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Aly Ferry was amazing. Hear her best friend story made me think of me and my best friend. And how we are always there for eachother no matter what. Denise was outstanding. I really thought it was gonna be a love story until the plot changed very quickly. I could tell it got the audiences attention real fast.

The students today talked about a wide variety of topics(relationships, best friends, fear) but I have to say the one that stuck with me was Larry's piece about the F word... fear! Larry used a rhyme scheme in every line, but his imagery and detailed description of fear and his personification of it were so mesmerizing. He made a scary topic such as fear come alive for everyone and just nailed his performance overall! Great job Larry!

Today was the first day that I got to see students present and they were great. A piece that stood out to me was 'The F-Word' by Larry Ni because it spoke on large issues in sun and understanding way.
My favorite presenter of Thebes's day was Denise Carlson. I liked how she mislead us into thinking that she was going to read us a love story. But then she hit us with a game changer and that was that it wasn't a love story but it was a story about a girl hunting down her target to fulfill her assignment becuase they were from opposing agencies. That really caught me off guard but in a good way.
I went with my first period class to see student performances and they were all so amazing. It is so admiriable to see kids go up on that stage and share something personal knowing that there are people out there that may judge. My favorite was Aly Ferry and her best friend poem, because she definitely made me realize that I really should appreciate not just my best friend p but all of my friends more.
Today was okay, probably the least interesting day... until I heard page sing. Her song hit me hard, right in the feels, and I actually shed a tear as hard as that is too admit. Just beautiful.
8th Period was incredible, with each student bringing a strong and powerful personal story to each of thier pieces, from Kristen's emotional and touching poems, to Paige's powerful piano performance.
I went eigth period and saw Katie Hagget perform along with other student speakers, but she definitely was the reader that stood out to me the most. I enjoyed how she had really high, funny parts to her story, but also she added sadder, more emotional elements as well. I think every moment in her reading was really well described, and it was a creative topic too!
I really enjoyed G. Neri's performance in 3rd Hour today. He talked about how he gets ideas and inspirations for his books that he writes. He emphasized that when writing, an author should let the story lead them instead of the author leading the story. I have never thought about writing this way, and I gained a new and unique perspective, and I will definitely try to use this mindset in my own writing. After hearing Neri speak, Yummy is a book that I will definitely want to check out.


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