Here is the schedule for Friday, February 10, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Friday of Writers Week XXIII!

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Today's was really great. I especially loved Tony Ramano's story as he incorporated voice so powerfully.

Wow, writers' week really did fly by! Kevin Prchal really did seal the deal. Each song he sang had a message behind the lyrics, whether it ties into one person or topic to his life, or relates to an issue someone else may be having to deal with. Kevin also used his emotions and wrote them into a song, which sounds hard, but the songs Kevin sang made me believe they were sincerely coming from his heart. It's amazing how music can make us feel emotions, and when we can grasp what the singer is laying out there in their song, the song gets a lot more meaningful. Kevin is a great singer and songwriter, I hope he becomes famous and well known one day.

On the last day, Kevin Prchal performed a few songs and gave background on them. He also let us in on his writing process and why loves doing what he does. His presentation stood out to me because he presented his writing through music as opposed to most of the other people presenting during writers week.
The musician first period was unbelievably amazing. He talked about all of his songs before he shared them with us. And all the songs have a special place in his heart. The one about his wife was really sweet. And I know she enjoyed it.
The performance during 7th period was my favorite part of writers week becuase it was so different. There were other artists there that preformed, but they all brought acoustic stuff and it was cool but there wasn't a lot of energy. When those guys hit the stage you just feel the energy they were giving off to the crowd.

I went to writers week with my 6th period class and while we were there, there was three musical performances, and I really appreciate the extra time that those three people took to create a song instead of a poem or short story. For one writing a piece for writers week is hard enough but writing a musical piece which is essentially writing a poem that lasts about three minuted and then creating a musical piece that goes nicely with the poem, so all in all it take a little extra time in order to make a song but I'm glad that they did the musical performances were may favorite performances from Friday.

First period with Kevin Prchal definitely woke me up with his loud music, but it was beautiful music. I definitely noticed a more country type of tone, but nonetheless I was still so mesmerized by his voice, it was so good! His songs were all so deep, and whenever he described what his song would be about, I always thought it'd be sad, but all of his songs were so upbeat and sounded happy, which is something I really liked.
The Kickback, They were amazing! I went home and listened to a bunch of their songs, and I do not regret it. I liked fangers, really felt it. I had a great time at writers week and I'm sad it's over, but I look forward to next year!
I got to watch The Kickback perform and I really enjoyed their music and responses to kids answers. I liked the stories and life advice the lead singer was mentioning, he seemed as if knew a lot, which was a little bit surprising to me.


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