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Writers Week first period impresses me yet again- favorites were Aly and Devin. They were an imperative reminder about the value of friendship in our lives. They help us appreciate the little things that help us get by in the long run, and I'm thankful for hearing them perform.
Today was the first day I was able to see student performances, and I was impressed. All the students had very interesting things to say about friendship, and their experiences with their friends. I also found the poem about fear that was said by Larry to be really interesting, and the rhyme scheme he put into it made it that much better.
Famous authors once again impress and make my day! G. Neri made a powerful point in his book, Yummy, and how he innovates his experience of a filmmaker into graphic novels to create a more powerful image of how he sees the real world. Really liked how he wanted to represent the real world!

I LOVED G. Neri. In terms of developing themes for our memoirs, I like his idea of thinking WHY? Why does someone need to hear this story? The answer should tackle core emotions and big ideas.

Today we listened to Mr. Neri and I liked his story on how he finds inspiration for his stories. It was really interesting to hear his philosophy to never say no to new opportunities. This inspired me to try and model after that view and try to not give up on new opportunities in life. Overall, it was a much lighter and upbeat experience and I really liked to listen to him.

First period in writers week was very special and it was the first time that I was able to see students performing and not adults. I was really amazed at the quality of the writing that was displayed when they performed their stories and poems and the level of personal matters that were shared by a number of people. Also, another thing that struck me was that even though 2 people had the same piece, Friendship, they managed to have different perceptions of the topic and how it impacted them.

G. Neri brought up the importance of considering audience. Perception matters: how various audiences see something changes the direction and angle of a piece. Rarely is something black and white. Find and explore the shades of gray.

Today was the first day I could see students at writers week and they were really nice. I think everything they shared is awesome and meaningful. You can tell a lot of students work really hard on getting to perform at writers week.
Today, students delved into some uncomfortable topics which were very personal. This took an admirable, incomprehensible amount of courage, and I was quite impresssed with everyone who shared. I learned about the value of friendship and saw different perspectives on some issues in our world today. Each student did a great job of opening up to the large, intimidating crowd and being confident enough to share their marvelous writing with others.
Everyone who spoke had clearly put a lot of work into what they were saying- I couldn't look away. I think because they're students, they are learning the exact same lessons we all are currently, and that's why it resounds so deeply. I loved how they shared their thoughts on a variety of subjects and how their words seemed to tailor themselves to fit every individual in the audience. Writer's Week is turning out to be extremely enlightening, and I feel like we all walk away with knowledge that school subjects would not be able to teach us.

I was definitely impressed yet again by our student writers here at Fremd! All of the girls did such a nice job with their pieces and presenting them that I can't even choose a favorite. I loved how the pieces today ranged from stories to poems to a beautiful song. I hadn't heard a song that a student wrote yet until today and I thought that Paige did an amazing job writing the lyrics and her singing was flawless. I'm very grateful to have English 8th period to have been able to see all of these great pieces!

Loved G. Neri's performance today! I loved how he drew from his perspective on the real world to make his stories, saying there was nothing his brain could imagine more interesting than reality. I also loved Sophia's performance first period, expressing that we have to treasure all of life's moments, even the average things. They both drew from their experiences and it made their pieces stronger.


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