstanding. The line that stated that life is not an uphill battle but rather an uphill war that isn't always uphill could not have been written better. When I look back at my life and see the "war" that I have been fighting, I realize how true that statement is. That poem inspired me to keep on fighting the war called life. In addition, Kerri had a way with words and her poetry flowed so effortlessly. Like Zoe, her confidence also shone brightly for all to see while she was reciting her pieces of art. It was definitely cool to see a high school student excel beyond her years through her poetry.
1. I really liked the piece that Elisa Kim wrote. I thought she was very creative and her message was very empowering. She wrote about something that was very passionate to her, which made it fun to listen to. It was easy to understand what she was saying and she was a very good public speaker. I liked how she used her voice to intrigue the audience. I thought her piece "Skittles" was very funny and very clever. It provided comic relief for some of the more serious pieces of writers week. I thought her piece was very unique and it captured my attention.
2. The two pieced that Zoe Che wrote really intrigued me. Her first poem about slam poetry was very clever and I thought that she did a really good job with it. It was very impressive that she had the piece memorized. That way the audience focused more on her words and body language than the piece of paper she could have been looking at. It was awesome how she got the whole audience to laugh and get into it. Her body language and voice inspired me to work to be a better public speaker. I also really liked her sharable draft, "I know guacamole is extra" It was very funny and well written, along with creative. She was very captivating, and probably the best person I have seen at Writers Week so far.
1. One of my favorite presenters today was Zoe Che. I loved both of the pieces she performed. While I loved the meaning and humor behind her writing, what really caught my eye was how she worked with the audience. She was able to capture the audience with the first few sentences and keep them intrigued until her last words. With her slam poem piece, I admired the way she was able to recite it from memory while still sounding very conversational. When she talked to the audience, it sounded as if she was talking directly to a friend. I also very much enjoyed her piece about Chipotle, and was very impressed that she was able to pick it up after not having read it for a while, but still recite it with emotion and almost flawlessly.
2. Another great presenter was Elisa Kim. She was able to take a very serious topic, but make it seem not so scary with her humor. She addressed a stereotype that in my opinion, is very true. The way she presented the issue, however, is what made her one of my favorites. The laughter from the audience alone can tell the listeners how much she was enjoyed. I feel Elisa's piece was a perfect combination of serious and fun.
1. All the presenters were great, but I really liked Elisa Kim's piece. It grabbed my attention from the start, especially at the word "Skittles." It added humor while also acting as a symbol in her speech. She kept a light tone throughout her speech but also managed to convey her more serious message, which struck a chord with me. Not all speeches that are trying to spread a serious message have to be serious themselves,but it still takes skill to keep the audience laughing while trying to get the message across. What made her speech even better was how she wrapped up her speech with the Skittles reference again and managed to come full circle. It reminded me of her intro, the whole point of her speech, and also made me better understand what her reference to Skittles meant.

2. I also liked Zoe Che's two pieces. I personally like pieces that are ironic to create humor, like writing slam poetry about how you hate slam poetry. Plus, throwing your piece of paper across the stage is sure to grab your attention. It seemed like a pretty straightforward poem at the start, but it was awesome how she managed to delve into deeper meaning and turn her poem into something different than what we expected. Her confidence and humor in both speeches inspired me to write something like that and work on how I present.
1.I really enjoyed Zoe Che's performance today. I liked how she was very confident in herself and how she was able to get everyone's attention. I thought her slam poetry was very entertaining because she tied all different ideas into it and what she would say next was alway a surprise. I also thought her piece on guacamole was a unique way of describing the process of getting food and how to "cheat the system". I liked how expressive she was with her body language and didn't just read her piece but gave eye contact to all sections of the audience. I think she put in a lot of work to memorize her slam poem and it really showed when she presented today. I think I remembered these parts because I could relate with them. She has inspired me to try to more expressive in my body language when giving a speech.

2. I also liked the poems by Kerri Bjornjolm. I liked her poem about life and how she compared it to an uphill battle and an uphill war. I think all the people in the auditorium could relate this line. Her poem about the English language was very well written. I liked how she used the homophones, that we regularly use, to prove her point about how confusing English actually can be. I couldn't have agreed more when she said "The English language is a tricky language". She was enthusiastic about reading her poems and her body language was very good. She has inspired me to think outside the box when writing poetry. I think she did a nice job of picking unique topics to write about, but at the same time the audience could relate to her ideas.
1. I really liked Elisa Kim's piece entitled "Skittles." For starters, the title was intriguing and I wanted to know why she had decided to use that title. She took an event in her life that made her realize some prejudices against her, and took it as an opportunity to not skirt around the issue, and bring it to the front. The part in her piece that I remember most is when she was giving examples of stories or movies where the Asian girl is seen as submissive and docile, and I remember this the most because she mentioned Madame Butterfly, an opera that I learned about many years ago, and the plot of it has stuck in my mind ever since. I was surprised when she first said it, but then remembering the plot, I realized that it was a very good choice to help explain what she was trying to explain. I also liked how she clarified the meaning of her title a little at the end, helping me to understand why she chose it.
2. I also like Zoe Che's two pieces. Her slam poem was unexpected and a little all over, but that made it unique and the wild ride it provided added to its impact on me. The piece I most remember is her shareable draft, and right away, the title, "I Know Guacamole is Extra" made me curious as to what her piece was about. In it, she took a subject that most people wouldn't even think of using, creating a step-by-step process of how to order the best Chipotle meal of all time. I also liked that she wasn't afraid to make little jokes about the fact that she loved Chipotle and ate it almost everyday. I also liked that as she was reading it, she was surprised by some of the things she had written and forgotten about, and shared that with the audience.
1. Zoe Che's pieces are ones that really stood out to me. I have never been a big fan of slam poetry myself, so her piece about what was wrong with slam poetry had me laughing every other line. I wasn't the only one captivated by her reading, the entire audience hung onto her every word. She didn't even plan on sharing her second writing and she even admitted that she hadn't read it herself for so long. However, with the way she read the piece I would have never guessed this. Every sentence she recited seemed to flow so naturally, it was as if she had been practicing reading it for months. She turned something as trivial as purchasing Chipotle into a tale worth reading to a hundred plus people. She inspired me as she showed that any topic could be worthy of an audience as long as you deliver it with confidence and wit.

2. I really enjoyed listening to Elisa Kim's reading. The title of her writing, "Skittles," was so different and kind of odd, definitely not a name I'd expect someone to call their Writer's Week piece. With this creative title she was able to capture my attention before she even read her first sentence. It wasn't just her writing itself I liked, but it was the way she read it. In the beginning of her piece I had no idea where she was going with it, yet, I still found myself laughing. She had perfect comedic timing, every joke she told elicited a laugh from the audience without fail. As she got to the end of her story, the confusing beginning made perfect sense. I was really fond of the way everything she said before had come sort of full circle. She inspired me because of her creatively. I would have never thought to use something as simple as a candy to describe Asian stereotypes. Even though those two things don't seem as if they could possibly go hand and hand, the way she worded everything made it the perfect metaphor.
1. I really enjoyed both of Zoe Che's pieces. They were both really funny, and easy to listen to. I was surprised that she was able to take an odd topic like Chipotle, and make it into something that was enjoyable and entertaining. Her presentation was also very good, she paused in the right places and talked very clearly. Her presentation skills definitley inspired me to work on how I give speeches or speak publicly, I think the fact that she was so confident in stage added to both of her pieces. I also really liked her slam poem. It was well written and well presented, and it was a very unique topic. She made it fun to listen to, and it wasn't boring or predictable like some poems can be.
2. I also really enjoyed Kerri Bjornjolm's three poems. The one where she related life to driving on the highway seemed very meaningful, and you could tell she was very passionate about writing, and that she put a lot of her emotions into that piece especially. This inspired me to put more of my emotions into my writing, because I think it really worked for her, and made her poems stronger. I also enjoyed the English Language poem, and was very impressed that she could recite it without mixing her words up or messing up. I think it was a fun poem, with a unique and different topic. I also like how she performed one meaningful poem, one humorous one, Fangirl, and another unique piece. It shows me that she is a very well rounded writer, and is good at writing about all sorts of different topics.

My favorite presenter was Elisa Kim. She was witty and at the same time addressed a serious topic, retaining the audience's attention throughout her speech effortlessly. The combination of sexual innuendos as well as her jokes made the topic interesting and in a way almost intimate, pulling the audience into her own individual experiences with white men and making fun of them in a sense. I remember her description of yellow fever and the question of "where are you really from?" the most, as I myself have been the subject of many of the points that she spoke of and am very aware of the popular fetishization of the Asian race. I appreciated much of her talking about the yellow fever commonplace in white men, however, as it was satisfying for someone to actually voice their opinion on the matter, as no one really seems to mention it all that much. I am very inspired- in fact, I could almost see myself on that stage, speaking out on the matter with her, as it is a serious and very demeaning way of treatment and borderlines on racism (defined as the belief that all members of a race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, especially so as to distinguish it as inferior or superior to another race or races).

Zoe Che was also amazing and I supremely enjoyed her presentation. Combining both humor and powerful speech to give one 'the feels.' Her approach to slam poetry was priceless- I couldn't stop laughing! She definitely knew the direction that she wanted to take and which steps to take to achieve her goal. She kept me interested and hooked to her voice, captivated by her story and craving a resolution. She impressed me that she was able to be so clever and I crave the wit that seemingly came so easily to her. Her Chipotle piece was equally as well-written and had the same flavour to it as her slam poem. Her confidence and relaxation at the podium definitely inspired me and I strive to have that when I have to present to a group as well.

1. I thought Elisa Kim’s piece was very profound and yet humorous at the same time! Her examples and analogies provided a comparison that made it easier for me to understand on such a lesser known, yet very serious issue. I admired her confidence and openness to the crowd to share her stories and perspective from her own experience. Although it had comical aspects, I think her message was very clear and well delivered to the audience. It was also a reminder  that many students, even at Fremd, have to endure unjust behavior because of the inevitable judgments casted upon a person’s race and looks. Although the general behavior of the student body might not change, she was able to spread awareness to a couple of students, which I think makes a difference.

2. I thought Zoe Che brought the perfect ending for the period’s presentations! I was very impressed by her unique decision to omit the podium and throw away a piece of paper. The fact that she played a small act with her piece by using gestures and facial emotions were very impressive, as well. It felt more personal in a way because it was very obvious that she was comfortable on stage and was confident in herself to speak her beliefs in front of a crowd of her peers. I thought the irony of using slam poetry to criticize slam poetry was a very creative idea, especially to those who never witnessed slam poetry before. The fact that she added a little information about herself, that she was captain of the speech team, was a very interesting way to get the audience to know who they were truly listening to. I also enjoyed her piece about Chipotle especially because she mentioned it was a shareable draft. I thought it was great idea to have a serious tone towards a humorous topic, and, yet, it was still  relatable to the majority of the crowd. It was a great experience to see how a writer show her own perspective towards a versatile subject, and that it’s the perspective that truly makes the piece unique.

1.Both of Zoe Che's pieces were intriguing. My favorite of the two was the one about Chipotle Mexican Grill because it was enjoyable and made everyone laugh. She was really confident on stage and didn't show any signs of being nervous. She spoke loud, clear and put emotion into what she was saying, speaking to the audience as if we were having a conversation. Both of the pieces showed us her personality. It inspired me to hopefully create that kind of reaction from readers to my writing someday.
2. I enjoyed both pieces Elisa Kim read today. Her piece on stereotypes was informative but she made it fun to listen to. The change in her voice she made and the way she acted out what she was reading made the audience laugh. She proved that it is possible to inform people of a problem or stereotype in a playful way. Her writing stood out to me because I had never heard anyone speak of stereotypes without it being very serious.


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