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Tyehimba Jess introduced the concept of syncopated sonnets to 3rd period which, for me, was very interesting. We all want our work to be unique and different from everyone else's, and syncopated sonnets are so cool, as you can mix and match the lines and still come up with a poem that shares a central theme to another; it's mix-and-match. Jess also talked about searching for people who were somewhat unknown to history but still made a mark, and that really got to me, as there are millions of lives lost in the throes of time, and so many histories to be discovered.

Today I got to see Tyehimba Jess. It was so interesting on how he was able to make his sonnets be able to read any way you wanted, not only from top to bottom. He read his poems in a clockwise pattern, skipping every other line, and every way you could imagine and the poems still made sense. However, the best part was when he combined all of the poems together and had it in one long poem where you could read it any way you wanted. This showed how creative Tyehimba is and inspired me to think out the box next time I write.

A.J. Pine was quite interesting today. Her Captain America socks, random gifs, and references to her mug made what she was talking about so personal and it gave her character. She took me through her entire journey, starting with how she used to write, first lines from each of her books, and more. A.J. Pine taught me a lot about how diction is important and to find what works for you as a writer and not to give up with your writing. She was fun to listen to and watch.

I really liked Ellyce Wong's poem during 8th period because of the message that was brought to us. How we think that other people tell us what to do and how to do something but in the end, it's us who controls that and we shouldn't let our society to take in charge of what we want to do. Overall a great performance by everybody.
Tyehimba Jess's performance was marvelous. He educated me about the cool things you can do with sonnets like marking them look like their topic.

Today's Writer Week performances were wonderful! I really enjoyed all the student's pieces, and I admired that many of them put an emphasis on how we need to be better as a society. Ellyce Wong's poem illustrated societies contradictory  tendencies, and how they send many people into a frenzy. I believe this was important for her to bring this up because it is something we need to improve upon. I think after seeing her piece I realized we need to be fixated on one idea rather than having a variety which are contradictory and hypocritical. I liked how she brought it up in the form of a poem, because it conveyed a playful, lighthearted, but serious tone, and made it more entertaining to watch. I liked how the last speech addressed a huge issue in society today: Suicide. As a society I believe that we must work on fixing this issue immensely. The speaker made it clear that he did not want pity, rather that he wanted people to work on the situation. Put words into  action was his message. I admire this because a lot of people say they will do things, but end up never doing so. This puts emphasis on the doing part, rather than the saying part All in all, today's performance's were well put together and taught me many important messages.

What I think is quite interesting is that the authors like A.J. Pine show how they find inspiration to write from other authors. I think it was cool to hear authors favorite books and how they don't always write a book or get ideas by themselves. She mentioned how she often collaborates with many other authors to get inspiration.
I was very lucky to see some of the best student performances of Writers Week, and I think many would agree with me on that. There were so many pieces with helpful advice and eye-opening moments. It was great to get different experiences from many seniors who were writing for their college applications. I feel like the seniors, having the wisdom and maturity some of us lower class-men do not have, gave us advice that will be very helpful moving forward. I have had the fortune to listen to a professional poet (Taylor Mali), three teachers who had amazing performances, and great student performances. So far, Writers Week has displayed some of the best writing I have ever heard, and I am sure that it will be as great for the next two days.
I think the pieces by Sharbik Dutta, Ellyce Wong, and Chris Zhu had immense meaning. Even though Sharbik's speech was about cookies on the outside, it was really about giving us high schoolers a break after all the stress we take on. Ellyce wrote a beautiful poem saying how we should care only about what we think, not what other tell us to think. Also, Chris Zhu's eye-opener moment was eye-opening for me as well. I didn't know that there were people who life n such adverse conditions. Overall, all the pieces presented today had some insightful meaning.
I was once again amazed by the creativity and talent of the writers at our school. I was especially impressed with Sarah Yoon's performance because of how easily she recited her piece and touched on every issue every Asian can relate to. I was also impressed by Nathan's performance and became more aware about people who have to face anxiety or disorders.

First period with A.J. Pine was more informational than others. Rather than telling us about her books, she told us how she started being an author and how difficult it can be.  We were able to see how she worked hard from the bottom and through her continuous efforts, she was able to sell her writing.

I enjoyed going to eighth period, as some of the stories moved me. I thought the message about depression and anxiety could be very helpful to many different people, and the story about someone who had lost their close friend to suicide was very sad, but allowed me to know what loss feels like since I have never lost someone so close to me. I also enjoyed the pieces with funny bits thrown in to give you a laugh once in awhile.


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