Here is the schedule for Friday, February 10, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Friday of Writers Week XXIII!

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On Friday, I was able to listen to the Kickback and I loved how we got to ask questions about them after every song they played. I really liked the interaction with the audience as well as the music. I learned that you can express feelings other ways than writing it in to poetry also.
Kevin Prchal was by far one of my favorites. Although I never thought that a musician would come to a week for writers, I wasn't disappointed at all. His music involves writing, scratch that, IS writing and the work he has to put into his songs surprised me. Definitely music to my ears.

To close off Writers week, I go tto see the band The Kickback perform during 8th period. Let's just say that that was an awesome ending to writred week and I am sad to see it end. The performance was interesting and It was funny knowing that sometimes the singer of the band says random stuff because he didnt make lyrics. Also the band had great interct with the crowd further making the performance more interesting. I'm sad to see Writers week go, but I'll be waiting for it next year.

The amazing songs that The Kickback performed in 8th period were a very apt way to end Writer's Week. Their music was very nice and I loved how they invited us to ask questions after every song -- I learned a lot about their journey as musicians and how how their hard work and perseverance allowed them to succeed in the difficult field of music. In my gym period (6th), I also listened to many student performances, all of which were wonderful. My favorite piece would have to be Jerry Zheng's song -- he is a very talented singer and his song was phenomenal. Writer's Week was an extraordinarily fun experience for me, and I look forward to it next year!

I was able to see the author panel and the Kickback perform. Both were excellent. The three authors during 3rd period had so many different stories to share, ones that could help me later in writing and in life in general. Also, the Kickback was a great band. I enjoyed their music and I also loved to hear the different stories and adventures they had indulged in as a group. The Q & A sessions were very fun and the music was awesome. Overall, Weiters Week was a blast and I'm sad to see it leave. However, I can't wait until next year to see some great writers perform. Writers Week also made this week relaxing and fun, unlike other weeks in which we were burdened with stress. Shoutout to the English Department for the fantastic week they put together and the fantastic writers they brought in. All the student performers were phenomenal as well.
On the last day of Writers Week, I saw Kevin Andrew Prchal and The Kickback. Kevin Andrew Prchal showed me how music is a reflection of your life. His songs were about instances in his life, and conversations he had. The Kickback taught me the struggles of being a touring musician. The Kickback said that they live out of a car for most of their time on the road, and that is not desirable or easy.
My favorite way to close off writers week was to listen to the songs performed by the couple of students during sixth period. During third period, the writing about the fathers made me laugh while keeping the pieces relateable and serious. Overall, I really enjoyed the pieces of literature on this day.
The last day of writers week, also one of the best. I enjoyed seeing the kickback because I thought they'd were very funny and they had pretty good music. I thought it was cool when one of the guitarists played metal, cause he was strumming so quickly.
As a close to Writer's Week, I saw The Kickback during my 8th period class and enjoyed the songs they played for us. While the head singer didn't seem to think that his music was poetry, I still appreciated the songs as a form of art that was dramatically different from the other pieces I had heard throughout the week. I also gained insight to what it means to be in a band, and was very impressed with each musician's skills.
On the last day of writers week, I was impressed with the presence of the Kickback. Although I couldn't exactly hear most of the lyrics, it was great way to end the day. I also got to see Kevin Prchal perform 2nd period and I was amazed by how much he was able to embrace his thoughts through music. It's often rare for musicians to put thought into their pieces nowadays so I appreciated the effort he puts in his music.

I really enjoyed Kevin Prchal's performance on Friday. I loved how meaningful all his songs were, my favorite was the song he wrote for his wedding. Sometimes, especially nowadays, we listen to songs without really thinking about the true meaning behind them and Kevin showed that meaning is important and it reminds us that when all hope is lost, we can turn to music and the ones we love for guidance. I loved his idea of being surrounded by people you love versus being by yourself, it's an idea I strongly connect to.  

I loved Kevin Prchal's performence and the songs he played. I play a couple intrumrents, and like Kevin, I use it as an outlet from stress and to escape reality. Kevin showed us a lot of ways we can focus this energy and stress into music. Writing songs and getting your feelings out is a way he told us he's gotten through tough times. I've always known music was a way to escape, listening or playing, but Kevin opened up a whole new world as to what it can do for me.


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