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I saw G. Neri during 3rd period and I really liked how he talked about finding inspiration for his stories and the way he considers his audience. I thought it was cool that he wrote about the untold stories, but those were also the stories he connected to the most.
Writers Week 8th period was a panel of eight students, and they were all great. Each story or poem was very well written and performed. Paige's song was amazing, and she did a really good job playing piano WHILE singing in front of so many people.
I went with my first period class to see several students share their love for writing. This period mostly consisted of best friends and why they were very important to them. Many of the short stories or poems were very personal, making the author go out of their comfort zone entirely to share with the audience, which I thought was super cool.
Today in first period, I saw Kevin Andrew Prchal, and he made some very motivating comments to the audience p. He even made some points to people who don't even have an interest in the musical arts. Personally, I don't enjoy music very much, but this morning really had an impact on how I perceive the songwriting business.
Writers Week 8th period was once again very interesting. One piece by Zayla Jyawook showed to appreciate the little things in life and be grateful for what I have. Through her grandpa's passing away it showed her to appreciate the bond they had and all of the little things that made it special. This showed me that I can't take anything for granted because I never know what could happen.
All of the students pieces were good today. I could relate to a few of the students pieces such as Zaylas. I really appreciate the person who wrote the music about her grandmother and then sang in it front of hundreds of people. It was beautiful and courages of her to do that. Speaking of music, can't wait to hear music from the kickbacks tomorrow!
I saw G Neri in third period today and it was really interesting on how he chose stories for books. He really asked why a story should be told and attempted to change people with his books. It wasn't just a way to make money
One thing G. Neri said, the author of Yummy, is that often he gets inspiration from other books. Like you might be reading a book and really like their style or ideas and often times that can help give your writing a push by reading various types to write or read a book.

I thoroughly enjoyed Paige's unscheduled poem 8th hour today. It entailed a memoir in verse, consisting of a brief moment between her mother anfd herself. Moreover, I appreciated the minimalism in her plot, while maintaining poised and principal details that successfully offered depth to natural events

I really enjoyed all of the first period pieces, but specifically, I enjoyed Julia Severance. Her view on life and how to live it was refreshing, and I was glad to see that people are becoming. Ore aware of the magnificence of life, and understanding that we should not spend all our times looking at screen. Hopefully, her piece reached more people, and gave people a new outlook on the way they live their life.
Writer's Week 8th hour was great. I enjoyed all the student pieces but I especially liked Zayla Jyawook's piece. I really felt the connection that she and her grandpa had. I loved the emotion she had when talking about SpongeBob and how that was their show together. It reminded me of how I have specific shows that I watch with specific people. I also loved how she addressed all the things that he taught her throughout her life, even near the end of his. This is why it was such a beautifully written letter
Watching writers week for the first time with students was quite a journey. I was amazed at how each writer brought his/her own voice and style into his/her writing and how captivating their stories were. Definitely a good day.


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