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Today during 8th period, I was astonished by the song written by Paige and her singing. All the students did a wonderful job reading their pieces and one thing I have noticed overall this week is that almost all the people that went up on to the podium was confident going up and it didn't look like they were nervous speaking to a large crowd at all.
I loved all of the girls' pieces. It's interesting to hear personal stories about people they love. It takes a lot of courage to speak about things that are personal to us in front of a big crowd, but that's what most of them did. Today was the first time I heard a song being performed, and it was good. It takes a lot of effort to write a song, put music to it, and also sing it. Personally, I like hearing other students speak because we can learn and take away from it.
G. Neri told many hilarious and informative stories about writing and life. My favorite story that he told was about the student who would borrow a poetry book a day from the library starting with his book. The student, who wasn't doing very well in school, then started writing poetry and got into a gifted high school and is going to college. His story showed me that words can have a huge impact on someone's life, for better or for worse.
Writers Week was yet again impressive, but my favorites were definitely Kristen Ottesen and Paige Dirkes-Jacks' performances. Kristen's poems were delivered with passion, and they dealt with insecurities and doubts that everyone has. Paige's song was absolutely beautiful, and her accompaniment was wonderful. Her poem, though, brought to mind a beautiful painting, and it was written with the sort of style I can only dream of achieving. Overall, it was a very nice and entertaining presentation.
Today during 3rd Hour I saw the presentation by G. Neri and it was absolutely amazing. His speech was so powerful and meaningful and I loved the way he told us how he gets inspiration for all of his books. I have personally read his book Yummy, and it is one of my all time favorite comics books ever, because it was able to deliver such a powerful message, in such a sneakily and childlike way. Awesome.
My favorite piece today was from Sophia during first period. I loved the message she conveyed within her piece that we only have limited time in our life, but with the time we do have, we should always remember to cherish those around us. I think it's a lesson a lot of us forget, and we end up taking our friends and family for granted. I enjoyed how she shared her own personal experience with the audience. Overall, Writers Week continues to impress every single day.
Today I had the privilege to listen to G.Neri. I loved listening to how all these stories came to be. G. Neri said something that struck home. He said that to write these books, he had to get out of his comfort zone and go out into the real world. That inspires me to try new things in my writing especially while we are working on our memoirs this week.
The students who presented today were impressive, pouring all of their thoughts, ideas, and cherished memories into their work. The personal expierences that resulted in these stories, and poems were truly inspirational, each of the students intent in relaying their message to the audience.
G Neri's performance was marvelous as he told us his writing style. He showed that writers don't just stay at home and write for 10 hours a day but actually get out there and help and our very important in providing us with experiences we wouldn't have without books.

G. Neri spoke during third period today about some ideas in his book Yummy. He talked about how his book was inspired by a real-life story, similar to his other novels. He also explained that his book has changed many young people to chose to be better in their lives. Neri also inspired me as a writer to use stories and instances from real-life in order to make a more relatable story. 

For the past couple of days during first period writers week I have been laughing by butt off every time, but today was different. The speakers today gave very deep conversations and challenged me to think of friendship and life. I really cherish all of my friends and realized yet again how lucky I am to have them in my life.

i walked in and heard what i think was an original piece being played and sung. i liked it alot. it was a really nice change of pace after all these depression poems, and book talks. i still want to see a rap before this week ends tho


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