Here is the schedule for Friday, February 10, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Friday of Writers Week XXIII!

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I went during 3rd period for writers week, and I definitely learned a lot! It was cool to Hera about the first couple chapters of a new mystery book, because those are my favorite types of books. I also enjoyed hearing how both writers were able to takeaway indirect lessons from their fathers, even though it was sometimes hard to get along with them. It really inspired me to look at the good in my life and see how much I have.

The last day of Writers Week was a good way to end the week. Kevin Prchal played really nice music and showed his emotions through it. He showed us that you don't have to be a writer to tell something, you can be a songwriter and do the same.

In third period, I saw three writers who had all taught at Fremd. One of their pieces, "Original Sin," was about the man trying to sell lost or abandoned golf balls so that he could raise money and play golf himself. The story was told in a very intriguing way, and I sat there wondering on the perfection of the title of the piece.

During third hour, I appreciated how Gary Anderson, Tony Romano, and Kevin Brewner gave different perspectives on the same topic: fathers. Gary Anderson reminisced on his military dad. He now wishes to accept and understand his ways of being a father. Romano spoke about brothers wrestling as metaphors to how they wanted to fight against; to cope with their abandoned, cancer- struck mother. Bruner then described the sin of a boy in relationship to his golfing father.

Having grown up with my father out of the household, I can certainly empathize with all the speakers that presented today during third period. I look forward to the pieces that they are looking to publish in the near future and am hoping to get a copy.

The overall theme presented by Mr. Brewner, Mr. Anderson, and Mr. Romano were the importance of a father figure in a young boy's life. Mr. Anderson talked about his father's passing the previous year and their relationship. Mr. Romano read a story he wrote about two brothers whose father had left them and whose mother was dying from cancer. Mr. Brewner shared a story about his childhood collecting golf balls and his father never being there for him. Each and every story was personal, yet conveyed the theme of the need to be accepted by your parents. These stories show both the good and bad to life, and the good and bad in each person.

The Kickback delivered an entertaining finale which showcased the varieties of writing. Closing the week, I hope it was clear to the audience how wide-ranged writing spans. 

Unfortunately, Writer's Week has ended. Thankfully, Friday was perhaps my favorite day. Kevin Andrew Prchal was fantastic, and he really showed his emotion in each of his songs. His purpose in writing these songs was clear and evident, and I loved Prchal's earnest, enthusiastic performance. He was genuinely happy to share his songs with us, which made it very enjoyable. All in all, an absolutely fantastic close to Writer's Week!

I got the great opportunity to be able to see 6th period writers week! Once again, the students were amazing when they presented their pieces. I became so entranced by the songs from the three last performances, it was crazy to hear such great songs that aren't on the radio! I also loved Grace's piece with the video because it was so cool to see how happy that experience made her when she was in the play Aladdin. I'm very sad that Writers Week is now over but I can't wait until it's here again next year!

Sixth period had a lot of people who sang original songs while playing the violin/piano, and that was amazing? Those songs mostly focused on romantic love, which actually hasn't been too prominent a topic in Writer's Week, but I think it was well addressed in song form (the upbeat tunes and pretty melodies kept it from being cheesy). Also, the Kickback was a really cool way to end the week. While their music is not something I might personally listen to, the way they play was very inspiring. I liked the questions they answered and I love the aura that their music had. 

I'm devastated that Writers Week can't last forever, but seeing Kevin Prchal first period was a nice way to end Writers Week. I liked all the messages he conveyed through his different songs, and though they're not the type of songs I normally listen to, I really enjoyed them.
During 3rd Hour, I saw the presentations from Kevin Brewner, Tony Romano, and Gary Anderson. The one stuck with me the most was Mr. Anderson's pice about what his dad was to him from his perspectives because his showed how since his dad was a military man who was colorblind and ironically also saw the world in "black and white" both ways, and how he affected his life choices and the person he is today,who never had a really strong connection with his father. Really awesome piece.


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