Here is the schedule for Friday, February 10, 2017!  Use this forum to post questions, comments, and shout-outs about anything happening on Friday of Writers Week XXIII!

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An exhilarating close to Writers Week. Kevin Prchal played some really nice tunes. He gave us inspiration, conveying his emotions and aspirations through music. One of the lessons I've learned is that although the world isn't perfect, little actions can ease the pain. Music can act as an "escape route" away from the anxiety and struggle we have to endure.
Wow, writers week was great, and I am kinda sad to see it go. Kevin Prchal played very nice music, and it was a good way to both begin the Friday, and close the week. I also learned that Kevin uses his songs to express himself, and show others the emotions that he has felt, or the actions he has partaken in, in his life, and this is nice because we get a glimpse into his life, through the music he creates.
I went with my first period class to see Kevin Prchal, who has a lovely voice that filled the auditorium. Kevin shared the background behind each of the songs he shared, which I thought was very interesting. It showed me that every song has a meaning behind it; why the singer chose words he did, why he chose the melody he did. It was very cool to hear a singer like him, especially form the Chicagoland area.
Third period I saw 3 teachers who used to work at fremd. They all shared pieces revolving around fathers. One if them shared some chapters of the book he is currently writing. I want to find out what happens next in the book, it was really well written.
Seeing Kevin play today was really inspiring to see how he was able to compose each piece of music and how each event in his life shaped him into making different yet wonderful songs. His tunes were excellent and he played guitar really well. I sincerely hope that he comes back next year.
I was able to see Kevin today and it was amazing. Showing that there are many different types of writers. And that you don't have to be an author, you could be a music artist and display your writing through that.
In third period I listened to three writers talk about their bad relationships with their fathers. It was very serious and it was kind of sad to hear the negative memories that they have. Tony Romano also shared a part of a book he as writing and it was very interesting
By far my favorite event was The Kickback. Their songs have nice beats, good lyrics on relatable topics, and when they perform you can tell that they're doing what they love to do. Also, the numerous amount of questions led the audience to better understand the band, and have some insight on how they got to where they are.
I went during third period today and I got to see the author panel. I was really impressed by their writing, it was really good. I was also impressed by how Tony Romano shared two chapters from his mystery book. Mystery books are hard to write and I was amazed by how well Mr.Romano started his book. I want to read more of his book. I also enjoyed hearing about Kevin Brewer's and Gary Anderson's perspective on how they coped with not having a good relationship with their father. Overall, I really enjoyed Writer's Week this week and can't wait till next week!
I really liked the band and music pieces by students because it shows their effort put into those songs to create something enjoyable for all. And like reading a story the songs can often stay longer with us because of the catchy toon and the story behind it.
Noo :'( my first writers week is over. It was definitely a fun experience and Kevin Prchal was a great person to end writers week with his soothing voice. Personally my favorite performance was probably Mary Fons because her expressions were hilarious. Although I felt depressed after listening to the students, their stories moved me and challenged the way I look at things.
I went and saw the Kickback perform. It was definitely a great way to finish up and end Writers Week! Even though I couldn't hear most of the lyrics, and it wasn't always making sense, it was cool seeing the band play. They showed that writing stories and poems isn't the only way to let out feelings.


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