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Today at Writers Week we saw the following student presenters:  Julia Dirkes-Jacks/Luke Madden; Esther Shim; Amanda Fleischmann; Erica Machuca; Daniel Classon; Abigail Iuorio; Sofie Palumbo; Emma Albrecht

Choose at least three of these writers and write about what you liked best about their writing/presentation.  Give specific details from their presentation to clearly illustrate what you liked/admired.  “She was good” is NOT enough of a response here!

Again, read what people ahead of you have already written about and see if you can come up with something new as well as responding directly to what people have already written.

You have  until Monday (Feb. 29) at noon to respond to today's discussion post.

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1. I really liked Julia and Luke's about who has it harder, short men or tall women. They presented it very well by stating the troubles they face such as not being able to wear heels. I loved their topic because it had to do with every day life and they addressed the problem of society that in order to be masculine, men have to be tall and in order for girls to be feminine, they have to be short. They addressed that society states that the guy should be taller than the girl so I liked how they threw that standard away and said to embrace the genes you have.
2. I really liked Abby's piece because it was just a random story and you could make of it however you wanted and I thought that was pretty neat and different compared to what I have heard throughout the week. I also admired how she used a random story to address the lesson that we all affect people in some way, sometimes without knowing that it has happened.
3. I loved Emma's story about the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her. I loved how she had side comments and basically acted the parts of the people in her story. She was very amusing and interacted with the audience very well. I loved how she addressed the fact that she could've approached the situation by laughin at herself or be mad but she decided to laugh at herself. I admired her lesson to not care what people think and it's good to laugh at yourself when something embarrassing happens.

1. I think it was Esther's presentation about the child and her father. I really liked this piece because it talked about how even though a person might be looked at differently than others, they are - and should be - loved. Towards the end, she said something along the lines of, "As he enveloped her, they became hope." Despite the words that the father heard from other people, he didn't allow them to change how he thought of her. For many people, myself included, when we hear something about someone, even if we know them well, our opinion will change slightly from what that person has said. 

2. I really liked Julia's poem at the end about how girls aren't naturally mean people. From the world girls are brought up, they learn to gossip and say mean things to others through media and from seeing others doing the same. She noted how girls have to bring each other up, not put each other down. The way we live today with constant criticism towards women, girls have to support girls, and they do so naturally. 

3. Julia and Luke's presentation touched on a subject that many of us have been conditioned to think about in a certain way. They talked about how in a heterosexual relationship, the male has to be taller than the female in order for it to be considered "normal" and "not awkward." However, they made a point that people are of all different heights, and instead of judging them, we should all learn to appreciate the genes that we were given. 

1. I liked Julia Dirkes-Jacks's and Luke Madden's debate a lot. It was very funny and also very true. There are so many ridiculous expectations in the world placed on men and women alike about things nobody has any control over. Why does it matter what height the guy is and what height the girl is? These are the important points they brought up while comically showing examples of their hardships in life to ask who had it worse, making an overall enjoyable presentation that was entertaining and thought provoking.

2. Daniel Classon's short story was another of my favorites today. He took a very creative and interesting view on Christianity, focusing on the good of humanity which is something that is constantly overlooked. People often forget just how kind people can be because we live in a time with so many horrifying stories in the news. He said in his story that if the greater than human aspects of Jesus were taken away, that doesn't take away the incredible things he did for others. While people may like to believe Jesus was so great because he was above mankind, it was the human parts of him that drove him to help others, and I think it was cool of Daniel Classon to point that out.

3. Finally, I loved Emma Albrecht's hilarious account of when she peed her pants in a store. She was a terrific storyteller, and even had some foreshadowing in there when she first started talking about how much water she was drinking. I know that whenever I tell a story like that, I can't make the parts leading up to it as interesting, or create as much suspense. Her voice was very enthusiastic and it was nice how she could stop caring what others would think of her and instead tell all these people about her most embarrassing moment.

I really like the skit Julia and Luke put together. Like other have said, it really shouldn't make a difference about whether a man is very short or whether a woman is very tall. A genetic trait such as height should not dictate what your live will be like. I also like Esther's piece about the girl and her father. Despite people talking down about her because of "disabilities", her father loves her as much as any father would love his child. He doesn't care what the other people think, and he shouldn't.
I really liked Daniel's short story. That was the first short story I heard all week, and I thought it was really cool and different. I didn't expect the story to be about religion so I was suprised. He shed light into the problems in the bible. I felt like the old woman changed the main character at the end of the story through her answers. The old woman answered some pretty hard questions and still kept in her faith. For example, he asked what would have happened if Jesus wasn't God-like and was only man. The lady responded that he lived a life of bringing smiles to everyone and died for us and that was God-like to her.

I also really enjoyed Erica Machica's presentation. It was hard for me to listen to her speech because I know her personally. Knowing that one of my friends struggled through her life and tried to end it leaves me in tears. But now I know that she is stronger than ever because she faced one of her worse fears: public speaking. I admire her because I am not even able to present something in from of my class without feeling stressed out, and I don't suffer from depression like she does. I could tell she was nervous and that it was hard for her to confess something so personal. I feel like Erica should be an inspiration for everyone.

The other writer I liked was Emma Albrecht. I really liked how she sounded when she acted out the store manager and the tone she used when she played herself. I could tell that she was proud of her story. She didn't let her situation put her down, but instead, she was proud of it. It's something we should all take away from this story. Look at the bright side of things, and if you're proud of something, show it off. She didn't care what others thought of her, and I love how she spoke to the manager after he saw her accident. In my opinion, we should all be as optimistic as Emma.
Julia Dirkes-Jacks and Luke Madden definitely were the most amusing and fun to watch during the course of Friday's writer's week. Although I don't necessarily have the problem of being terribly short or abnormally tall for my age, and there's nothing wrong with that, it is still interesting to see different perspectives. The debate format made it all the better as well with all the trading off and little quips and humorous retorts. A great performance with great speakers made it enjoyable and not awkward like many student speakers may make it.

Speaking of humorous, Emma Albrecht's personal story was absolutely great and comical. She is incredibly brave and secure of herself to be able to tell such an embarrassing story to a large, judgmental crowd. I could have never thought of doing that in all my years of being a student. Emma was always light hearted and very outspoken throughout her whole story and it was easy to tell she was completely comfortable at telling her misfortune at the store.

Sofie Palumbo's short story about her experiences about taking her driver's test is easy to relate to for many of the audience members. Long waits, cranky overseers, and horrible nervousness are just the a few of the many problems that you will most likely feel when you are at the DMV. Her story telling ability is pretty good and her snip-bit additions of Queen's "We Are The Champions" fit quite well into the story too, even if a bit cringe-worthy at times. She's also a classmate of mine in APUSH, so I'm obliged to cheer her on!
1. I really liked Julia's and Luke's performance because they're just really hilarious. I saw Julia perform last year as well for Writers Week, and it was probably one of my favorite writers week acts from last year. I worked backstage for the musical my Freshman year so I have an understanding of what Julia and Luke are like and it just made me really happy seeing those two perform together because they're both just so talented and amazing.

2. I really liked Emma's piece as well because, again, it was hilarious. Just actually having the guts to go up on stage and talk about peeing yourself at 17 years old is just amazing. I think that the way she delivered her piece was also very amusing because she had that sarcastic tone to it with lots of emotion, and I just thought that it all went really well.

3. Lastly, my other favorite piece was Erica's. I think she was so brave to go up on stage in front of a bunch of her friends and strangers and tell such a detailed and bold story about her depression and suicide attempt. As she talked about how over the summer, when she recently tried to take her life, it saddened me inside because an old friend of mine had commited suicide about a few years ago, and when she talked about how it was selfish for her to even think about it, really made me wonder why my friend would do that too. It just brought back flashbacks in my head from September, 3 years ago, when my friend had taken her life. All in all, I thought her piece was very well written and it was delivered very well.

1. I loved Julia's and Luke's performance. It was a really unconventional Writers Week presentation, and it was thoroughly enjoyable. I thought they were extremely comfortable and confident on stage, and they were both extremely charismatic as well. My favorite part was how they managed to incorporate discussion about social issues in their humorous speech. I thought their final message of loving the body that you're in was really important too. The issue of men having to be tall and women having to be short to be traditionally masculine or feminine is still a significant one in today's society and they brought it up in one of the best possible ways. 

2. I also enjoyed Erica's speech as well. I remember listening to her talking about her depression and being shocked when she stated that she attempted to take her life last summer. I can't even imagine how incredibly brave she had to have been to go up there and share that with everyone in the auditorium. Seeing how she overcame suicidal thoughts and depression was inspiring, and it makes me realize how little I really do know the struggles of the people around me. 

3. I liked Abigail's story a lot; I thought it was scatterbrained and random, but that's what made it so enjoyable. She had an extremely cool voice and personality, and I loved her many references to The Bee Movie. To be completely honest, I'm not sure what the point of her speech was, and I'm pretty sure she stated herself that there wasn't some hard point or lesson she was driving at in her story. I just thought that she was a really enjoyable performer and a really cool person. Her humor was relatable (I too have a friend who uses the word "classic" way too often) and her presentation was really well put together.

I really liked Julia Dirkes-Jacks and Luke Madden's presentation because it was very entertaining to watch, especially because it was like a debate. I thought it was interesting to see the different viewpoints of tall women and short men as they go throughout their everyday life. One thing that caught my attention was how they both used quotes from different sources in order to support their point. I think it helped to show the stereotype the society has of masculine men having to be tall and feminine women having to be short. I liked how Julia and Luke broke that stereotype and showed how we should all accept ourselves for who we are.

Another presenter that I liked was Sofie Palumbo. I liked that her topic was something a lot of people could relate to. It was very amusing how she found motivation during her test from a song and actually sang some parts during the story. It seemed a bit random at first but it actually fit really well with her story. I'm sure that at the time, she was very nervous, but I liked how she was able to turn that experience into a humorous story.

I also really liked Emma Albrecht's piece. I liked how she was brave enough to share such an embarrassing story in front of a lot of people. She was very entertaining and interacted well with the audience. I liked how it seemed like she was telling us the story as if she was talking to a close friend. One thing I really enjoyed was when she impersonated the different characters in her story. It gave each character a different personality and it made it easier to tell everyone apart. I think she shared an important message to not care what others think and proved that it is ok to laugh and move on when something embarrassing happens.

1. I really enjoyed Julia Dirkes-Jacks and Luke Madden's presentation. It stood out from the other presenters during Writer's Week because it was more of a skit than a story or speech. Their skit caught my attention by keeping it interesting the whole time. It was funny while also addressing a problem in the society we live in today. They addressed that the society we live needs girls to be short and guys need to be tall. They addressed that we're born with the genes we have and we can't change that, so why judge people when it isn't even their fault. 

2. I also liked Abigail Iuorio's random story about "classic Dave." I thought it was cool how she randomly thought of this moment in her life and made that moment into a funny entertaining story to tell. This story also stood out from other things I've heard through the week because of how this one little thing affected her in such a big way. 

3. Lastly, I really enjoyed Emma Albrecht's humorous story of how she peed her pants in a store. I thought it was cool how she could admit this embarrassing story and to laugh at herself, because more people need to learn to do that. She seemed very comfortable on the stage and told her story in a fun and interesting way. I admired that she tells us that it's okay to laugh at yourself and not always care what people think of you.

1. My favorite presentation was Erica Machuca's. I've known her for a few months now and whenever we would carpool she always seemed so happy. Hearing her tell her story, and hearing her admit she attempted suicide, almost brought tears to my eyes because who would've figured out something like this about a seemingly positive person like Erica? I'm very proud of her for sharing her story, and sharing it in front of this many people makes me exceedingly proud.
2. Julia and Luke were very fun to watch. I personally do not consider myself short nor tall, but I still liked hearing all about the misfortunes of short guys and tall girls. I really liked that they made a debate from that topic using examples like not being able to wear heels as a girl and not wanting to wear heeled shoes as a guy. The presentation was well delivered and I enjoyed it very much.
3. Emma Albrecht deserves major credit and praise for sharing such a story with a huge crowd. I don't think I would ever be able to tell even my friends if I wet my pants, in a store especially. I love how she made it very obvious that she would wet her pants once she mentioned drinking a lot of water at a restaurant because just the anticipation alone made the story so much better. She kept the whole audience interested even though we already knew how the story ended.
1. I really enjoyed the first performance of the period by Julia and Luke. They addressed a very interesting issue in society in a very comical way. By using events such as future house purchasing expenditures or searching for dates to school dances, they were able to captivate the audience immediately. Their puns at height and how society perceived them individually was very entertaining. It is very odd that people in general consider such tall women to be less feminine than their shorter companions and how short men are considered to be less masculine than the taller males. They were able to touch on this very true and appropriate topic with such a comical approach.
2. I also thought that Daniel Classon wrote about a very intriguing topic. His short story dwelled upon Christianity and how people would interpret it if they found out that Jesus was not a God nor a being with important powers, but simply a man like you and me. His short story continues on with an older lady stating that knowing this would not cause people to rebel against Christianity, but to have even more faith in it. This statement is very impactful, as these people were so bound by the idea of helping and humanitarianism, that knowing Jesus was only a human being would make them honor and worship him even more.
3. Another performance that had a very large impact on me was that of Abigail Iuorio. Her piece spoke about how everyone makes some type of mark on their society, whether or not they know it. She told the story of how she and a friend of hers began saying "Classic Dave" and suddenly everyone around her began using this word. This seemingly random anecdote linked back to how she felt she had been able to impact her society. It was very humorous and a great portion of Writer's Week.


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