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Today during 8th period, I was impressed by Paige's singing and her ability to stand in front of a crowd and sing a song that is so meaningful and personal to her. 

I was able to go to Writers Week Day 4 during periods 3,7, and 8. All of the performances I saw were great. Mr. Neri talked about a few ideas that I had never even thought about before. The idea of pursuing new opportunities to gain a new experience especially resonated through me. Also, the stories by the students in 8th period were pretty interesting. I thought Paige did a great job singing and playing the piano in front of such a large audience. I was lucky to see so many great performances today. I can't wait for the last day of Writers Week.

8th period student performers were once again amazing. The performance that stood out to me was Paige's song that she wrote, which was great, and her singing was phenomenal. I also enjoyed the poem she presented for us.

The fourth day of Writer's Week was very special, and once again stunning. The student performances have yet to disappoint me. They have all been absolutely amazing. A particular piece that stood out to me was Zayla Jyawook's. Her letter to her grandma brought lots of many different emotions to my heart, including both sadness and happiness. The emotion in her voice was so strong, that I was able to clearly see how she felt. It was an inspiring piece. The song Paige presented illustrated something that is relevant to many peoples live's today, and it was very put-together, and beautiful. I really enjoyed it. To be honest, all the pieces presented today were very encouraging and enlightening. They all taught me meaningful messages. At last, Writer's Week continues to be amazing and inspiring.

Writers Week student presenters are always amazing in very different ways, and 1st period today was no different. I really liked how Devin and Aly presented on essentially the same topic, but talked about totally different aspects, each of them relatable and touching.

I thoroughly enjoyed Paige's unscheduled poem 8th hour today. It entailed a memoir in verse, consisting of a brief moment between her mother anfd herself. Moreover, I appreciated the minimalism in her plot, while maintaining poised and principal details that successfully offered depth to natural events

Through the student responses I heard today at Writers Week, I now understand the gravity of the respect that it receives from all who are lucky enough to witness it. Students go up on stage in front of around 500 people and talk about hard losses, such as grandparents dyind and seemingly endless struggles, such as anxiety or depression, and that warrants respect not only to the students who perform, but to those who have worked to keep this creative and emotional outlet open for students and faculty.

In 3rd period today, I saw G. Neri. I gained a lot of insight on a writer's personal life, which I had never heard anywhere else before. To be honest, I remember only one thing clearly, and that is Ghetto Cowboy. He shared images of a bunch of gangster-looking black guys riding horses, and that was very interesting to me. I would really like to know more about this community.

Today during 7 th hour k got to see some amazing speeches about getting through high school and the impact people have in your life. Starting with a speech made by Surya Veeravalli, he talked about how some of his bullies he met freshman year are know his best friends. The amazing friendships he met through his highschool expierence and the message he learned out of it. He was very funny but also tied in a great message that life is filled with unexpected circumstances that change your life for the better. He said that "I am in a way glad they bullied me" because it blossomed into an everlasting friendship. Another one of my favorites from today was a speech by Alyssa Ricken. She wrote about one of her friends who was going through stage 4 of a very serious cancer. Her speech was filled woth hope that we should live our lives to the fullest and enjoy every second you get with it. She at the end said do the things who hope to achieve I know that Delaney would want that for you. This was such an amazing line to end with I thought because of was really powerful and encouraging that I get to live a fuller life than someone. I hope to a accomplish all my goals because I know there all people out there that are unable to do so due to various circumstances. This motivates me in a way to encourage my self and take risks because I can do so. I was very happy I got to attend this session because I heard many awesome pieces that were worth it!
Next to Mary Fons on Monday, today was one of my favorite days. All the students had a great time up there speaking and shared a lot about themselves. Some of the pieces were very personal, yet relatable to almost everyone in the audience. All of them were diverse in their own ways, happy sad or something else, but they all were shared to be reflected and to show purpose. My favorite presenter was everyone, because they all meant something to me (and I knew too many people up there to pick a favorite).
In 3rd hour, I liked how G. Neri described the concept of being an author as the writing writes you, you don't write the writing. I also noticed how he and Tyehimba Jess both tried to tell stories that hadn't been told before in the real world.
Writers week for eight period included all of the students who wanted to speak at Writers Week. I was surprised by the maturity of the pieces everyone read today. Paige, the girl who sang a song she wrote herself, was excellent and everyone's stories were interesting. Writers week has been pretty cool so far and I'm excited to see what the last day has in store.


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