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Kevin Prchal is officially my new favorite artist, not only because of how amazing his songs are, but because of the stories behind the,. He doesn't write his songs just because he thinks they will sell well, or more people will enjoy them, he writes his songs behind personal feelings. Overall, I just found it really fascinating to hear live music and hear the stories in the songs, and relate to some of them in ways I have never have related to music in the past.
I was really taken aback by Kevin Prchal's music. You could feel the emotion behind his thoughts, and I think that is something that we all strive to do in writing. The songs were also really good, and it was cool to hear the story of why he made his songs and then hear the song itself.
Really sad that Writers week is over because I really enjoyed seeing the various performances and talents that students in Fremd shared. Today I saw Kevin Prchal 1st period. His songs we really pleasant and melodious. I really liked his explanations before every song because I liked knowing how he wrote them. Then last period I got to see the band The Kickback. They were the opposite of Kevin Prchal's music but I still enjoyed it. I'm not really a rock nband enthusiast but somehow I seemed to like the beat of the songs. They also had a really funny Q and A I between the songs which was really funny and entertaining. Literally can't wait for next year because of writers week this year was really memorable!
Writers Week concluded with The Kickbacks. It was very cool to see two brothers from rural South Dakota come Chicago to pursue their hopes and dreams. They were an interesting band because they wrote their songs based off of ideas from the top of their head. I think that can translate over to writing because sometimes, in order to get somewhere, you need to just put down your first thoughts on paper.

I had the pleasure of watching the Kickback 8th period on Friday. It's kind of sad that Writer's Week has now concluded because it was a very fun, and an amazing week indeed.  The Kickback were great and I really enjoyed the performance they put on. It was very entertaining, and I surprisingly like the music, assuming that I usually dislike rock/metal performances. It's cool to see their journey, because it teaches me that if I really want to pursue something, than I should because it will be best for me. They explained how the life of a musician isn't easy to come by, but they still do it. Why? Because they love to. They taught me that no matter what people say I should go after what I believe is right because I will be the one living with my decisions.  It was humorous when the guy brought up his secret addiction to bathtubs, and everyone laughed. However, he did not care that found his addiction weird. He shrugged it off, and laughed about it. This again teaches me to never care about what other people think and focus on myself. At last, watching the Kickback Band was a marvelous experience. Writer's Week in simple words was fantastic.

I didn't expect to enjoy Friday's show as much as I did, and I'm glad I was wrong. The Kickback was actually really cool and talented, and I will probably be adding some of their songs to my Spotify playlist. Even though the lyrics were hard to discern through the (awesome) music, I really liked the songs they played. Their style is new and different, but it's also pretty similar to some other bands that I like. Overall, this was a really enjoyable end to Writers Week.
Kevin Prchal was really inspiring first period. Though his music is not a genre I would typically listen to, the expressiveness of his music made it very interesting. In today's world of endless pop songs with little meaning behind the words (don't get me wrong, the songs are still catchy), it was refreshing to hear so much emotion and truth behind song lyrics, especially since he explained where his mental state was when he was writing each song. His presentation showed that songwriting can be such an effective creative outlet for people. I hope I get to see him again next year!
The Kickback was such a great way to end an amazing week. Sometimes I couldn't make out what they were saying but the great instrument playing made up for it. The guys were all dancing on stage and it made my day to see how much they loved what they were doing. I liked how in between songs they told us about themselves and they interacted with us quite a bit about their writing and touring. Such a good show!
I saw The Kickback during eighth period and I have to say it is pretty cool seeing an actual band perform on stage when you're at school. I've never really been to a rock concert before but, it was an amazing experience even though they were really loud. I was sitting in the second row from the bottom and I felt like I was deaf after the first song. It was also an interesting experience because I normally don't listen to this type of music so it was cool to listen to another genre of music live.
Wow! Writers week day five, 8th period, featuring the kickback was great! The band was very interesting, and they played very well together. The lyrics of their songs were kind of weird, but the music itself was great. It was very entertaining to hear their answers to questions asked by the audience, and my friends and I really enjoyed it.
8th period I went to see The Kcikback and thought that it was a great end to Writers Week. They showed me that there are many ways to let out feelings other than just writing and singing. They said to find something you really enjoy and stick to it. Overall Writers Week was a great experience and I'm looking forward to next year.

The end of writer's week was amazing. I got to see three great authors talk about their personal experiences in life which really showed the ups and downs that everyone experiences. I liked the message that Mr.Brewner expressed and I was really inspired to live my life and not let what other people think of me control how I act.


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